Not Funny: Fox News Hosts Cackle After Mistakenly Praising Gayle King for 'Jussie Smollett Fiasco' Redemption [Video]

Fox News spent some time Wednesday going over R. Kelly’s interview with Gayle King.

Host Jesse Watters apparently hasn’t cared to realize in 2019 that there are more than one Black female journalists in the world because he praised Gayle for interviewing R. Kelly after the ‘Jussie Smollett’ fiasco.

As we’re well aware, Robin Roberts interviewed Jussie — not Gayle King.

Jesse Watters: Hats off to Gayle King, for totally redeeming herself after the [Jussie] Smollett fiasco.

Juan Williams: Janet, I, you know…

Dana Perino: That was not Gayle King.

Watters: Oh. I knew that.


Perino: Robin Roberts did the Smollett interview.

Williams: One of the things that I think lots of people…

Watters: Sorry for Robin Roberts out there.


Williams: Go right ahead, Jesse. It’s cool.

Watters: I apologize.

Watch the moment unfold below.

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