Nivea Unleashes Alleged Texts From Her 'Man' After He Denies Dating Her [Photos]

Don’t play with Nivea.

via: AceShowbiz

After a guy named Darrell Patterson denied that he was in a relationship with her, the “Never Had a Girl Like Me” singer unleashed alleged text messages from her “man.”

The 39-year-old shared screenshots of her private conversation with Darrell on Instagram Story on Sunday, August 15. In a message that he sent on February 24, Darrell could be seen telling the musician, “Thinking about you. Well been thinking about you.”

Another image saw Nivea writing, “Wyd sexy? Going to bed?” In response, Darrell replied, “Love you so much.” Alongside the screenshot, she penned, “Wasn’t interested huh @iamtherealdp. Don’t play with me man.”

Prior to this, Nivea slammed Darrell on her Instagram Story. “Yep I messed someone else’s so called “man” and he pimped the S**T outta me! Time to be exposed @iamtherealdp & [email protected] leeeesss GOOOOOO B**HES!”

“Aaaaand I KNOW I’m not the ONLY one!!” she went on. “I’m taking the Lead on this Bill Cosby train! Idgaf if you don’t nigga @iamtherealdp.”

Having caught wind of Nivea’s posts, Darrell shared his side of the story on his own page. “I feel sad for people who don’t know when they need help. Sometimes trying to help some one and talk life and uplift someone can be easily taken the wrong way!”

“I’ve apologized if anything was mistaken for an interest,” he added. “But for you to come over to my house knowing your intentions and when those attentions don’t get met then what? Am I now the bad guy because I don’t express the same interest you have?”

“So yes you tried to mess with other women’s men!” he further emphasized. “Thanks for being honest! But please don’t act like you didn’t know I had a gf and wasn’t leaving her, that’s some delusional thinking or well could be some other sort of response to something you can’t stop doing to save your lift! But DONT COME FOR ME AND MINE!”

This is messy, wishing Nivea the best.

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