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The ‘Real’ Reason Tamar Braxton was Fired from ‘The Real’: ‘Negative Feedback on Her ‘Ghetto’ Persona, On-Set Insubordination, and a Rebellion by Advertisers’

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Tamar Braxton’s sudden firing from ‘The Real,’ came as a surprise to a lot of people — except the executives at Telepictures, the production company behind the show.

In our exclusive report, we told you the reason for Tamar’s firing had to do with her professionalism on set and the fact that she wasn’t testing well with audiences OR advertisers, but now we have a bit more information as to what exactly went down.

Executives of the hit daytime talk show The Real fired Tamar Braxton because of negative feedback on her ‘ghetto’ persona given by focus groups – as well as on-set insubordination and a rebellion by advertisers.

The  show’s sales team made it clear that advertisers did not want her in their segments due to her antics and lack of cooperation.

Specifically, there was an incident a few weeks ago that basically ended her run with the show.

During the final tapings of The Real in early May, the show’s executive producer had reached breaking point with Tamar, who cursed her out in earshot of other staffers on set after being upset she lost a game during the taping.

‘It was an ugly scene. Pinterest was sponsoring the segment and Tamar was genuinely upset she was losing the game. 

‘She really acted out during the taping in front of the studio audience and then exploded behind the scenes once the show was done.

Producers had to heavily edit the segment to make it presentable to air on TV, but the sponsor was on set for the segment and witnessed it all,’ the source explains.

According to production people on the show, Tamar’s outbursts on set were frequent. She regularly blew up at the executive producer and oftentimes her husband Vincent Hubert or her co-hosts would work to calm her down.

‘Let’s just say she was becoming unbearable to work with,’ the source added.

In addition to her alleged on-set antics, on paper Tamar wasn’t proving to be ‘worth’ the hassle.

Telepictures decided to conduct focus groups on the show to see what they could do to empower the show for Seasons 3 and 4, as it had been announced that the series had received a two-year renewal on all Fox stations and on BET where it re-airs.

The research from the focus group was not good for Tamar.

‘The focus group research showed that most educated and working women did not identify with Tamar’s show vernacular and her use of words known to be popular among drag queens and some gay men – phrases like “get your life,” “where they do that at,” “have several seats.”

‘It was even said she seemed more suited to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo instead of a talk show host on The Real,’ revealed the source.

‘The research went on to say that most educated and working women found her to be ‘ghetto’ and that her aggressive eye-rolling, neck-rolling and the smacking of her mouth were indicative of ‘stereotypical behavior that African American women have worked years to overcome,” the source continued.

The combination of the show’s focus group findings, her on-set insubordination and the fact that the sales team for the show had made it clear that advertisers did not want her in their segments due to antics that happened with Pinterest is what ultimately ledWarner Bros. to fire her from the show

And yes, Tamar’s husband Vincent Hubert was a producer of the show — but he knew the network was having issues with his wife long before she got fired. We’re just not sure if SHE knew.

‘He knew they were having problems with her and he shielded Tamar from a lot of what was being said and done, but in the end his producer credit on the show was more about vanity and less about control,’ the source revealed.

Warner Bros. wanted to work out an exit agreement with Tamar that wouldn’t make viewers aware she was being fired. Despite wanting to free themselves of her, they wanted the transition to take place smoothly.

‘Before they could hammer out a joint statement and an agreement that was good for both parties, she posted a cryptic message about betrayal and an unnamed person who she feels ‘stabbed’ her ‘in the back’ after she ‘stupidly trusted’ on Instagram.

‘It’s that type of impulsive behavior and lack of self control that is why she is off the show,’ the source said.

And there you have it.

[via Mail Online]


  1. I have never watch one episode because of her and her antics! I did not think she was a fit from the start! She is not talk show material! Nor is Loni Love, Adrian !

    • Thank you! Loni needs go.

    • Thank you.
      Obesity is an urgent problem especially in communities of color, and obese females like Loni are not a good look and should not be put front and center.

      Ppl wanna be drunk off PC BS, act like it’s cool, kee-kee and talk this “our men like meat” shit to make themselves feel good == when obesity and bad eating is cutting lives short and that’s a fact.

      Anybody can look around the church pews and society and count the number of grossly obese old ppl. How many are there? Exactly…b/c obese ppl die early and don’t live to become the respected old men and women in our churches and community

  2. Okay…with all this research done, I have to wonder how many times Tamar was told her antics needed to stop or else? Just curious.

    • It doesn't matter

      An employer shouldn’t have to tell you how to act professionally. Employers collect data (performance results), compare that to your peers & watch the employee’s behaviors. As I read the detail above, I have to be honest in saying I understand exactly why they let her go. I tried my hardest to support this & Wendy William’s show but I eventually was forced to turn the channel because both her & Tamar are obnoxious to me. Just my opinion & apparently I’m not the only one who felt that way. Hopefully Tamar learns from this & humbles herself. Anyone can be replaced.

      • I understand it too. Even in the regular workplace you’re given an opportunity to change and improve. I feel she should have at least been given the courtesy of a conversation and then say…moving forward if you do …x,y and z then you’re outta here.

        • It doesn't matter

          From what I understand there is a video of her obnoxious ways floating around, that justifies her termination. I’m thinking she had an idea but was so ego-maniacal, no one could get thru to her. She acts that way with her sisters as well, if her reality shows are to be believed. Who knows…

          • Angels and Demons

            The person that owns this alleged video also stated that the video might help Tamar because she was provoked or something by the producers, YOU LEFT OUT THAT INFORMATION??

          • It doesn't matter

            No, I didn’t leave out that part as I have not heard what you are talking about. Let’s wait & see the video. Either way, you control your responses at work. Based on that response, whether provoked or not, your employer has a right to terminate. Period!

        • I agree. Maybe they have. Since Vince had a position on the show, she thought she couldn’t be terminated.

        • Does a grown woman really need to be told not to act out on set in front of an important advertiser? At any job, if you had a big meltdown or displayed bad behavior in front of an important client, possibly causing the company to lose business, you would probably be let go.

      • I cannot stomach Tamar or Wendy Williams either!

      • Difference between Wendy and Tamar is that they knew what they were getting with Wendy being a loud mouth but has an education in her profession. Wendy is professional and respectful to her work people which is why her show is successful and renewed through 2020.

        • You’re right. I’m not a fan of either woman but Wendy is a professional. She wouldn’t have lasted in that industry for so long if she weren’t.

        • Spot on! We knew what WW was about, plus we aren’t talking about the same advertisers.

          • Yes, Wendy has an education in her profession. She is loud, honest but respectful unlike Tamar.

          • Angels and Demons

            Tamar is extremely respectful, Wendy is not?? You don’t have to like Tamar, but stop spreading unnecessary lies smh

          • Humph….Tamar doesn’t even have respect for her own sisters, how much more her co-workers or advertisers. Hence, I think she took her “name” and husband’s role in her career and place on the show for granted thinking she had a free pass. The woman already appears to lack professionalism ALL way round and even true, genuine respect for her husband….was just a matter of time before she let her sense of entitlement overshadow her opportunity and unfortunately, these types of behavior (being difficult to work with) can hinder other opportunities for her too.

          • She’s totally using Vince – everytime I see a picture of that guy his mouth is hanging open. Mouth-breather, they go together like two peas in a pod.

          • INDEED! I REALLY don’t think he was/is actually her type (considering how judgmental she tends to be about others’ looks and such). BUT his clout in the industry (not to mention his bank account) was a consolation prize…he BECAME “attractive” when she realized there were actually women (likely attractive) willing to date him. After all, she initially said she only liked him as a “brother” in the beginning until she realized he was dating this woman which he and the woman broke up….I read that as opportunity knocking basically ;-) Even when she talks about how she became pregnant, she states how she may have been drunk and she even seems disgusted….I mean…..hey…..to each his own at the end of the night and day BUT I’m NOT convinced and eventually neither would he be convinced (if he isn’t turned off already). Yet, he got what he wanted too….HIS TROPHY BRIDE and now the prince to boot. Yeah, in the event he sees the light and decides to turn in his brass versus trophy (that is if SHE doesn’t file for divorce first because uhhh…NOW the new rumor is he has to file for bankruptcy….don’t think she wants a broke AND sick husband since well…..LOVE? Hmmm, well you know), she would SURELY make him pay now that she has his child.

        • CeeCee Flinstone

          Wendy is educated, no comparison. They should not be
          brought up in the same sentience. Yes, both LOUD but in different ways.

          • Yes exactly.

          • Wendy knows when to dial it back, Tamar just doesn’t care and expects to be the queen of everything.

          • Wendy has 30 years of experience ahead of Tamar!
            Ask Angie Martinez about how Wendy’s mouth wrote a check that her ___ couldn’t cash, back in the day ….????????

          • That’s pretty funny..a mop! Wendy is known for her negative blabs about people but her talent as a talk show host shoots way over the negative and she has learned from her mistakes. Time will tell if Tamar learns from her mistakes. My guess is that she won’t, her spoiled brat entitled attitude will be a lot to overcome and she has a lot more competition than WW.

          • Angels and Demons

            Wendy has learnt from her mistakes ???????????????? girl you too funny. By next week or next month Wendy will be going in on another celebrity and let me hear what you guys have to say.

          • The key to her success is that she talks about other celebs! Can you say Hot Topics?!

          • Angels and Demons

            WENDY DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DIAL BACK?????? Look how many celebrities went in on her. Calling people child a cash register, saying Beyonce is jealous, etc.

          • Wendy’s show is successful and renewed until 2020 and where do you think Tamar will be in 2020?No where. So who cares if some celebs went in on her, that means nothing to her and her success.

          • A hard lesson learnt after being fired from radio in NY after taking her antics too far! So, let’s not elevate Wendy like she also has not crossed the line and been checked hard for it.

          • Again, the difference between Wendy and Tamar is Wendy knows how to dial it back, or should I say exactly how far she can go. In the world of entertainment why would that offend you? Nothing is real anyhow. I’m certain there are things about Tamar you don’t know that would surprise you, what’s the difference,? These are not people in your real life, unless your one of those cray Tamartians lol.

          • Y’all talking about wendy like she is much better when all she do gossip and tear people downespecially her own. She dont so educated to me just because she uses proper English

          • CeeCee Flinstone

            I am not a fan of Wendy’s at all but, I do not see her and Tamar in the same league.

          • Maybe not as much in popularity as it goes in daytime television but in celebrity yeah

          • The use of proper English is learnt in Higher institution; University or college. It means Wendy is educated. Stop contradicting yourself.

          • Yeah so is date rape and hazing.

          • Angels and Demons


          • Angels and Demons

            Tamar is also educated. She doesn’t have a tertiary degree but the woman is educated. Articulate in her interview. Her motivational speech she gave at Steve Harvey’s seminar. Know what you are talking about before you bite your tongue ??????

