Nicki Minaj Demands $26k Jewelry Lawsuit Be Tossed, Says Alleged Damage Wasn't Done by Her |

Nicki Minaj Demands $26k Jewelry Lawsuit Be Tossed, Says Alleged Damage Wasn’t Done by Her

Nicki Minaj has filed a motion for dismissal against an independent jewelry company that’s sued her for $26,000.

via: Radar Online

In documents obtained by, the Barbie Thingz rapper wants a Los Angeles judge to toss out the case, claiming she accepts no responsibility for any damage that may — or may not — have happened to the custom goods.

Minaj’s attorney filed the documents on Tuesday on behalf of the megastar and her stylist, Brett Alan Nelson, denying the allegations and demanding the lawsuit be dismissed.

As reported, the Roseark jewelry store claimed it loaned Nelson 66 pieces of jewelry for the rapper to wear during appearances in early April, with the stylist allegedly signing a contract that stated the bling was to be returned undamaged one week later.

The jeweler claimed Minaj had not returned the loaned-out jewelry by the agreed date, and when Nelson did, there was noticeable damage on two pieces. According to the store, the damage totaled $26,239.50, and the company wanted interest — however, Minaj disputes all the allegations in her response.

“Defendant denies, both generally and specifically, each and every allegation of the Complaint and deny that Plaintiff is entitled to any relief whatsoever,” the documents state.

The star said there was no breach in the contract because, contrary to what the jeweler alleged, the items “were returned on April 17, 2023, less than 30 days after April 5, 2023, the date of the Loan Out Agreement.”

About the alleged damage, Minaj claimed that if anything happened to the items, it wasn’t caused by her or her team.

“Plaintiff’s damages, if any, were caused by the primary negligence and/or acquiescence in the acts and omissions alleged in the Complaint by Plaintiff and/or its agents or others acting on Plaintiff’s behalf, including because Plaintiff now seeks to both keep the Jewelry and obtain money for the value of the Jewelry,” the docs read. obtained photos showing the alleged damage to a diamond ring, which appeared to have two missing stones and a pair of silver hoops.

Minaj laughed off allegations, claiming Roseark “made no attempt to fix any purported damage, and any purported damage is minimal and fixable.” She said because of these reasons, the jeweler is not entitled to the $26,239.50 plus interest it claims the star owes.

The Super Bass rapper wants the complaint “dismissed with prejudice and in its entirety.” Minaj also wants her legal fees paid for the whole ordeal.

This isn’t the only lawsuit Minaj has faced over borrowed goods. She was sued by a fashion company in August, who claimed the singer rented more than $6k worth of items and failed to return all but one damaged leotard.

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