Nick Cannon Presents 'White People Party Music' [Video]

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Nick Cannon celebrated the release of his brand new album, White People Party Music at OHM nightclub in Hollywood last Thursday night.

White People Party Music (WPPM), marks Nick’s first release in 11 years since the release of his debut self-titled album and is also the first release through his own imprint, Ncredible Entertainment in partnership with RED Distribution, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

The 18-track pop/rap album which was co-executive produced by Cannon, Polow Da Don and DJ Buddah features collaborations with a range of today’s top producers and artists including:  Afrojack, Pitbull, Future, Akon, Migos and more.

We got a chance to sit down and talk with Nick Cannon about the album & more at the event.

Q: Now, it’s been 11 years since the release of your last album.  For any artist, that’s a long time. Of course in that time you’ve been busy with your other business ventures — but at what point did you decide to get back in the studio? What was that deciding factor?

I don’t know! *laughs* I’ve been making music. I never stopped!  Even being the head of my record label, I’ve been putting out artists, writing music, you know. I used to work at Def Jam, Sony, all of these places and I was helping A&R develop artists and marketing their projects. I was so focused on other things I never really took the time. I had my radio show that went on for years — everything that I still do has to do with music. I love it and I do it for fun. In my mind it’s a trilogy. I’m dropping one this year, next year and the following year!

Q: With a title like ‘White People Party Music’, I have to ask — which came first — the title or the music?

I had a bunch of songs. I have a gang of songs that I did with everybody. Even as a DJ, the funny thing is that was actually one of the names of one of my crates and I was just like ‘Yo, I’m gonna name my album that,’ because all of my favorite songs were in that one crate — you know, just the silly stuff that gets the club rockin’. So, I thought ‘yo, that would be hilarious’ and I just stuck with it. 

Q: You’ve collaborated with tons of people for this project — Future, Migos, Afrojack, a bunch of people.Is there anyone you wanted to work with that you didn’t get an opportunity to for this album? 

Bruno Mars. That’s my man! We talked about it , but he got busy you know…being the superstar that he is. I definitely wnat to get with him for the next one. Bruno and Cee Lo, those are the two that we actually were in the studio with and we just did other stuff rather than make music.

Q: If you had to choose a favorite song from this project, could you? What would it be?

Easy. It’s “Unbelievable,” the song I wrote about my wife. That’s by far my favorite.

Q: Speaking of your wife, I know she posts a lot of pictures on Instagram of you two and ‘Dem Babies’ watching movies and things of that nature. Which is your favorite animated film, or a children’s movie to watch with them?

Me personally? It’s the same one we all love, The Lion King  It’s the family favorite. It’s my favorite. My son really really loves it. It’s a father son bonding thing with that one.

Q: What music are you listening to right now? Do you have a favorite artist?

Drake. Even though I feel like that’s a cliche answer. He’s the dude, he’s on top right now. But even before he had his deal and stuff, I was watching him. There are other interesting people out right now like Dom Kennedy and TeeFli, but if I had to nail down just one – Drake’s the one. 

Q: So, in listening to the album we envision clubs, pool parties, Las Vegas. Tell us about the tour! 

I’m on the White People Party Tour! We’re hitting the hottest clubs, the hottest venues. I was in Cancun a couple days ago, I go back next week. We have the Bahamas, Toronto. We’re everywhere. It’s perfect time, It’s Spring Break — we’re killing right now!

Q: There’s still a lot of 2014 left to go. What else can we expect from Nick Cannon this year?

Of course you have the big stuff, America’s Got Talent season 9 & Wild N Out season 6. I have a movie that I directed with Lionsgate coming out this summer called School Dance. It’s my directorial debut that I’m super excited about. That’s really the next big thing after the album. Also we’ve been extremely successful this year with the headphones, N-Tune headphones we’ve done $60 million thus far so my next endeavor in the consumer electronics world is tablets. The Ncredible Tablet is coming later this year.

It’s always great talking to Nick and of course the party was a blast. White People Party Music hits stores today! Click here to grab your copy on iTunes.

Check out some footage from the event below!


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