          • Educated? I sometimes wonder if she even finished high school. The woman couldn’t even spell some simple word last I saw them on “Braxton Family Values” and she had Trina help her (not to mention her various/numerous grammatical errors). Admittedly, I don’t remember what word it was but believe me…my mouth dropped. As for the speech you’re referring to, I won’t be surprised if she had TRINA write that speech for her :-). I’m sorry but….Tamar is fortunate enough to have a voice but book smarts? NO, and apparently as much as she likes to come off like she knows the business that she’s in, I think it’s a front and she doesn’t independently know how the business works for someone that has been in the business since before coming out on her own. She has always been “shielded” by or has been behind her oldest sister (Toni) or her husband. Plus, she doesn’t appear to have any sense of professionalism, maturity (despite her age) or sense of boundaries. Basically, women like her are better off being/staying their own boss.

          • Angels and Demons

            I’m sure off the internet , you can’t spell certain words and you probably asked for help. Don’t be criticing people when someone in your family PROBABLY HASNT FINISHED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OR HIGH SCHOOL either???? We all have experienced talking with grammar errors on a daily basis. I’m sure you are not grammatically correct a 100%. As you grow older, you forget to spell certain words, ask any bucking college student. They experience those things on a daily basis. It’s like college education remove certain information from the brain. Sometimes you even forget about what you learn totally in high school and that’s a fact. If you haven’t experience that, clearly your backside did not learn anything to begin with for information to be pushed out to accommodate new information. One or a few words that Tamar cannot spell, and all of a sudden she’s uneducated. Not everybody that even step foot on a college campus learn shit. They just have the degree. Let me tell your trifling judgemental backside something, TAMAR can turn off or turn on her ratchetness. The woman personality is flexible as buck??Drop Tamar in any setting, she will survive, BELIEVE THAT????????????

          • Please. No one in my family has NOT graduated high school. But I do believe there are quite a few branches of your family tree that never even made it to school. School is FREE through high school, I suggest maybe you and yours STAY THERE and learn a few things. Unless you want to keep using bullshit excuses for “why the white man keeps you down.” How do I know you are black? Your first two sentences speak volumes.

          • ….not to mention, Wendy IS THE BOSS….It’s HER show and she has experience in the world of media and broadcasting, so Tamar doesn’t even compare to Wendy.

        • That’s like hiring a known Crack head and expecting them not to smoke Crack in the bathroom. Make sense and not spew hate and sound ignorant

        • I believe that’s why they hired Tamar in the first place. They knew who she was and how she acted from her seasons on The Braxtons. They can not act like they didn’t know what they were getting when they hired her. They basically used her for 2 seasons to get the show some ratings. Tamar has a huge fan base and them firing her will bite them in the ass. I’m an no way a Tamar fan, but right is right and wrong is wrong. I believe they were dead wrong for firing her. They wanted her “ghetto ” behaviour as long as the were getting ratings and publicity. The Real won’t last another season without Tamar.

          • Um no, don’t try to blame everyone but Tamar. Tamar got herself fired with her rude ghetto behavior. I’m sorry but they were fine when she was out and everyone was able to talk without her cutting them off and turning every topic into a hot ratchet mess. They knew Tamar was a loud mouth but they did not know she’d be so unprofessional and rude. See the difference? Wendy is loud but very respectful to her peers.

          • I’m not blaming anyone but the company. They knew what they were getting when they hired her. Simple as that. I don’t like either one of them Wendy or Tamar. I’m simply saying don’t hire a ghetto acting loud person and be surprised at what you get. They used her to get ratings, now they don’t like the way she act. Bullshit. She’s was like that on The Braxtons and she was the same on The Real. Ghetto and loud. It was all good while they getting the ratings.

          • What are you talking about? There is a difference between knowing how her personality is and then learning she was so unprofessional. They did not know she’d be such a mess to work with.

          • She was a mess on The Braxtons. That’s what I’m talking about. They hired her for ratings. Simple as that. Unless you’re familiar with The Braxtons or the other show Tamar and Vince you might not know the real Tamar. She is a mess and always agruing or being disrespectful. We can agree to disagree.

          • You don’t get, They knew what they we’re getting personality wise but did not know she would be so unprofessional. Difference darling. When she was out sick the real ratings were still good so no she did not make ratings alone.

          • Angels and Demons

            So Tamar is not respectful to her peers?????????????? you must be behind the scenes at the real and BFV. Her cohosts said Tamar is very professional, shy and humble. They say people would not believe she’s like that. Steve Harvey said the same thing but added how talented she is. They knew what they were getting themselves involved with. They were dismissed her was very distasteful and could have donee T a better way. Some of you ppl want to paint Wendy, all of a sudden as good now this tame news has broke out ??

          • Sweetie, Tamar was fired for many reasons. Most of us who aren’t u her butt can see how rude, disrespectful, ghetto, etc she was for daytime TV. She was too much and 99% of civilized people agree.

          • Angels and Demons

            Civilized people ???????????????? he fact that you think 99% agree. All of a sudden you want to put Wendy on a pedistel hahahahaha. You watch Wendy and 100% of her viewers are not civilized therefore boo boo kitty, you are uncivilized ??????????????????????????????????????????????

          • You talk exactly like Tamar which is the non sense people are sick of hearing. If you actually look around on youtube and mostly every site talking about Tamar the majority are saying what i’m saying. Sweetie Wendy still has a job and is renewed through 2020 so there is your answer…

          • Angels and Demons

            Tamar still has multiple platforms, yes Wendy is renewed, but that ???? Can be taken away in a split second. Your backside is in no way shape or form civilized. You’re only chatting over the Internet. Some of you culprits are worse than.

          • HUH?

          • Sure…Tamar got herself fired…we can all agree to that. BUT, considering the ways that the media and production companies and networks likes to well, exploit certain personalities and characters these days, I won’t be surprised if in fact Tamar was their big fresh meat and gamble. Hey…it’s business. I mean think about it….Tamar of all people on a panel?….Having MATURE dialogue about current events amongst other topics that usually require common intellect and beyond (which frankly if it’s not about a designer bag, she lacks severely in that category)? I mean if not for the purpose of adding that “flair” for ratings, if they had to select a Braxton that can truly be part of a panel, why not Toni, Trina or Towanda? Over time though, I guess the gamble got to be too great (after all, a show has to have advertisers/sponsors to continue airing and making PROFIT). Plus, as you’d noted, when they realized the show would be fine without her when she was out, they decided to pay off their gambling debt and finally unload the baggage. Perhaps they can find another potential “ratings” filler in Nene Leakes to replace Tamar…of course I’m being sarcastic but I can’t say I’ll be surprised.

          • Nene is no different and kinda worse than Tamar, I hope she learned a lesson and they either find a host who is worthy or just leave the 4 original host. They may get A list celebs on there now that Tamar is not there.

          • LOL……..I was actually being sarcastic about Nene.

          • I know, I was just saying lol

          • If you knew the show, all the hosts said they had to audition for the show. The execs may have never even watched BFV for all we know. Quite a few people auditioned for the show (I heard some well known people too) and they based it on the chemistry and whatnot.

          • Yes they auditioned for the show, but they all submitted Tapes which showed off their personalities, where Tamar was completely how she was on the tape. Also, if you know anything about the industry, for shows like that, they don’t have just have “Blind” auditions, Execs review possible candidates past works or “resumes” before they even consider auditioning them. In other words folk don’t just to walk off the street & audition for gigs like this. So it’s with about 100% certaintity they were very familiar with BFV & Tamar Antics, which is why they hired her as the sista said.

          • Amen, exactly sista, i agree.

          • Angels and Demons

            I agree.

          • MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY (not that I even watched a single show)….and I made mention of it in my initial post before seeing your post. I suppose in the end, their little plan backfired on them when they realized that her antics (ghetto or otherwise) were FAR more damaging and not worth the risk moving forward. After all, a show can’t survive or make money without advertisers and sponsors. Nevertheless, sure the woman has talent but I NEVER visualized her being on a talk show panel (?)….she lacks depth and seems unable to have mature discussions despite her age. Perhaps her firing would be a lesson for HER…..a big mouth and name doesn’t keep your seat warm if you can’t learn to follow the rules. But as you’d mentioned, time will surely tell if the show will go on without her….then I guess if it doesn’t, the producer(s) will get their lesson too. On the other hand, if “The View” survived a countless round of panelists, who knows what’s in store for “The Real”?

          • Absolutely. You’re completely on point. Thats what I was trying to explain to other people.

        • Right Wendy may have hood in her, she has her ghetto streak, she knows her blackness, but what sets Wendy apart from Tamar are these allegations. There’s no allegation against Wendy of her being difficult to her staffers or executives. She can be entertaining and throw shade and act “ghetto” in segments but she knows too well to not do that around people who dang handles the business side of her show.

          • I don’t think Wendy is even ghetto, just very loud and honest. She is very nice and respectful. Tamar OMG! She was too much to handle that I sometimes cringed.

          • Wendy’s mouth got her fired from just about every radio station in NY!!????????????

            I don’t know WTF y’all are talking about

          • I was referring to her current show. And I call into question if her firing from “every radio station” was because of aggressive behaviors like Tamar.

            What I could find online is this. I quote

            “she eventually got fired for not exactly sticking to the station’s script. “It’s been mostly, ‘Read these liners, and play the hits’ and ‘You’re saying too much’ and ‘Shut the hell up,'” Williams has said of her radio career.”

            That’s hardly Tamar behavior.

          • Let her tell it!
            She was fired from Hot 97 for running her mouth about Angie Mars’ relationship with q-tip and Nokio, which later cause a physical altercation in the restroom…

          • Interesting. Appears there’s 2 sides to this story. Not to say Angie’s side is fake. Is this the only time she’s been fired? Where are the other instances?

          • Nope, and it always comes back to her mouth.

          • I getting out of here now. I don’t understand? why they allowed you to post as Jesus Christ? You even have his picture ? they have the nerve to check my response before they post it ? ……. I’m .OUT

          • “Wendy said” there’s another side to that story

          • Angels and Demons

            Your just trying to make Tamar seem like a terrible person to the point where you are fining nonsensical evidence to make Wendy look great. Look at how many celebrities lashed out on wendy????You people are pathetic

          • Well, if the allegations are true, she is at least terrible with staffers, advertisers.

            It’s Wendy’s job description and nature of her show to get into the nitty gritty about celebrities downfalls and juicy bits. Does that make her a terrible person? Maybe, to some people. To some others, she’s very entertaining and she’s not fired because of antics against producers and staffers currently. She had moment in the past with Angie, she clearly isn’t repeating that now. Let’s see if Tamar can do that same.

          • Angels and Demons

            It’s Tamars job to be real, that’s why they hired her. You see how positive you speak on Wendy? That’s great. You are so positive Wendy will do well ????????????????. Take the same approach for mrs Braxton Herbert ????????

