Nicki Minaj Goes Gospel on Tasha Cobbs Leonard's 'I'm Getting Ready' [New Music]

Did you ever expect Nicki Minaj to take you to church?

Well, we can’t say that she does with this song — but she DID lend a verse to gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s, “I’m Getting Ready.”

On the 8-minute track, she raps:

“I serve a God that parted the Red Sea /Multimillion dollar commercials for Pepsi / From food stamps to more ice than Gretzky / I don’t gotta talk, the Lord defends me / I watched them all fall for going against me / Me and all my angels shot the devil up / While you was trying to pull me down, I leveled up.”

A humblebrag in the name of the Lord! Get into the track below.

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