Oh No Ma'am! Texas Man Catches a Massive '13-Pound Monster Frog' [Photos]

The South Texas Hunting Association shared a photo of a man named Markcuz Rangel holding a massive bullfrog that he shot and killed.

Markcuz told the STHA that the frog was caught in a pond on a ranch near Batesville, TX, and weighed 13 pounds.

Steve Lightfoot, spokesman for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, confirmed that the photo IS real, but that the frog isn’t as big as it appears in the photo.

“It’s not as bigly as it appears,” Lightfoot said. “[It’s an] optical illusion created by extending frog toward the camera — similar to what you see with fishermen holding up fish to make them appear larger. Still a big bullfrog, though.”

It may not be ‘that’ big, but it looks big as hell to us! It’s unfortunate Markcuz shot and killed it.

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