          • Wendy is on a big network NOW and clearly has learned from her past so what are you talking about? Her past has nothing to do with today, she is respectful to her peers ETC which why she has been on TV for years and renewed through 2020. Tamar on the other hand has no excuse for getting fired from a huge network like this. So your point is irrelevant.

          • You clearly stated that Wendy was allowed the time to learn from her mistakes (which includes crack use and other forms of self sabotage) as far as her life and career goes! ???? It’s YOU who somehow refused to allow Tamar the same room to learn and grow.
            Furthermore, they’re on the SAME NETWORK!
            What part of my point is moot?????You may need to check the levels of your judgement lashes!??
            Stop allowing outsiders to chastise our people through dismissive jargon like “ghetto”! Because anyone who refuses to assimilate to their standards of expression is so called “ghetto” regardless of their upbringing or level of education! Wake up!????

          • All I needed was the first sentence. sweetie, Wendy made her mistakes before the big leagues, Tamar made her mistakes while in the big leagues end of story. Oh yea one more thing, stop using race as an excuse because it is so tired and not involved in every black person problems…grow up.

          • The bigotry in your tone, applies!

          • It’ a fact sorry. You Tamar fans need to stop trying to find excuses for her actions. She is a Braxton married to a wealthy man, she has Tamar and Vince show, the Braxton show and she makes music. She will be fine, this is hopefully a lesson that will teach her a lesson to be more professional and respectful.

          • Actually I think Tamar is a little over the top, but still enjoyable to watch. I wouldn’t call myself a fan. Furthermore, I wouldn’t call her ghetto because what does that jargon actually mean?! I personally would think of a smarter word to use ????”Ghetto” is so blanketed and use to demean other bases on a non-Black non-urban cultural standard.

            Every black host from Wendy to Oprah to Steve Harvey and Arsenio Hall has been called “ghetto” at one time or another. ????

          • But her own race agree she is ghetto. Sorry but she is. That is another thing people are pissed about, she is carrying on a stereo type black women have been trying to get away form. I’m sorry.

          • BTW….we are talking about THE REAL, not 20/20 or DateLine!
            They literally had a segment where one of the wore a chicken suit!????Lol

          • Huh? Fox network is one of the biggest, her getting fired is awful for her professional reputation.

        • Angels and Demons

          They knew what they were getting into with Tamar just like they knew what they were getting into with Wendy. They did their research. They used her so call ghetto persona and created segments for the show. It was her ghetto persona that made segments like “we read you funny”. It’s crazy how some of you guys are all of a sudden praising Wendy because some alleged rumours about Tamar being difficult on set????????????

          • You don’t have to respond to all my comments, it’s clear you are massive fan of Tamar and are trying to make excuses. You need to read again because they knew what they were getting with her PERSONALITY not her being UNPROFESSIONAL. There is a difference kid. Wendy, is loud like Tamar except not ghetto and she’s very respectful which AGAIN is why she was on Tv since 2008 and is renewed through 2020, so truth is in your face.

        • Amen. In addition, Wendy speaks intelligently – like she’s educated.

      • Literarylioness

        Wendy Williams is much classier and better educated than Tamar.

        • It doesn't matter

          Hmmm, you know I thought that too…at first. But after watching several shows I realized that she wasn’t. Believe me, I tried. I wanted to support one of the only Black women on day time tv. She’s just not what I hoped she’s be at this point in her career. I don’t believe she represents us well. Just my opinion though…

        • Angels and Demons

          NOT AT ALL BUBBLES??

          • Literarylioness

            Let us count the ways Wendy is better educated and classier. and more successful than Tamar:
            Tamar has no college degree versus Wendy who does, which means Wendy is better educated.
            Tamar’s big claim to fame was being one of the Braxtons, versus Wendy who came up through radio all on her own.
            Tamar has had one assemble talk show and a reality show, versus Wendy who has an extremely successful talk show that she owns and is not shared with anyone. Wendy cannot be fired and only canceled.
            Wendy wins it hands down.

          • Angels and Demons

            You CAN NAME ALL OF WENDYS ACCREDITATION. YOU ARE ONLY DOING IT BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE TAMAR???? When Wendy starts to talk shit again, let me see if you will remember and is ready to pit these accomplishments. You are probably not even a fan of Wendy.

          • Literarylioness

            Actually, I do like Wendy and am neutral about Tamar. Besides, Wendy makes her living off talking shit, so that does not bother me in the slightest. As you can see from my previous posts, I think the producers picking on Tamar is ridiculous. If I don’t “like” anyone, it’s the Chinese chick and the one with the goiter. I find the Chinese chick uber annoying, and she fetishizes black men, which a producer really should bring to her attention. If a white woman did that, she would be getting hate for days. Wonder how she feels about that when it’s done to Asian women? The one with goiter is as boring as day old bath water with zero personality.

          • Angels and Demons

            Your comment came across like ,” all of sudden Wendy is a sheep due to Tamars downfall”.

      • Agree

      • Angels and Demons

        Tamar is very humble and shy. Her former co hosts even said it?? You don’t watch the show, but quickly click on a blog post about a show that you don’t watch ????????. Nice try

        • It doesn't matter

          Who said I haven’t watched? But clearly you’re confused (or on something) with a name like “angels and demons”. You better rebuke satan now, in the name of Jesus!

      • I agree with you entirely. However although I do feel that Wendy CAN BE OBNOXIOUS, at least it’s HER show, making HER the boss. Plus, by her being in the industry a lot longer than Tamar, she understands professionalism and boundaries which apparently is not in Tamar’s vocabulary or personality (despite her age and family business). But I’m with you….I just can’t stomach ALOT of what’s on TV these days and as I’d noted in my initial post, to be honest, I NEVER even humored “The Real”…not a SINGLE episode because I just KNEW it wasn’t my cup of tea from the moment I learned the show was even premiering. As for Wendy, I’ve only watched snippets on YouTube depending on the subject matter and well…. I didn’t understand why one woman had to belittle and dog out so many female celebrities for basically, little or no known legitimate reason at all…..I suppose that IS how she makes her money right?

      • The Kelly show, has Kelly acting like a crazy nut all the time. No one say a word. You shouldn’t watch shows if your not going to be honest

        • Thanks for the advice! Now here’s some for you…stay off crack! Your comprehension is limited. Stop before it gets worse.

    • apparently, Vince knew a lot of what the producers were saying about her but he shielded Tamar from those comments.

      • He should have told her before it got to this point. smh

        • Patrick Benoit

          The reason she was on that show was because of her vibrant personality. Why should she have changed? She was the reason most people watched or even knew the show existed. It certain wasn’t boring ass Tamera or nobody Jeannie. Loni and Adrienne are cool, but they can’t hold up the show alone. They need a firecracker.

          • She didn’t test well with the audience. Now, that does not mean she needed to change her behavior, but something had to change: either her mannerisms or her employment. If the sponsors don’t want a person in their segment, that affects the show’s bottom line; if the audience doesn’t relate to a person, then there goes viewership. It’s a business. Perhaps she would do better with different co-hosts on a different show that is going to attract a different audience.

          • Patrick Benoit

            But that’s like saying Oprah didn’t test well on the Oprah Winfrey show… Tamar IS The Real. If the sponsors with whom they do business didn’t like her, then they needed to find other sponsors. That’s all. But one thing I can tell you is that the reaction to her departure has been overwhelmingly in favor of Tamar. So, saying she didn’t test well with the audience is a bold faced lie.

          • I have seen comments on other sites where people said they did not like her affectations on air and if people state the same thing in surveys or focus groups but do not have the same objections to co-hosts, then she is not a good fit. A show doesn’t fire sponsors because the sponsors don’t want a particular personality to represent them: they get the personality that the sponsor wants. Think back to OLD television. Do you know why they were called “soap operas”? Because the soap companies were the sponsors, and as such, paid the bills, and got the final vote.

          • No, she was only 1 of 5 hosts. Believe it or not, many others tune in for the other individuals and to see a show with all women of color. They don’t tune in for the Tamar show. Tamera brought nostalgia from her Sister Sister days, which many are familiar with. Jeannie Mae, was on the Style network (I loved her old show) and Adrienne was with two singing groups. Loni was known for comedy and some movies. They all drew the audience. Tamar often repelled audiences.

          • Tamar was not The Real she was part of an ensemble. A lot of people didn’t like her and wouldn’t watch the show when she was on. She obviously didn’t think her S$it stank but the people with the money let her know it did.

          • But more people did watch which is how come the show was picked up for 2 more seasons and nominated for an emmy

          • She was apart of an ensemble cast that ALL earned an emmy

          • Emmy nomination. They didn’t win.

          • The show might have been nominated for an Emmy DESPITE Tamar, not solely because of her. Also, the article says some of her job-ending antics were behind the scenes so those would not be relevant to an award nomination for on-screen performance.

          • Thank you! [hand clap] you took the words out of my mouth. I was getting tired of Tamar smacking lips, but what make The Real “real” was that they have [and had] women who represent multiple sub-cultures. I believe the reason is ridiculous and The Real has lost their purpose. Tamar was the voice for the edgy street woman. And where did they find these people to test?

          • Except for the fact that the Oprah Winfrey show was called the Oprah Winfrey Show because she was the only host and it was HER show regardless of what some may think the REAL was an ensemble cast/host if it were her show it would be called the Tamar Braxton show. Its about money if she was not testing well and sponsors were pulling out she gotta go- and if it were Oprah she would need to go too this is just business

          • Helllloo, I just wrote the same thing befoer seeing your comment!

          • Tamar was NOT the Real. I will watch the show now that she’s gone and there are others who feel the same way. If she were, those focus groups outcomes would have been different. It’s ok to have a vibrant personality; however, rudeness, arrogance & immaturity will make it dim very quickly.

          • Angels and Demons


          • That makes no sense. Oprah was a solo show with guests. REAl is an ensemble cast. Not comparable.

          • “Tamar IS The Real.”

            Your personal opinion has nothing to do with the facts so, erm, no! Tamar isn’t The Real …Most sponsors utilize focus groups, and no wise executive would break a multi-million dollar contract with a sponsor simply b/c one clown doesn’t test well.

            Radio and TV programming began as a way to (theoretically) sell soap, not the other way around; it’s obvious you know little to nothing about the *business* of TV/entertainment, marketing, advertising, sponsors or how profits are generated.

          • Angels and Demons


          • You tell em Patrick but its cool they be cancelled within the year

          • Uhh No,, Tamar is not The Real, You are 2 stupid

          • Angels and Demons

            I agree

          • EXACTLY!

          • she probably should have stayed on that ‘tiny tonight’ show.

          • They did fine without her, They need a firecracker not a rude ghetto mess like Tamar.

          • Angels and Demons

            Her fans knew she’ll return so they kept watching. IT WAS HER FANS THAT MADE THE SHOW PULLLED THROUGH DURING THE TRIAL SEASON, BLOOP????

