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Towanda Braxton Throws Serious Shade at Tamar’s Husband Vince on Twitter


If you watch Braxton Family Values, then you know that things are a little tense between Tamar Braxton and her sisters.

It looks like things have only gotten worse, as Towanda threw some major shade towards Tamar’s husband Vince.

It all started when a fan called Towanda jealous of her little sister on Twitter.

“And she can’t help it that her husband is a multimillionaire and yours is a bum! #bvf @towandabraxton #jealous,” the user wrote.

That’s when Towanda fired back, saying:


Ouch. It’s one thing to get into a disagreement with your sister, it’s another thing to put her family’s financial situation on blast across the entirety of the Internet.

Maybe Towanda’s still bitter about how Tamar shaded her relationship with Kordell Stewart…


  1. TMZ put in on blast, it’s not a secret

    • Also Radar Online .com and about 5 other media sites. I don’t know why they mad at Towanda, Tamar can say all kinds of things about people but when they come for her she thinks the person is a hater. Tamar didn’t see this coming.

      • exactly..girl bye

      • Even so a Close Family keeps their business theirs even if it’s on blast. My sister would Never entertain the social media as Towanda did We Protect one another and as Blood she Could Not had said that !! True or not you Do not entertain social media by pushing your family under the bus to be Ran Over! I protect my Family!!

    • But Family Protect one another not do what the media already do! She did not have to repeat it because she’s mad at Tamar and we yet do not know Why? She should be protecting her baby sister!

  2. You have to earn a grip to owe a grip, so he is still winning in comparison.

    • He owes for year 2010 $66 thousand and then he owes 2.2 million for year 2011 and then he owes for 2013 another large amount. The amount he owes is not for just one year it’s 3 years. You would think Vince would have taken care of this by now. Vince comes across as a guy that takes care of business. You can go on radar online . com and they have the document with all the years and amounts. I hope Vince takes care of this soon the IRS is nothing to play with, I like Vince would hate to see him trouble behind this. Towanda wasn’t the first to put it out there TMZ did .

      • LLawrence Towanda was still wrong! She did not have to throw Vince under bus to be ran over he did not do anything to her but let his wife buy Towanda a car that her non working husband drive, a house to move in and move out of other family members homes and gave her a JOB on BFV that Tamar produce both mouth a runneth and then after that Tamar went on twitter and defended Towanda that’s what Family do.

  3. Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    She’s an idiot & the hate is definitely real she’s so jealous of taymar


    • You are so Right and Tamar Haters love Towanda but Tamar haters do not remember the Years Help I mean Helped Towanda a car, that house,earn money from BFV that Tamar produced so she should have kept comment to her sister not social media. Time will heal!! Thanks CG

  5. Thats right Towanda (SAY ITTTTTT !!!!)

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