Offset Accuses Ex-Label Quality Control Of ‘Wrongful Interference’ Of His Yet-To-Be Released Music

Offset is putting Quality Control on blast.

via: Radar Online

Offset accused his ex-record label Quality Control of attempting to be credited as the owner of his upcoming solo work — despite paying a significant amount to be released from his deal, has learned.

According to newly filed court documents obtained by, the former Migos member accused Quality Control of messing with his career.

Last year, Offset sued Quality Control claiming they were attempting to claim ownership of his solo music. The two had worked together for over a decade. However, in 2021, Offset said when he “came to understand the full ramification of the deal that he entered into, [Offset] set out to regain control of his solo career (notwithstanding Quality Control’s overreaching deal with Migos as a group, which remains in place.”

Offset said he negotiated a settlement with Quality Control which allowed him to reclaim the rights to his solo recording and songwriting. Cardi B’s husband said he paid “handsomely” for the rights.

After the deal was signed, Offset released a single titled 54321. He said his ex-label attempted to claim ownership in despite the settlement being executed.

“Offset now brings this action to vindicate his rights and make it clear to the world that Offset, not Quality Control, owns Offset’s music,” the suit read.

In response, Quality Control, founded by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas, demanded the suit be thrown out. The label claimed it had an agreement with Capitol Records that required Capitol to assign all of Capitol’s rights in sound recordings obtained by Quality Control’s “Accepted Artist” that it had furnished to Capitol back to Quality Control.

In his new filing, Offset said his settlement should trump that deal. His lawyer said, “Quality Control no longer owns the copyright to Offset’s solo sound recordings and is no longer licensing Offset’s solo sound recordings to Capitol, and Capitol has acquired ownership of Offset’s solo sound recordings directly from Offset.”

The rapper’s lawyer said that Quality Control’s “wrongful interference with the upcoming release of Offset’s new music and continued instance of being credited as the owner of Offset’s new solo sound recordings is groundless and unjustified.”

Offset demanded Quality Control’s countersuit against him of breach of contract be dismissed and his lawsuit move forward.

Offset has not released a new album since 2019’s Father of 4. He was set to release his sophomore record after Takeoff and Quavo’s October 2022 album but was pulled after Takeoff’s death.

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