Not So Fast: Sony CEO Says They Have 'No Plans' to Pull Beyoncé's Music from Tidal

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Yesterday, we told you about a profile on Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service from Bloomberg that suggested Sony could potentially pull their catalog of music — including Beyoncé’s — from the service if they were unable to reach a deal on streaming rights.

Well, Sony CEO Doug Morris says that they currently have ‘no plans’ to pull their catalogue from Tidal.

“Jay-Z is a friend and business associate for many years. I have always admired his business acumen, his entrepreneurship and his passion for music. All of our content, including Beyoncé, is available through the Tidal service, and we have announced no plans to remove our catalog from Tidal. Like all of our other partners, we are rooting for Jay and Tidal to succeed.”

Despite Doug Morris’ statement, a source close to the situation tells Rolling Stone regarding the potential removal of Beyoncé from Tidal,

“I don’t know that it’s even completely accurate. Sony is regularly negotiating with partners. They took that point and obviously focused on one artist, which is inappropriate as well. This is a Sony Music issue and it’d be across Sony Music.”

At the end of the day, do we really think Jay’s going to allow Sony to embarrass him by pulling his wife’s music? Not at all.

But, with the entertainment/music business you just never know…

[via Rolling Stone]

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