          • No not really, Tamar fans like you need to stop making excuses and stupid assumptions.

          • Tamar is more than a firecracker. Tamar is sometimes a NUCLEAR BOMB! LOL She is just too much. When everyone says the same about you, just maybe they are right. It does not mean you cannot do other things. She was just not right to co-host. Maybe by herself or with a man but not these 4 women. She just wasn’t liked. You can have a great personality and be funny and still not be right for a talk show host. Tamar loves to talk but she talks a little too much at times.She is too honest at times. TV cannot take all of that! Sponsors don’t want that. They look at the bottom line, their sales.

          • Just b/c she appealed to you and your small circle is irrelevant and, obviously, you are assuming to know “the reason most people watched” since your assumptions are in direct contrast to the findings of the focus groups.

            Black females make up roughly 6.5% of the US population and the loud, ghetto, ratchet, neck-swirling, lip-smacking, eye-rolling, ebonics-speaking segment is a minute percentage of that. That segment has a load of pathologies, little buying power and are not the “middle America” audience sought by advertisers.

          • You dumb af talking about 6.5% of the US is black women. And it’s more than just ghetto black women that watch Tamar it’s white women too bitch. The ones that like us black women. So take YOUR small minded ass to your small pea brain circle.

          • Tamar, is that you?

          • The uneducated are drawn to her….

          • Angels and Demons

            She’s very educated and is a smart business woman. I’m drawn to her and I’m educated. You are not drawn to her because you might not be uneducated or you might be educated

          • Tamar is very uneducated. She is not a smart business woman. She has people handling her business interests. Tamartians on average are also very simple minded uneducated. You are not very educated…. and it shows.

          • …and can’t comprehend the most basic of things, like, words that were actually stated, and they even speak like Tamar (i.e. “you dumb af talking…”).

          • “…it’s more than just ghetto black women that watch Tamar it’s white women too bitch. The ones that like us black women.” == raw_x2

            Now, now, you illiterate ghetto rodent…it’s OK.

            Prove your statement and provide the numbers, annual income/SES and race (with credible links) of those that “watch Tamar.” I know for a fact that you won’t provide this information BECAUSE YOU ARE A POWERLESS NOBODY and CAN’T. hahahahahaha

          • Exactly!

          • Finally some body speaks some truth. It’s a damn shame it took a white man to say thank you Patrick what y’all black women should have said. They seen braxton family values they knew what they was getting. Plus she was hot at the time they started the show she had two or three hit songs on raido and brought star power. These other host were nobody’s they only person who had a little buzz was loni. And all this talk about her being ghetto and uneducated like you have to be uneducated because you from the ghetto or use slang just . stop the cooning I’m tired of bougie ass black women acting like because you get a little education and little money you have to lose your culture and your roots everybody else can keep their culture and be educated but not us.stop buying into that racist stuff, maybe you weren’t race like that maybe not even your mom but your grandma was, you had a auntie or a cuz who act like her. Ashamed of yo own people. I admit she could do extra sometimes but if that’s who she is that’s who she is that’s our culture not no stereotype we all dont have to act like that but don’t act like you better you don’t. Be yourself and stop trying to please and compare yourselves to white America. She made the show and y’all know itstop frontin

        • He didn’t have to tell her verbatim, but I’m sure he got the message thru to her. He’s had to speak to her about behaving professionally in the past, but she doesn’t listen. It got to this point because Tamar chose to bring it to this point.

        • Just knowing Tamar’s past and present bad behavior Vince
          may have tried to talk to her about her antics. Vince himself
          is always telling Tamar she needs to slow down and check
          herself, which often fell on deaf ears!!!

      • Well you know Vince knows because he LIVES IT! Vince and Tamar’s family have been trying to tell her about herself for years. She is spoiled and it shows. Everyone does not live Tamar’s life nor have her Coins, as she puts it. She has always been a spoiled brat! Her mouth is what gets her in trouble every time and I don’t think she knows how to control it. Her husband and her family love her so they just put up with her and they are use to her. They know they cannot change her so they just live with it. Everyone else don’t have to live with Tamar! She has never been a good fit for the show. Maybe her own show but not this one with 4 other women. I am so not surprised.

        • Look at Tamar’s behavior at The Breakfast club on YouTube with
          her sister’s, her behavior is embarrassing. Her sister’s are clearly
          disgusted of how she acts, you can see it in their faces. Tamar
          seems to feel she ALWAYS has to be the center of attention, at
          the expense of anyone. smh.

      • Angels and Demons

        Tamar IG post said “IT WASNT MY MAN OR MY SISTERS”??????

    • Sometimes one antic is enough. At my job insubordination is not tolerated. I watched a guy get an attitude with his supervisor and he was let go by the end of the day. I work in a professional environment, and we barely get warnings

    • If you have seen her reality show, Vince, her sisters, and other friends try to advise her on her antics but she just yells at them and walks away. I am pretty sure when the producers spoke to her, she yelled and carried that animosity over to the next day of taping.

    • What about The Kelly show. She act crazy all the time. When Michael was schedule to leave the show. She act like a big baby. She make all blonds look ditsy.

    • I love her antics, that why i watch the show. Now the new season has started and it’s boring. When you try too hard ……you lose. The cast in now walking on eggs shells………B…o…R…ing

  3. Cierra MissLady Reed

    They love to say some shit about “black woman ” gtfoh with that bullshit frfr. Yall love to say a mf ghetto just cause the shit dont fit your criteria. What about you sibling fucking white people,or how most of yall is meth heads and child molesters. You bitches is sickening and can suck a big ass aids dick! Back up off of Tamar with that bullshit. You dont know what this woman faces on a daily dealing with these white bitches.

    • How old are you? Do you know how ignorant you sound?

    • My, my. You sound so ….. uneducated and racist. Plenty of us black women use the term ghetto when describing behavior such as Tamar’s. It’s accurate and everybody in the black community knows they type of person it refers it. Get that chip off your shoulder and stay in school lest YOU subject YOURSELF to a lifetime of “your services are no longer required” at any future places of employment. Bad attitude #OwnIt

  4. Am not a Tamar Braxton fan but my question is “didn’t they all know of her personality before bringing her on the show??
    Tamar has always been like this and to be honest, she brings a certain energy to the show the other co-hosts don’t. Good luck to both Tamar and the show.

    • Yeah but because she started acting up too much behind the scenes she cursed out the producer withing ear shot of the advertisers and the audience. They decided to do focus groups for season three to see how it could e improved and realized the audience didn’t take too much to her.

      • Tamar fans do not want to hear any truth about Tamar. Most of them can relate to her and see nothing wrong in her behavior. Those of us who cringe at the sound of her voice are more than happy to see her go and know that that show can only grow from here. The show was about to lose this black woman because of her, and I am glad the focus group saw the thruth.

  5. So, basically, what I’m understanding from these “focus groups” is that she wasn’t acting white enough? Is that it? The whole reason I watched is because she didn’t act like all these muhfukkin stiff-ass white people on TV. Why don’t they just cancel the damn show?

    • Cierra MissLady Reed


    • Stop using the race card for everything…nobody asked her to act White, just act like a Grown Ass Woman and not a spoiled child. When you disrespect your self and your job ( and in front of the audience ) and your boss the you get what you ask for.

      • Cierra MissLady Reed

        Bitch stfu you dont know SHIT ! now race card that you cunt.

        • Angry much, FunkQue’Sha? You can’t even respectfully disagree, have a civil exchange, or abide an opposing point of view w/o resorting to your base nature and behaving like a vile ghetto animal.

          You just provided a clear example of the difference b/w loud, ignorant, lip-smacking, angry Tamar type trash that hadn’t a clue…and civilized ppl that possess intelligence and reason and left your kind in the ghettos to kill each other off.

          • Cierra MissLady Reed

            #TeamTamar bitch respect it,now argue with that hoe Jerrisa.

          • “Put sum respeck on my naime.” hahaha

            Erm, that’s a negative. The fact that dumpster juice like you constantly scratches your crusty ass, shrieks, and swirls your neck to beg for or demand (in vain) “respect.” …says it all!

            Your ghetto presence, ignorance, manner and attitude is vile. THIS is why your kind is always on the bottom, highly infected with every dirty STD and gets raped, beat, then tossed by the side of the road. When that happens, the larger society doesn’t gives a shit and there is no mention of your kind in the national news.

            The day ghetto female TRASH like you ceases (after decades) to CONSTANTLY beg for handouts/welfare, speak like illiterates and behave like uncontrollable rabid animals ….is the day your lives may improve, YOUR MEN may start preferring you, treating you like women, marrying and raising children with you.

      • Its not about the race “card” and quit calling it a card like it’s a choice to be a certain race. Its a stupid argument and it needs to stop. The fact is……Tamar is the biggest celebrity on the real and has the largest audience. This entire story makes no sense….if they were trying to let her go amicably then why did the story leak before the studio and Tamar supposedly hammered out the details?

        • Cierra MissLady Reed

          HELLO SHOTS FIRED????????

        • I came here to say that. Not defending her because I don’t care. But if they knew that they were firing her, should have had that statement ready and only needed to throw the date on it.

        • We don’t mean it literally when we say “race card”. It’s an idiomatic phrase ppl have been using for years every time people try to bring race into something that it shouldn’t be brought in to that’s all! At the end of the day that was still her place of employment and you wouldn’t go on your job snapping on ppl acting a plum fool so why is it ok for her to?? As stated above she was getting into it with people behind the scenes as well so lets not leave that out. That’s the problem with celebertites thinking they can do what the hell they want and not have to suffer the consequences for their actions. Sometimes what you put out is what you get back. Tamar is never at fault..she always plays victim.

          • Angels and Demons

            Her IG rant did not prove anything. Look at most of the allegations that exist?? Always keep changing. Now it’s alleged that Rachel is just showing that anybody is dispensable. News also reported that Rachel fired other staff that work behind the scenes as well. Reports said She’s hard to work with???????? her cohost said she’s always on time, always be the first to come out of her dressing room, drives herself to work. Tamar apologizes to her sisters plenty times but they didn’t feel like it was genuine, so she apologized again. It’s because of her personality, it’s something people are not use to, so they use it and judge her. These allegations are easy to believe because of her loud and aggressive personality. So these stories can be easily taken as facts. She falls out with a lot of person, people quick to say it’s her fault. Tamar is just a no nonsense person. Her former makeup artist said she doesn’t pay him, but happily vacate with her for free. All a long, he could have probably said something to her. Sometimes Tamar is too honest?? Probably the most honest celebrity right now and because of that a lot of ppl don’t like her. She’s also very unpredictable, you never know what she’s going to say next.

