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Oh No Ma’am: $63 Million Winning SuperLotto Ticket REJECTED by Officials for Being ‘Too Damaged’

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A California man has filed a lawsuit claiming he purchased the winning ticket for a $63 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot, but says his claim has been rejected by lottery officials because his ticket was “too damaged.”

via Daily News:

Lottery officials said this week the holder of the winning ticket must come forward by the end of business Thursday, or the $63 million jackpot will be forfeited, making it the largest California Lottery jackpot ever to be forfeited.

Lottery officials said the winning ticket was purchased in Chatsworth for the Aug. 8, 2015, drawing and has all of the winning numbers: 46, 1, 33, 30, 16 and Mega number 24.

In a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Wednesday, Brandy Milliner claims he purchased the winning ticket on Aug. 8, and after the draw, lottery officials confirmed that only one winning ticket had been sold — in Los Angeles County.

There was no immediate response to the lawsuit from the California Lottery.

Milliner claims he presented the ticket to the Lottery Commission within the claim period and was given a form congratulating him on his winnings and explaining that he would receive a check in six to eight weeks from the state Controller’s Office, the suit states.

However, in January, Milliner received a letter from the commission stating that after a review of his ticket, the agency determined it to be “too damaged to be reconstructed,” the suit states.

The letter cited a section of the California Lottery Act that explained the commission was unable to process Milliner’s claim, the suit states.

Milliner alleges the commission has “interfered” with his prize by withholding the ticket, refusing to return it and refusing to award him the grand prize.

“Subsequent to the draw, the plaintiff has properly and repeatedly demanded payment of the prize,” the suit states. “To date, however, the (commission has) refused to pay the prize.”

The previous largest jackpot that has ever gone unclaimed was $28.5 million for a SuperLotto Plus ticket sold in Alameda County in 2003.

If the jackpot goes unclaimed, the money will be directed toward state schools, lottery officials said.

The winning ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven store at 20871 Lassen St. in Chatsworth. If the winner takes a lump sum payment, he or she would receive $39.9 million before taxes.

 Could you imagine having a winning ticket but not being able to claim it?


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