Ohio State Fans Riot After National College Football Championship Win [Photos + Video]


Ohio State fans have an interesting way of celebrating.

After handily defeating the Oregon Ducks 42-20 to claim the national college football championship, Ohio State fans took to the streets to celebrate.

Although the idea of celebrating their school’s first-ever championship win seems innocent, matters quickly took a turn for the worse.

Several hundred fans forced their way into the stadium and tore down the goal post; dozens of trashcan and couch fires were set; and at least five people were injured.

To quell the riots, police deployed canisters of tear gas, and the scene remarkably mirrored images we’ve grown accustomed to viewing current Ferguson coverage.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the idea of rioting in celebration or protest? Do you believe this instance of rioting has been handled differently by the media in comparison to the rioting in Ferguson?

Check out photos and videos from the scene last night below, and sound off with your thoughts.


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