          • Nope not buying it!! Tamar is FULL of nonsense and drama!! Be mindful that Tamar and Vince are the producer’s of The Braxton meaning they have total control of the editing and will only let the world see what they want the world to see. They said she was getting into it with Ppl behind the scenes on The Real to the point Vince had to calm her down and after watching her on the Braxtons (especially last night episode when she snapped on Trina for no reason) that’s not hard to believe ..the co host are not the only Ppl she works with on the show and trust and believe they’re not going to be bold enough to admit the issues they had with Tamar but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have any. People will smile in your face all while throwing you under the bus so that means nothing. Hell even Tamar said she felt betrayed by someone she stupidly trusted then she unfriend everyone on social media but Tamara so we will never fully know who said what because we were not there. Tamar acts like someone that’s on drugs with her consist mode swings and rants she be having. I do feel like she’s messy and unprofessional because she didn’t even give them a chance to release a statement before she jumped on her IG with her little rant..it’s not always everybody else. She stays playing victim and sometimes what you put out is what you get back it’s called KARMA!

        • Quit acting like your small world, neighborhood and tiny frame of reference is universal or applies to the majority.

          Most ppl in this country didn’t know who Tamar was before The Real, don’t give a shit now, and woke up this morning to eat their eggs and turkey bacon and went about their business w/o giving her 1 thought.

          There is a race card that is played. Race card, race card, race card and a lot of AA’s play that card to blame others – and avoid taking personal responsibility for their own fvcked up actions or why they are in the situation they find themselves in. Truth!

      • Yessss, PPL stay trying to pull the race card!!

      • Say it Please! THATS THE TRUTH

    • Thank you. Some black folks just don’t get how white corporate America acts. Trust me, I deal with their shit and shade on the daily.

    • This has nothing to do with being WHITE and I am a black woman, This has everything to do with the fact that black women have worked HARD to kill many stereotypes and labels. To be quite honest, Tamar is very HOOD! Period Point Blank!!! It’s about being professional and her behavior on social media since she started out as a Reality star because no one knew her before the Braxtons. I think this is a humble lesson that she need to really calm herself down. She probably put the cryptic message out there to cover up being fired for her diva attitude. I hope she takes time to truly assess her attitude and adjust it accordingly because she is a very talented woman.

      • But wait. Re-read yourself. This “professional” behavior that you’re referring to is the typical calm, hypocritical, boring behavior white people in corporations are typically known for, is it not? “Professional” is the behavior all people use in order not to offend or upset the delicate white people of America who really cringe at directness, honesty and in-your-face emotion. When you say “hood”, what you’re REALLY saying is “black”… because it contrasts so greatly with “professional”. I don’t know- you may wish to rethink your stance. There’s nothing wrong with being “HOOD” because it just means that the person is letting you see what they’re really feeling instead of hiding behind a veil of calm/professional/corporate lies. #EmbraceHood

        • Agreed. I know that I can’t tell someone how to feel or how they perceive someone is invalid. But even if Tamar is perceived as “hood” or “ghetto” (whatever that means) we forget that she is on a talk show panel that is supposed to provide different view points geared towards many audience. regardless of how she is she has a huge following that literally watch the show for her “hood” or “ghetto” antics just like all of the other cast have the same following who appreciate their viewpoints. I hate this “breaking the African American female stereotype” thought because it’s saying that we are in a box but are not allowed to be ourselves at the same time. If no one noticed there are THREE African American women on the show and none of them are the same and all give different perspectives. What is wrong with that? The crazy thing is these “ghetto” judgments against her sound like they’re coming for more black people than anybody else. Why do we have a problem with loving the different spectrums of what it means to be an African American woman in this country I mean this show is targeted to MINORITies for goodness sakes!

          • And they keep saying tamar was so this and sooo that but yet they got picked up for two more seasons and got nominated for an emmy wuth Tamar…….so clearly she is doing something right……higher ups don’t know that when u change 1 thing then u change the whole thing……they r tampering with chemistry of the show!

          • Your words are magical! We need a billboard to help the black community let go of the oppressive language given to them in hopes to help them see their hate and misconceptions. Right now this hate is more divisive and harmful. We are in an American revolution of black people embracing their differences and similarities and yet some Blacks want to stay in the master’s house and hold oppressive language and behavior. Can we all embrace 2016? And let go and be proud of who we are and how we identify. #moveonallready

          • It is hard to be proud of something negative. Being loud and obnoxious does not nor has it ever equated with being Black.

        • You’re absolutely correct! You speak with a lot of wisdom.

        • Omg……..who are u…….u r soooooooooo right! Speak boy!

        • Its not about being, “Hood” or not. It is about being a selfish, childish, pouty, bratty jackass.

        • I am so following you! [hand clap] again.

        • So, are you saying that only white people are expected to act professionally? I’m black and found her actions to be offensive. I’m trying to ensure that young ladies understand that you do not roll your neck, eyes & be smacking…while she’s front & center on tv saying it’s on. Makes no sense. Tamera & Loni carry themselves
          in a much different manner. #KnowBetterDoBetter

          • Patrick Benoit

            What I’m saying is that white people put on an act in front of the world. They aren’t exactly honest. It’s called “acting corporate”.

            So, tell me what offended you about Tamar’s actions? The fact that she was so transparent and honest on daytime TV? The show is called “The Real”, as I’m sure you’re aware. If you wanted reserved and poised butt-clenched & white-washed garbage, just watch The View. Maybe this just isn’t your show.

            I just find it bizarre that you wouldn’t embrace the particularities or mannerisms of the black community, but instead try to make your children act more like the white kids do; “Don’t talk too loud! Don’t dance like that! Don’t be sassy!” Essentially, you want your children to act “whiter” so that they don’t upset the white people instead of inheriting their elders mannerisms. Am I right?

            I think there’s nothing wrong with the smacking and neck rolling. It’s fresh and different. It’s only considered “ghetto” because stuck-up white people in suits may find it offensive. But in all fairness, it sets the black community aside from the white community. Why do you think all the white kids try to copy what the black kids are doing? Why do you think all the white rock & roll artists of the 50s tried to copy the black artists and steal their music? Because the white community wants all the freshness the black community has to offer.

            As a black mom, I would think you would be proud of your heritage and pass that along that uniqueness to your kids rather than have them water down their behavior to please the white people.

            PS: “Know better, do better” should be reserved for stuff such as killing or selling drugs. It doesn’t apply to this type of situation, because what you really mean is #KnowWhiteActWhite .

          • That’s not our heritage. There is a difference between heritage and stereotype and maybe you’d do better to learn the difference before going in on some rant about Black people.

            Neck rolling and lip smacking was annoying when I was a kid and even before that. Our mothers and grandmothers taught us not to do this and it had nothing to do with white people. Not everything is about #*[email protected]% white people. It’ about being ugly and rude. Being ugly and rude will limit your options and Black people have enough limits.

            Tamar has a lot of talent and if she would just come at people differently, she wouldn’t have been fired. However, it could have been an act. Now, maybe the reason why she was upset is because the powers that be TOLD her to act this way and when it no longer suited them they axed her. That would make me angry, too.

            Black people are different across the board and no two people will act alike, but there is some behavior that should be forever eliminated. Despite our differences, we are really nice and good people. I want people to see more of this than Black women fighting each other on TV or Black men acting thuggish. We need to stop “feeding the beast,” selling out by showing the shadow side and start showing our best selves. When that happens it truly is NOT boring.

          • The ‘net is full of colossal hood ignorance so keep speaking truth; do not allow the small population of vile ghetto trash to be the definition of a people.

            No wonder those who big-up the hood and quick to yell “racism” (i.e. Patrick Benoit and the accounts he created to upvote himself) REMAIN at the bottom where they’ve been for centuries.

            They’re actually trying to convince ppl that smacking one’s lips and being overall inarticulate, ghetto, loud, ratchet, aggressive and repulsive should be acceptable and something to strive for and celebrate, so let them be. They can complain but have no $$ or real power to back their stance or bring about real change, and they’ll still be begging “Give us…” and asking “Why don’t we have…” in 2025.

          • Angels and Demons

            I don’t agree. The lord may return to earth before 2025??

          • Priceless!!!

        • Angels and Demons

          I agree

      • THANK YOU!!!

      • She has burned a few bridges with her Diva or may I say, “ENTITLED” attitude. A little fame has gone to her head. First Dancing with the Stars, now this. Could be God’s warning to slow your road. Respect is still valuable.

      • There are 2 other black women on the show who don’t fit that stereotype at all… You and anyone else pushing this “we tried hard to kill this stereotype” crap need to stop lying to yourself and others about what this is about.

      • ????????????????????????????????????????

      • Literarylioness

        But they all are pretty “hood” even the Chinese one.

    • Honey its not about race its about portrayal and action. She needs to learn how to play the media game. BFV thrived because of her antics and she thought she could play that role on the Real.

      • Ninasky Antonioli

        The show got a new white ass woman producer. The one before was latina. The white whore want’s the host to be less black/ghetto and more white.

        • NEWSFLASH: Ratchet ass ghetto bitches are an extreme MINORITY and MOST PPL don’t give a shit about them or want to see, hear or deal with them. …The day your kind dies out and cleanses the gene pool couldn’t come soon enough.

          Ninasky Raviolli: “Waa waa waa. They bein racis ta me. Boo hoo hoo Imuh typical baby-ass nigga that blames whitey and white ho’s cuz Im ignorunt and a loser.”

      • Absolutely….but they are two DIFFERENT roles, one is family who love
        and care about her, so put up with her nonsense as much as possible.
        The other is an audience, production, staff and sponsors who don’t have
        to tolerate her behavior and will use whatever ability of their powers not to!

    • Stephanie Danielle Jones

      Speaking as a black woman, she was a little too ghetto on the show. People already look at us different anyway. Tamar acts like at grown spoiled brat even when I used to watch The Braxtons she was at hott mess then. She knows how to act in front of people and it’s people who evaluate the way we conduct ourselves everyday. They get paid to do so. She could’ve been a lil more professional in my opinion

      • The only black people I know who worry and fret about how white people perceive them are the older ones. like over 40. They’re the ones still using relaxers, afraid to look too “ethnic” at work. But the younger generation doesn’t give a damn. I’m in my 20s. I get my paycheck from black women. I wear headscarves to work and speak “black vernacular” without having to worry about what white overseers (sponsors) think about me. Some things I like about Tamar, some things I don’t… but this rhetoric doesn’t sit well with me. “Ghetto” is like ‘thug.” and I don’t like this message that a black person can or should be fired for “acting too black” and not appeasing or appealing to whiteness. It doesn’t happen the other way around… It’s sad. West Indians aren’t ashamed of their patois… but obviously Black Americans have a long ways to go.

        • I am so proud of you! Thank you for standing in your pride. You are so right! and sadly the people who push the don’t look or behave “ghetto” and “thug”-ish rhetoric don’t even realize they are part of the oppression. Be proud, not ashamed.

