NYC Police Identify 'Hamilton' Pickpocket as a Career Criminal with 52 Arrests [Photos]

Police have identified the lady who’s been going around pickpocketing ‘Hamilton’ audience members.

Her name is Michelle Vaughn — and she’s been arrested 52 times.

via NY Post:

Cops have linked her to a string of thefts outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre, accusing her of picking the pockets of fans of the hit Broadway show as they stand outside to wait for autographs.

“This is a career criminal right here,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.“We believe she is the one — she is a person who obviously comes up with different disguises and works the Midtown area,” he added.

Vaughn, who also goes by the name Lynn Vaughn, is wanted in at least 10 pickpocketing incidents, Boyce said.

52 times? Sheesh.

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