Nipsey Hussle Shook Hands With His Alleged Killer Right Before His Murder

Nipsey Hussle shook hands with his alleged killer — who had “envy and hate in his eyes” — just moments before he was shot to death.

via Page Six:

Herman Douglas, who described himself as Hussle’s business partner, claims he was one of the last people to see the rapper alive outside his Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles.

“Me and Nipsey was talking, and the dude that shot him (Eric Holder), he came and shook our hands. Said he was a rapper and this old bulls-t,” Douglas told the Los Angeles Times. “Shook our hands, the dude went and got his burger. He left.”

Douglas said he went back inside the clothing store with his own food — and that’s when Holder returned with a gun.

“So, I might have left Nipsey’s side maybe three seconds,” Douglas recalled. “I left him maybe, approximately three seconds that I had left Nipsey and the dude came and shot him.”

Cops have said Holder, an aspiring rapper, shot Hussle over a personal beef.

Douglas, who said he had known Hussle since around 2003, suggested that Holder was jealous of the Grammy nominee’s success.

“What seems to be a less talented rapper had envy and hate in his eyes,” said Douglas. “It was nothing else. It was no motive. It was no beef.”


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