NLE Choppa Shoots His Shot With Meagan Good [Video] |

NLE Choppa Shoots His Shot With Meagan Good [Video]

NLE Choppa has had his eye on Meagan Good for some time, but the recently-divorced actress is not interested in his advances.

via: HotNewHipHop

NLE Choppa just had a chance to shoot his shot with Meagan Good while on The Jason Lee Show. Moreover, it seems like the Memphis rapper was playing a game of “Smash or Pass” with the host, during which the actress’ name came up. Furthermore, Choppa proudly and quickly pulled out the “Smash” cardboard sign, gushing about her beauty and how long he’s liked her. Not only that, but Lee actually pulled his phone up and called Good, which got the “Shotta Flow” MC incredibly excited. “I can be a preacher, all that, whatever she want me to be,” he remarked as the phone rang.

Eventually, the Stomp The Yard star answered, and Lee explained the situation, saying that a rapper almost fell out of his chair for her. As she expressed incredulity at the story, Choppa laughed and giggled, probably in disbelief that he went from admirer to phone conversationist so quick. Most importantly, the rapper’s first words to her were “Hey, how you doin’?” A man’s got to be concerned with how his partner’s doing, and jokes aside, people actually received it quite well. What’s more is that the rapper also recently gushed about Ice Spice.

“Lol this was actually a cute interaction,” one commenter posted under coverage of the interaction. “I’m sure it made Sis day! ‘IMMA PRAY ONNIT.’” However, others pointed out that, unfortunately for them if they want to be a couple one day, there’s a bit of an age gap issue. “Aww too bad he’s only 20 she probably would went on a date with him,” one user commented. However, his heart almost broke when she seemingly hung up on him. Fortunately, she called back and explained that she was just telling her mother to call later, which is as good a sign of interest as any.

Regardless of people shipping them, at least it seemed like quite the respectful and tender interaction. Sure, he talks about her being “back on the market,” but baby steps are still important. Given his often vibrant and fun persona, maybe this won’t be the last we hear of the 20-year-old’s smooth talking. Maybe one day Meagan will comment on how sweet he was, or they actually link up in person.

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