Nicki Minaj Says 'Rah [Ali] Really Beat Cardi's Ass Bad' at Harper's Bazaar Party, Reveals Cardi Allegedly Wanted Her Feature for a Single + More

The 10th episode of ‘Queen Radio’ is under way and Nicki Minaj felt like she needed to address a few things.

via Complex:

Kicking off the show, DJ Boof performed a DJ set featuring a number of classic Nicki songs mixed together with some deeper cuts. Boof even mixed “Just Playing (Dreams)” by B.I.G. with Nicki’s “Barbie Dreams,” flawlessly switching back and forth between the two. Later on during the set he played “Good Form” a number of times, proclaiming that there’s already the ‘#GoodFormChallenge’ for the song.

“I’m in a really great fucking mood, though,” Nicki teased when she finally came through, announcing that she would be premiering both a new song and a new video today. Almost immediately she said how she didn’t want people to associate Queen Radio with her being negative, but she didn’t want to go without addressing Cardi B’s sister Hennessey Carolina and the latest rumors against her.

Cardi’s sister claimed that Nicki leaked Cardi’s number to her fans in hopes of her fans doing the dirty work, and Nicki says she never even had her number to begin with. Next, she went on to address the infamous shoe incident, explaining what happened once and for all.

“Rah [Ali, Nicki Minaj’s friend] beat Cardi’s ass really bad,” she said of the shoe throwing incident, claiming there’s security footage of it all going down. Nicki made sure to point out that she wasn’t happy to see Rah do that, adding “Rah beat you so bad that I was mad at Rah.”

“We can make it stop,” Nicki calmly stated after getting riled up about the situation.

“I just want everyone to leave me alone,” she said. Without mentioning her name directly, Nicki also said that Cardi asked to be on her “second single” but she declined because “Motorsport” was just about to come out. She also alludes to a conversation between the two of them in a hotel room, saying that she plans on keeping everything said between them private.

Check out more tidbits from Queen Radio below.


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