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Obama Gives Drake ‘Stamp of Approval’ To Play Him In Biopic [Video]

Our forever president Barack Obama is fresh off the release of his new memoir ‘A Promised Land’, and while doing an interview with Complex he was asked who he would approve of playing in a movie.

via: New York Post

If Barack Obama’s family gets to play casting director for his biopic, Drake will be a solid contender.

“I will say this — Drake seems to be able to do anything he wants,” said former US president Barack, 59, in an interview on a new episode of Complex News’ “360 With Speedy Mormon,” this Wednesday. “I mean, that is a talented, talented brother.”

In the distanced interview following the release of Obama’s book “A Promised Land,” out this month, show host Speedy Mormon asks Obama about everything from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, rap music and Donald Trump to his casting preferences for the eventual biopic of his life while the two sit in a retro-like diner setting.

“One day there will be the Obama biopic,” he asks at the interview’s 45-minute mark. “Have you ever thought about who you might want to play you in that biopic?”

Smiling, Obama admits that a few movies have already been made portraying his image which he “hasn’t watched the whole” of but has seen clips from. He appears to have a lukewarm feeling toward them, especially what he feels is their hyperbolic imitation of his distinctive way of talking.

There is a dissonance, he articulates, between himself and his image, and he finds “it’s best for me not to worry too much about how I’m being portrayed in that fictional life, because I’ve got a real life with real responsibilities.”

When Mormon specifically asks, however, if Obama would give the thumbs up to being played by “Hotline Bling” rapper Drake — who expressed nearly a decade ago that he’d love to one day portray the politician — Obama concedes.

I think Soulja Boy said it best, Drakeeeee?

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