One Dead After Shooting During Black Lives Matter Protest in Austin

Shots were fired during a Black Lives Matter protest in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night leaving one person dead.

via Complex:

The incident occurred in the city’s downtown area on Saturday night, authorities report. Witnesses told local reporter Mose Buchele that a blue car drove through the crowd of protesters nearly hitting demonstrators. As expected, this angered the people leading them started shouting and telling the driver to slow down. 

One demonstrator reportedly walked toward the vehicle and calmly instructed the drive not to “do that you’re going to get somebody hurt.” The driver then rolls down his window, points his rifle at the man, and fires three shots at close range. In the video, more shots are heard, giving the allusion that these rounds were discharged into the crowd. 

The victim was taken to a local hospital with “life-threatening” injuries. Police later reported that the incident was a homicide, giving the indication that the victim had died. Despite trying to escape, the suspect was detained following the shooting. Neither the shooter’s name nor the name of the victim has been revealed.

So sad. RIP.

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