        • I think you oversimplify a complex situation. It’s, at least, generational and societal, at most, something even larger. You can’t dismiss an over 40 any more than expect higher regard as a young person. A person should feel free to do as they please without worrying what anyone will think. Wearing a natural versus a relaxer only means something to you and people who think like you. Everyone doesn’t feel the same. Sweeping generalizations like the ones you make are part of the problem. It’s really important to understand we can all co-exist in a world where people don’t have to subscribe to the status quo or said category. For whatever reason people feel comfort in this blind acceptance of what “should be.” We go out of our way to let people know when we think they are wrong and to what end? We live in the matrix, red pills and blue pills all together.

        • The West Indians speak their dialect among themselves. In a job situation, they usually don’t…although you do hear the accent, which is different. They want to be understood. Also, contrary to your belief, people of all ages wear the natural hairstyle. As adults, we have to remember that our actions/behavior set an example for the younger ones. We teach what’s right from wrong.

          • This is not about that. West Indians don’t associate their patois with being “lesser than.” Different dialects might clue you in to where a person is from and give you a sense of their socioeconomic status (like if you talk a certain way you’re from a poor area or a rich area) but there isn’t stigma attached to speaking a specific dialect. People have pride about where they’re from regardless and they don’t attempt to hide the way they talk (or their mannerisms) in shame. They’re actually PROUD of it. Tamar isn’t speaking gullah where people can’t understand her so this isn’t about whether people can UNDERSTAND her or not.

        • I agree with you. It does some to be a generational thing, and many older black people are super concerned with how white people perceive them, which is stupid. I don’t have a problem with Tamar’s personality being over the top, or stereotypically black, I have a problem with her treating the staff and advertisers poorly and being a spoiled brat, that has nothing to do with race.

        • Are you kidding me about the relaxers? Rofl smh,and what do they call all those Heffas with those weaves, everywhere you turn. Girl plz….

          • I’m in a majority black area. I’m just speaking from what I see. Young people aren’t down with it where I live.

          • I’m in a majority black area too, and thanks to young black woman, Hair weaves is a multi-billion dollar business now. And it’s not just the States; young woman of color from Africa to Australia are wearing fake hair. I just don’t see enough of our girls wearing their natural hair. To many have poor self esteem, based on what television and social media tells them what beauty is. When I do on the rare occasion see a young woman rocking her natural hair, she’s the butt of many jokes from her friends. I hope it’s true in what you see and a trend catch on everywhere to embrace their natural hair again. Nothing wrong with mixing up hairstyles, but all this straight/wavy fake hair is over rated and sending a bad message to the world that we hate our hair. We have the most versatile hair, to bad we don’t appreciate it more.

          • I agree with you. My area is fairly well off and there are a lot of West Africans around so that probably has something to do with why there are more natural girls around. The guys seem to prefer it too. Natural hair can be high maintenance and expensive to keep up and you either have to know a good stylist or learn how to do things yourself if you want certain styles. It’s hard work compared to getting relaxers done… and there’s a learning curve. The kids with the more elaborate hairstyles are usually the more wealthy ones… but even still I’ve seen a few girls just pull their hair back in a poof. It’s nice to see.

    • Thank you. Fact of the matter is some people are “hood” and “ghetto,” so unless we’re trying to say being “hood” and “ghetto” should exempt people from certain jobs and positions, I don’t really see the problem with it. Especially when it’s a talk show where the entire point is about being yourself (hello, it’s called “the real”). Essentially, Tamar got fired for being too authentic, go figure. Note: The stuff about insubordination is a separate issue than what I’m addressing.

    • Here we go with race again as an excuse. Please stop, sometimes things just aren’t about race, Tamar is a mess, She is rude,loud, overbearing and tries to correct others opinions way to much when opinions aren’t right or wrong. She is unprofessional and no one want to work with that. She is also like many said, the stereo type ghetto, loud, rude, neck rolling, lip smacking, black woman have been trying to stay away from…but there she was being just that and got fired.

      • Patrick Benoit

        It’s not an excuse. It’s a reality for millions of people. Maybe you don’t see it or live it from your class bubble – but that doesn’t invalidate the reality of so many others.

        I guess you’d prefer some fake, stale, hypocritical white woman who bores you to death with her non-shocking opinions, keeps it all PC and proper on air, but who has a million skeletons in her closet. You prefer that someone deliver you a comfortable lie rather than the stark and shocking truth. This is about you and your comfort zone- not about Tamar. Tamar’s just being real.

        • Tamar was being real and also rude and unprofessional. Stop bringing up race because that is just your easy excuse for your argument. Need I remind that no matter if they get a white women the majority of the panel are ethnic women so please find a new argument to support you claims.

          • Patrick Benoit

            Your idea of “professional” is how polite and PC white women act. You just can’t handle the real undisguised truth. You’re so blind so your own situation that no matter how many ways I describe it to you, you will never see it. The white system has conditioned you well.

          • You need to be educated, you are so caught up on race that it’s taking you away from reality. No one but one or 2 people agree with you….

        • Tamar was playing a role that got her attention and she played it well the problem is the Real changed the game and forgot to tell her. It was her antics on BVF that made her the breakout star she knows what she is doing and its not being real- she was playing a character

          • Right! She is just as phony as a counterfeit dollar bill! This is the act that works on BFVs and gets a pass because her family goes along with it, but they know whats real. Now the show does to and don’t want this character representing them anymore. They cannot make any sales with that dolled up hot mess smacking like a cow! I resent people commenting that she is being “black’. Black don’t have nothing to do with this. I am black and most of us are not even messy like this, at least not on TV, lol They were tired of it, some of her viewers were tired of it. Goodbye, good writtens, brat. lol

          • Tamar talks and acts ghetto with all her eye rolling and neck
            swerving and lips popping…..yet, she lives her personal life,
            like a multi-millionaire…..so WHO is Tamar for” REAL” and is
            she really being real??

        • Low-class ghetto-dwellers don’t have the unity, power or money to affect or control a damn thing, and Tamar’s FunkQue’Sha stans are irrelevant.

          Nix the BS hyperbole b/c there are a myriad of choices between the two extremes of 1) unattractive, ratchet, loud, unprofessional, ebonics-speaking, lip-smacking, bitter Tamar and 2) “fake, stale, hypocritical white woman who bores you to death.”

          You are the main commenter in this piece that made this issue about race, and this make you another BORING ASS WHINEY RACIST.

          If ppl like you would put as much energy into valuing/pursing education, building stable families, growing businesses, inventing something, saving etc. as you do into showing off, whining, bitching and other irrelevant shit…the situation wouldn’t be what it is 400 yrs later in 2016.

        • You seem to think there are two categories: hood/ghetto or “white acting”. You need to broaden your mind and get out more if you truly believe that it is impossible to have someone that behaves better than Tamar (both on and off screen), but that person cannot still represent a Black POV.

    • Or call it the view 2.0

    • NO! It’s not about race it is about money and the bottom line

    • I’m not a Tamar fan, but I do think the one thing that is a little bogus is the focus group thing. They knew what they were getting when they hired her. I think they knew what the results of the focus group were going to be and just wanted to put another nail in the coffin, so to speak. She deserved to be fired bc she was rude to producers and advertisers.

    • Why would you *choose* to ‘understand’ that?

      It’s a FACT that you don’t know the race of every individual that took part in the “focus group,” or even that of those here who happen to agree with the focus group.

      Pls stop with this lame victim/assuming act b/c it’s the very reason more and more ppl don’t give one shit and turn off to listening when there is actual racism.

  6. Look. The advertisers hold the keys in television. Period. If you’re not playing the game, you’re out. Simple. Her antics and attitude were her claim to fame and ultimately her demise. Case closed. She was petty for posting things to social media and shot herself in the foot before they could give her a worthy exit (since she was one of the original hosts)…her bad. The show must go on.

    • That bullshit (Sorry)…..the story about her being fired was released BEFORE she took to social media. Its a bit odd to say focus groups and advertisers were unhappy with her since it was WELL documented they brought Tamar on to the real because of her reality TV PERSONALITY and her large following. I’m far from a fan of hers but the few times I caught her on said show I found her to be much more honest and interesting. And if we can get rid of Tamar for being “ghetto” why does Wendy still have a show?

      • Wendy has “cleaned up” her demeanor a lot from radio and even since the first few seasons and test run of her show. She’s just “ethnic” enough.

      • But all she said on social media was she felt betrayed……..she never mentioned getting fired…..if they (the real) hadn’t said she was fired noone would have never known what she was talkin about. i am happy she spoke up tho, because they wanna do her dirty and then expect her to keep quiet about it like they did Star Jones!

      • Because wendy played the game this is the game thats being played either play it or don’t

      • Angels and Demons

        Oops there it is?? I agree

    • %100 The Truth

  7. Tamar needs her OWN SHOW, that will cater to HER AUDIENCE. Obviously “The Real” focus group was looking for something different than what Tamar was serving. So, she can create her OWN LANE and do it HER WAY on HER OWN SHOW.

    • Exactly I think a talk show for her will thrive but idk if there would be alot of guests. Tamar has burned a few bridges in her lane and what if the show doesn’t get sponsorship?

    • Stephanie Danielle Jones


    • But wouldn’t the show have the same problems with the audience and advertisers? exhibits the same negative and unprofessional behavior on her family’s show. She is awful to her family and it’s believable that she’d treat others that way as well. It’s not cute. I agree with a point in the article. As black women, we are always having to fight off the negative stereotype…and she does not help our situation.

      • If she is the problem, if she had her own show, she would have to face that reality head on, and it would probably make her better. . To my knowledge, her and Vince’s show did well, so she obviously has an audience and they have advertisers for both the reality shows that she is on, so I don’t think that would be that hard. I hate the stereotypical persona she sometimes displays, but hey, there are many people that don’t like the way I act either (conservative and introverted), but do I let that matter to me? No, and I hope she doesn’t either. I am always objective and I try to judge character in the same way that I would like to be judged too.

        • I really think that Tamar’s persona works well on reality tv show but not on a talk show. I personally stopped watching The Real because I could not stand listening to Tamar talk. It is funny in bits and pieces or if you are out drinking with your girlfriends, but it is not something you wanna hear consistently.

      • @Melanin Thank you. This is one where we don’t need to fight for her. Ladies- mean, pushy self-involved behaviour makes for good drama to a point. IT sells (or used to) it also demeans ALL OF US and makes us a joke. Honestly I dont know anyone like her, so if she’s “real.” well…. I’m tired of this type of portrayal. BEst luck to her on other ventures. I saw her briefly on the family show- and was appalled- the way she spoke to family her childish behaviour…..just was not entertaining to me.

      • I agree!!!

    • When Tamar wasn’t being a ghetto incoherent stereotype while speaking over her cast mates, during those brief periods of calm I began to admire her rethink my impression of her. The episode where she described her family life & the relationship between her mother and her son actually made me get teary eyed as it was so genuine, beautiful & showed me another side of her. Hopefully she will learn & grow from this experience.

