Nick Cannon Set to Star in Upcoming Rick Ross Biopic [Video]

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Nick Cannon has been tapped to star in an upcoming biopic about the life of legendary drug dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross during the 1980s. Not the Rick Ross you were probably thinking of.

The film would reportedly explore Ross’s ingenious and complex scheme of the crack cocaine trade in Los Angeles during the early 80s – the height of his success – moving 100 kilograms of cocaine daily, which was distributed across the country – product that he claims was supplied by Nicaraguan rebels/Contras.

Naturally, we can expect some mention of the Iran-Contra affair of the late 1980s.

My brother was a mercenary. He worked in Central America training the Contras, so in a way the story is personal to me… The fact that our government may have been complicit in destroying an entire community of people makes the story personal for everyone,” Cassavetes said at the time.

And further… “if I had to compare this movie to another that’s been made in terms of a feeling, a point of view, maybe ‘Traffic’,” of course referring to Steven Soderbergh’s Oscar-winning 2000 film that explored the illegal drug trade from several different POVs.

Ross said the film would focus mostly on his adult life, though not including the 20 years he spent behind bars.

We become addicted to the power, the money, the manipulation, the whole lifestyle, the whole drug culture… And you are going to get to see this in the movie, how a guy goes from being a novice to being a drug expert,” Ross said.

Take a look at this clip of Nick Cannon & Ross talking about Nick’s upcoming role in the film.

via IndieWire

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