Not a Bad Idea: Wife Plays Oscars Send-Off Music When Husband’s Stories Take Too Long [Video] |

Not a Bad Idea: Wife Plays Oscars Send-Off Music When Husband’s Stories Take Too Long [Video]

One woman has a unique-yet-comical way of keeping her husband’s stories from getting too long-winded.

via People:

On Tuesday, TikTok creator Amber Denae Wright — who shares hilarious and heartfelt videos about her and her husband Nick’s relationship — shared a tip with her followers who might be struggling with their partners’ loquacious ways.

In the video, as Nick launches into a speech, Amber plays some swelling, upbeat orchestral music from her phone. As he looks confused and asks, “What is that? What are you playing?” she explains, “It’s Oscars music. You know when the speeches are too long…”

She trails off, before her husband chimes in, laughing that he had only “been talking for 30 seconds.”

“Trying to get him to be more concise ???,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

In another clip, Nick is extremely focused on telling someone off-camera a long story when Amber suddenly interrupts, playing another orchestral song. He immediately throws his head in his hands, laughing.

“She’s been doing this the whole week. Every time I tell a story!” he jokes in the clip.

Finishing off the 40-second-long video, Amber jumps in with more music as her husband speaks intently, seemingly about a new TV.

Once again he laughs it off, asking his wife: “Is this gonna be the rest of my life?”

The Cape Town, South African-based couple has shared lighthearted moments like this with their 40,000 TikTok followers before, but this video in particular blew up on the video-sharing app, garnering more than 2 million views and 200,000 likes since its posting.

The pair has gone viral on TikTok before. Back in October, they received more than 6 million views and 270,000 likes on a short sketch in which Nick asks, “Is it just my wife who does this?” as Amber interrupts him the second he puts his headphones on.

Even some brands got in on the Oscars send-off music joke. Microsoft’s official account commented on the video, “I need this for Team meetings.”

Many of the couple’s followers also chimed in. One follower wrote: “My husband is the same, starts talking then goes off on a side quest before getting back to the story!”

“I should use this at work when guys mansplain,” another joked, to which the couple replied: “Very useful in that situation ???.”

Yet another commenter added their two cents: “Green flag reaction!”

We should start playing it when we’re ready to wrap-up meetings.

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