      • Angels and Demons

        Tamar gave all sides of her on the real. She gave loud, funny, aggressive, soft hearted, great advice,. All the other ladies were one side Tamera, mommy mommy, wife wife….
        Loni, brown liquor, men, bacon, men, brown liquor
        Jeannie, I’m always happy, bad talk Freddie, my husband is a Mitch, Chris brown is a bad guy, mama Mai, happy happy, nothing bothers me
        Adrienne, loves sex, Rob kardashian, Israel, I use to be engagement, pouting my lips for the camera, ABOSULETLY, WOW ????????

        • LOL… true. Tamar was too much of a “character” and let that get in the way of being relatable (and at times, palatable) IMO. Well out of the remaining cast members I like Adrienne & Jeannie. I do get a sketchy vibe from Adrienne though & I’m not sure why

      • i hope you dont mind my stepping in over here, but i have a troller on coucht. who i do not want to give any fuel to. my great grandmother was a faith healer in mexico, and in la. in the 30’s and i gues she was the real deal she could put peoplein trances and heal illnesses and cast out bad spirits.
        and she only stopped because she had a girl who when they tried to get something out of her ,it killed the girl rather than be cast out.. weird stuff. my mother dreamed of watching the moon landing in the 30’s on tv, before they had ever seen tv anywhere. different relatives in the family had weird things happen to them, or had premonitions. its one of those things that if it happens you just dont talk about it. because it only causes trouble. if had greif because ive talked about things ive seen and then later, people acccuse me of cursing them because i was right. there is no up side to it.
        unless sometimes you can help someone.. its a curse in itself. there is no control over it. it just happens.. no fun.. there , now you can mock mee aall you want, buddy .. im trusting you.

        • I do believe strange things happen which cannot be explained. But I try to remain pragmatic about such events/premonitions; are they coincidence, mental illness, superstition or are they evidence of an underlying current? I keep my options open, with an egg in each basket lol.

          I will say that I’ve had a few instances in my life where “absolute” statements? came to mind which occurrences later happened. Whether they be coincidence or the real thing who knows.

          • these are the kind of things where you can only know what you see and experience personally. my brother is the same .a complete dis elief in anything non tangeble he admits the things my mother did and saw, [because they cant be denied] but still says everything else is not real. so we dont talk. he always questions everyones intellegence and capabilitys. its his thing. where as i listen with an open mind, and reserve judgement.
            i think the world is a far more greater place than my knowledge can readily comprehend. like oscar wilde said i try to be able to consider and accept many different concepts at once and the same time. [paraphrased]

          • What were some of your experiences? And do they still happen?

          • i see things in dreams and get messages. ive gottem messages that kind oftake over and i dont always know what to do with. it is very distracting, and its something that if it isnt happening to you its inexplicable. im sure you would be sceptical about it. and if a warn someone about it, it just freaks them out. so then people are freaky around me. i get teased sometimes. like i said its pretty hard sometimes. there is a lot more out there than what we can touch or see. but im sure its way different than the churchy people or the tv psychics talk about. who is to say. it doesnt bring me anything but greif. and once in a while i help a little.

          • I responded to your comment, but it’s stuck in pending and I can’t post or delete it. This probably wasn’t the best place for this discussion though.

          • well i just did not want to talk about this in our usual place because if my favoite troll catches on ill catch crap.

          • no worries. maybe the details of that story wasn’t meant to be shared. just overall, there have been a few times where I had an overwhelming “absolute” message presented to me where incidents later came to pass. Including a death in the family. I’m skeptical of myself also – maybe it was coincidence.

          • you know the content of your own mind. and you can reason out the events. and you are smart enough to know that their is a world beyond our visual and physical limitations that is of course possible.i do not think its delusion to accept the fact that their is more out their.
            read the wu li masters, about the relationship with physics and eastern religeon. and it is not so far fetched. i know there are more thing under heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosphies, my dear chi chi.

          • how about the second episode of moonbeam city, on couch t.?

    • If you are insubordinate, turning off advertisers, showing your behind when advertisers are on set like a 2-year-old, how would that change bc you have your own show? Likely, it would get worse. Tamar is a spoiled brat and needs to learn how to work with others, something most of us learned in kindergarten, or stuff like this is going to keep happening.

      • ding ding ding

      • Unresolved problems don’t get smaller and disappear…..they keep
        getting bigger and are more apparent to deal with.

      • Angels and Demons

        That’s not what her excohost said. They say she is the most kin hearted, humble, shy and very professional. She a spoil brat to you because you don’t like her opinionated loud self??

        • She’s a spoiled brat because she’s rude to her sisters and the production staff on The Real, plus she was rude and through a fit when an important advertiser was on set. I don’t have a problem with her personality. I have a problem with rudeness.

          • Angels and Demons


          • She threw a fit during pinterest wars, in front of a representative from pinterest no less, because she was losing a meaningless game. You know who throws fits when they lose? Brats!

          • Angels and Demons

            Girl shut the eff up! You’ve never played a game and you get upset. BRAT or not, stop effing critic ing people just because they are celebrities. YOU MUST BE THE PININTEREST REP????

          • “You’ve never played a game and you get upset?” Not since kindergarten, no, can’t say that I have.

    • Here’s the thing… and this is why in all their disfunction, the view has been so successful. There are different people of all backgrounds who watch the real including the rachets and Tamar made the show because she was genuine and reach alot of people. I onto be watching

  8. Marie Yvette Carter

    THIS IS PROPAGANDA AT ITS FINEST. Tamar was and has always been Tamar. She was the way she was before the show, she was the same way while doing the show. What about adrian messing with a married praise and worship leader although they said their relationship started AFTER his divorce. Tamar had much more going on than all of the women on the show. This is not the end of Tamar; she needs to get whatever she needs to get from this experience and GROW

  9. That’s Bull. Becky with the good hair was trying to make her appeal to whites. She was fine and no complaints before this white chick was hired. They were picked up before this white chick was hired and now they want to gear the show to white women, hence the white women focus group. After this season, I am done. smh

  10. Kayla Nicole Charles

    I am SO glad Tamar is gone. The producers could edit their asses off until kingdom come, and she would still come off as a attention seeking, immature, ratchet, victimized brat. She had so much mouth but no bark and no valuable content to really speak of. I understand that some people loved her, but personally, she was not my cup of tea. Bye muppet!

  11. Najeebah Swanson

    you guys are taking this too far with the race card and excuses. I watch the show daily and saw that Tamar was not able to reel it in when she was upset about something, often leaving the other ladies to try to bring the show back. Everyone has faults but look at the comments about her leading up to this, the viewers were not happy with her antics. I wish all of them much success always

  12. Yes this seems more plausible. Everyone can say what they want but Tamar is a brat. I did like her on the Real tho simply because she brings out the best in Tamera. We all know that Tamar is extra and over the top. I just wished she would stop the side show all the time. That woman has talent and she can sing but she does feed into the stereotype and that alone makes me cringe as a black woman.

  13. When they hired Tamar, they knew she lip smacked, neck rolled, eye rolled and hair flipped. They new she had the lingo of a gay man. So basically what I am getting from this is that they want to remove her for those same exact reasons? That’s ridiculous. Those girls are the real and if anyone else comes in to replace either one of them, that dumb ass executive producer is going to loose the true essence of what the real is. Unlike Destinys Child revolving door, the real is more like the Spice Girls. Tamar’s view was valued bcuz she spoke for the LGTB community and for urbanized women. Who they gone replace her with? Who can they replace her with that’s gone bring that flamboyance and flare? Tell me?

    • Urbanized women? Nope dont do that. Im from North Philly please don’t put me in a barrel with the neck rolling, lip smacking women just because I was raised in North Philly. That’s a generalization and that’s exactly why the sponsors didn’t need her on that talk show panel.

      • Educationiskey

        But your name is gubment cheeze go figure.

      • There are many different urbanized woman. Like Loni is also very Urban! Maybe u related more to loni than Tamar. Fact of the matter is a lot of people like Tamar’s character on the show. Mock my words, the real is going to decline.

  14. Stephanie Danielle Jones

    Oh well her fault she is too grown for the ghetto mess especially on tv.

  15. I have decided not to spend so much attention to the celebrity gossiping sites. They have way more money than I do , and I’ve decided to use this energy in my self improvement. I’m pretty sure they are not focused on regular people anyway.

  16. SumthinSweeter

    She’s a grown ass brat. But my understanding was because of her “unique” personality, is why the show hired her in the 1st place. Never watched an episode of The Real ever but I do love watching The Braxton’s.

  17. I get why the producers may have let her go due to her attitude.But what I don’t get is them saying she plays into the stereotype of how others think black women act.Isnt that the reason why y’all hired her in the first place?Her personality stands out from the rest of the girls & for that I appreciated Tamar.Now her bad attitude is a completely different ballgame & totally unacceptable if true.Watching the first season of BFV I know how BAD she wanted back in the industry.That girl would’ve killed one of her sisters if need be, so the fact that u show up or get pissed because of a game is beyond me.That just doesn’t sit well with me but I digress.

  18. Alesa Danielle

    The “focus groups had a trial run and 2 damn seasons to see if she was a “FIT” ain’t no way in hell YALL are just now deciding that. I bet it wouldn’t even had gotten close to any Emmy noms if she wasn’t on the show. Her fan base was HEAVY! That show will go down and I hope the show gets canceled and they all lose their jobs. See how long this show last without her and when it fails Tamar will still have BFV AND TAMAR AND VINCE. Along with her music career. What will the rest of them have? Not a damn thing.

  19. I’m sure these producers knew exactly what they were getting when they hired her. She is the same person on both of her reality shows. I guess she was too real for The Real! SMH!

  20. Tamar might be ghetto but so are Adrienne ( sorry they tried to pass it off as the spicy Latina), Loni and Jeannie’s mama lol.

  21. I have never liked Tamar. She can sing and has a beautiful voice, but, that is where it ends for me. She is a hot mess, and its a wonder that Vince has put up with her for this long.

  22. I’d argue that Tamar Braxton’s years of fame is due to reality television and her “ghetto” personality. If we’re going to have an honest conversation here, there should little to no disagreement about this fact. The research group reinforces my opinion. Her antics works in certain TV shows that we know her best for The Braxton Family Values and Tamar and Vince, in which the shows arguably garner and maintain views because of her ghetto ways. Let’s not forget that she has, at times, call out her ghetto ways and, thus, acknowledging it on her shows.

    Again, her fame is largely based on her TV shows and antics, not her singing abilities really, if you think about it. There are facts to support the claim that Tamar does NOT have a successful singing career. The most successful album is Love and War, but, in comparison to other “successful” artists of today, their album sales actually goes way beyond hers. She has concert tours, but how big are the venues? Then if we look at her Christmas album, it sanked (including the ones with her sisters). If we look at her most recent album, it also did poorly. She may have her vociferous fans (Tamarians), but they are probably youngsters or, unfortunately, same age has hers that have similar personality so they don’t see that it can be unappealing in settings like TV shows.

