It's Official: Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Give Their First Interview Together with Angie Martinez [Video]

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French Montana and Khole Kardashian have finally broken their silence about their budding romance (and no it wasn’t at the hands of Kris Jenner).

The two sat down with 105.1’s Angie Martinez and dished on the actual status of their relationship, how it started, and how things are going.

We’ve seen them party together, travel together, and celebrate together — but this is the first time either of them have spoken about each other publicly. Let’s keep in mind that French is still married (but estranged) and allegedly abandoned his kid

French on how they got together:

“Khloe cool as hell, man. It was Puff. Puff was the one that put us together. I was like Puff –I forgot how it went. It was me, Gabby, Ross, Puff, Meek. Everybody was in the studio. Scott [Disick] was there. Scott was drunk. I was like ‘I got a party tomorrow’ and everybody was like, ‘we all coming.’ She [Khloe] was like ‘Hell yeah, I wanna go.’ Next day Puff was like ‘hit her’ to come to the party.”

“We end up not going to the party. We just end up chillin’. But nah, she cool peoples. We rockin’.”

French also revealed that he’s in the middle of observing Ramadan — which means he’s fasting and can’t eat anything after sunrise and before 8pm. It also means he can’t have alcohol, smoke, or have sex. Khloe isn’t thrilled.

Angie asked Khloe how she’s dealing with the holiday, she said: 

“No sex…so fun! That’s why he’s wearing all white. He’s so pure and holy right now. He’s virginal [laughs].”

Before wrapping up, Khloe had a few more words for her critics.

“People are going to comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean cut perfect guy, they’re gonna comment. That’s just the way it is. If I’m having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care, they’re not f****g him so why do they care. Our maybe they are, I don’t know. [laughs]“

Check out the clip below to see what else French had to say about adjusting to his newfound fame, his appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and working with Kanye West on both of their albums.

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