North West Does Not Have TikTok on Her Phone, Account Shared with and Run By Mom Kim Kardashian

Kanye West has realized he can no longer control estranged wife Kim Kardashian, so now he’s attempting to exercise his control over  their kids — namely North.

As we’ve seen, Kanye has taken issue publicly with North West being on TikTok. Despite what Kanye suggests, North doesn’t actually have her own TIkTok account.

Kanye shared a section of TikTok’s terms and conditions in which it states TikTok can’t be downloaded by kids under 13.

Well, the ‘KimandNorth’ account that Kanye is taking issue with is actually run by Kim and is on Kim’s phone.

Sources close to Kim say that the comments for the account are fully disabled. There was an issue where North went live from TikTok on her phone several months ago, but sources add that North was disciplined and that’s when the changes were made.

Kim, Kanye and his cousins even had a discussion over the incident, and they agreed to having the parent-monitored account.

Kanye needs to get a grip.

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