    I also argue that if she has her own TV shows, I can guarantee it will NOT fly on channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, etc. It may not even be BET. If she thrives on WeTV, her own TV would be on that channel.

    Tamar, what happened? Jesus didn’t do it this time?

  23. Add Monica.

    Perfect fix to the show

  24. There’s an audience for ghetto behavior but not on the major networks. here are only two networks that will tolerate and actually enable her type of behavior….vh1 and bravo tv. They love to exploit ghetto behavior. But really why does she think it’s ok to act like that with so many young ladies watching…

  25. The Real knew the real Tamar Braxton, whether ghetto or hood. As usual just used her following base to pump their show’s viewership. Now they’re scrambling to clean up their image.

  26. I like her and she always made me laugh but she was over the top. She does not shut up and respect others opinions, I agree that she is the stereo type black woman have been trying to get away from. I’ve never seen someone so rude and disrespectful on a daytime show as her. What’s sad is that the show was made to give minorities a chance, Tamar is giving many people something to laugh at because ignorant people categorize a group of people in one’s behavior. I’m glad she’s gone…. too ghetto and unprofessional.

  27. If what dailymail reports is true, damn Tamar , you can behave better than that !
    If this is true, knowing that Tamar is a good fit for the show, they could suspend her for going off on the producers or something. But, on the other hand, if they fired that way, it’s surely because those ” moments” happened on several occasions. Anyway, somebody has to say the truth for this story to be buried because i’m confused !
    People’s name need to be cleared and for now i only trust tamar’s assistant who spilled all the tea on twitter.

  28. Ninasky Antonioli

    Tamar was too black and too ghetto for that show? gtfo

    • Too black? What the hell does that even mean? Black is not ghetto or all that other mess we are called. Tamar is just an unprofessional child who gives people like you a chance to categorize all black women as ghetto. We are all not lie that hun.

      • Not to mention her personality starkly contrast those of her sisters (maybe Traci is not so far behind). Toni, Towanda, Trina, and Ms Evelyn do not act like that and I’m sure they are proud to proclaim they are black.

        I don’t know why people make sorry defense to conflate ghettoness with being black. You can be black and not be ghetto.

        Michelle Obama is a black woman, is she less black acting proper? Nope.

        • Ninasky Antonioli

          Tamar has a big personality, that’s why she shines. Her sisters have nothing to do with this situation. If a black woman is loud speaks her mind she is referred as being too black and ghetto. Every culture is different people should embrace the differences.

          • I agree with you that Tamar may have big personality. However, I disagree with you that it may be the reason why she shines. Besides, “shines” in what context? Heck, even “big personality” can be quite vague if we’re going to have a serious conversation.

            Her “big personality” shines when her Tamarians is there to blindly praise her. Put her in the real world in which the majority of America (or the world) is not familiar with that “big personality”, you’re going to get odd looks or negative evaluation.

            She shines on WEtv because of her own reality shows, one of which profits because of her antics. If she were to make her own talk show, I say go WEtv.

        • Thank you, black people have been called ghetto for so long that it’s brain washing our own race into believing that. It depends on the person not race.

          • There are successful black women who do not act like her at all. And I’ll repeat this again, the fact that most of her sisters and mother (and even brother and father) do NOT act like that, tells me she learned it from another source. This “ghettoness”/”ratchetness” is social influence that she got at a young age that her parents failed to correct. It didn’t make her more real or more black. It just makes her more entertaining for a small fraction of American and very annoying for others. It’s her money making personality and it can also be her demise… and it is… for this show.

          • Very eloquently stated. I agree wholeheartedly.

      • Ninasky Antonioli

        Tamar is a talented black woman. She speaks up for herself unapologetic and racist people like that new producer sees that as being too ghetto.

        • She is called ghetto by majority of her own race because it’s true. She is not innocent, it’s her fault for being so unprofessional and i’ sorry but ghetto.

  29. She a hoodrat…put her on love and hiphop with the ratchet.

  30. Ninasky Antonioli

    The show was a Emmy nominated show, and still they fired her. They hired a new producer in 2015 that’s the problem, that white woman did not like Tamar’s blackness.

  31. I didn’t know Warner Brothers was the parent company. Vince better stop Tamar from trying to get messy with them. They have the power to blacklist her.

  32. Lol…if these were the reasons she was possibly let go, they are absurd! Firstly, everyone has different personalities, and just because Tamar was comfortable in her personality, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with that. Second-working in independent entertainment and business myself, I know rumors are specifically that, rumors! Meaning, unless an incident was witnessed by a credible, known source, no one can say “Yes she did this, or that”. All it takes is ONE person to open their mouths and say something happened, and if enough people jump on the bandwagon, suddenly it is true. Third- I am not even a fan of most daytime talk, because Wendy seems to incite rumors often, The View-no one on there I can relate with, and others, I don’t care for either. I was really excited about the Real, because it showed a panel of unique personalities, very edgy topics, and they were all (seemingly) unforgivable with being….”Real”. Why does it seem that people don’t understand you can very well be educated,a little urban and flamboyant, funny, and a variety of other traits simultaneously ? What’s up with society telling people, or rather, boxing them into this “image set”, and confining our persona? Enough sheep already, we need color and spice, and Tamar brought that. And so what if she reminded people of a gay man with her vernacular? America needs to accept that homosexual people are here to be seen unapologetically, and there’s no shame in their flair. Like, ugh, society needs to get their own lives and let people live theirs! Tamar should possibly (if she desired) try for her own show. I bet Logo would show her love. Independent is one of the best ways to go nowadays, in my opinion!

  33. Vanessa Kildare

    Hallelujah!!! Acting like a spoiled, rotten grown ass woman. She even thinks it’s funny carrying on like that. Happy riddance!!! Hope she learned a thing or two from this.

  34. But what really is professionalism? If you guys give me a dictionary definition, I’m going to ask who wrote that “definition?” A EUROPEAN! professionalism and everything in society that has a standard is based off of european psychology. What exactly is hood/ghetto? Tamar is just bombastic, expressive, and HER. I feel as though the focus group did not represent a wide variety of nationalities. I’m not excusing Tamar’s behavior if what was listed above was true, but she is a main reason why The Real is so popular. Her husband should have told Tamar to fix herself though. If that was true then it is Vince’s fault that she was fired as well. The Real is going to be boring if Tamar leaves. Of I was the director of the show, i would have given her an ultimatum.

    • Well she needs to take her bombastic, expressiveness SOME WHERE ELSE BECAUSE ITS NOT WELCOME ANYMORE. Just because a job does not like you does not mean they wont like you some where else. Its not the end of her world. Tamar is talented, just not talented enough for these women. She is like the newcomer on RHOA. If you don’t fit, you just don’t fit. Keep it moving and find where you do! Everybody cant be a talk show host on TV. Now maybe a Sitcom or Comedic Movie, I could see. Acting is probably where Tamar’s money is anyways. Who cares about a corny TV show. She has BFVs, her businesses. Move on! THEY DONT WANT YOU KNOW MO’ LOL. Now Tamar, Get Yo’ Life! lol

    • I don’t care about her “ghetto” mannerisms or way of speaking, she’s not my cup of tea, but many people like her and find it funny so to each his/her own. But, regardless of her ghetto persona, you still have to treat advertisers, producers, and everyone else behind the scenes with respect. Like someone else already mentioned, she and Wendy Williams both could be considered “ghetto” but Wendy knows how to handle her business behind the scenes.

  35. Maybe the Executive Producer who made the call was a Donald Trump supporter. lol Tamar just blasted Trump, calling him a racist not too long ago and boom, she’s out! Just saying.

  36. Cinnamon Brown

    The truth of the matter is The Real’s ratings went up when Tamar wsn’t there.. And I must admit I didnt miss her either.. It’s too early in the AM for all of that..And I saw that Pintrest episode they are speaking of Tamar was a spoiled brat…. She literally walked over to the other teams table and knocked their stuff on the floor on air.. Like what grown adult does that… All that lip smackin and neck rollin is funny for a while but damn eryday ?!?! Nah I’ll pass.. In this situation all that matters is that the SPONSORS are happy damn anything or antone else…. They were not happy… Notice how many segments that featured products did you see Tamar in not many if any at all…. That was clue right there.. Go back to season 1 vs this season.. you’ll see with your own eyes… Why she was fired…. I wish her the best because losing a job isn’t easy… However you gotta be in the game to play it..

    • If that was the case about the ratings being higher minus Tamar being there, then I totally agree that the show noticed that. Production was probably happier without her and then boom, in walks The Herberts. The wind went out of everyone’s sail. lol I don’t even watch every episode because the entire show was too corny for me. I did not like all of the ghetto acting either and yes “ghetto” is the only way to say it. People know exactly what is meant by that term, in most races. It deserves no explanation. Some say “trailer park trash”. People understand, but some on this site acting like they want to make it about race. I don’t care if Tamar was Green and from Mars, she should not have been on that show or on TV for that matter, acting like the clown that she has been doing around her family. I always thought people knew that when you clean up and go on TV around others that are not family that you are supposed to act as a grown up, nice, and respectful like you are around “company”. You know when people that don’t know you come around you suppose to give them your best, not show them your worst. You know what they say about first impressions. Tamar had millions of viewers and she acted the fool in front of them and they sent her packing. THIS WONT THE TAMAR BRAXTON SHOW, anyway.

      • And the reallll tea I just read Tamar got dropped from Epic…. Now how did that slip under the radar… Now there goes another hole in the she’s focusing on her solo career… Chile she bet get to tap dancing cause she gon need them coins!

      • What ppl fail to realize is “acting” ghetto vs being ghetto is two different things.. Yes they added her because she could smack her lips and roll her neck… ect… but that only works in essence when the camera is on…. Not behind the scene where it matters … Cuase true facts the hosts dont matter the Exc Prod. do… And all these ghetto birds that are up in arms… They dont spend money…. The sponsors create a diverse focus group represent the audience of the show.. And if you dont make it past the focus group you wont last… That focus groups represents who will spend MONEY… And I hate to say it but them Tamartians wont spend a dime.. Trust me…. They say the nail in the coffin was the episode with the Pintrest wars.. I saw that episode and guess what Tamar acted a damn fool… She showed her WHOLE ass In FRONT OF THE SPONSOR!! She lost the game and walked over to the other team and threw their stuff on the floor!! On Air !!! That is a NO NO sorry show your ass on other days but not in front of the person that signs your check.. I feel for her but then again I dont… when you get new money… Sometime you gotta go broke to appreciate what you could have had….. Good luck to her tho….

  37. Alaya Preachergurl White

    I don’t believe it one bit. Tamar is sensitive and loving at heart. Loni is outspoken too, and they are the two faves of them all. Tamar clearly stated she was stabbed in the back by someone she thought was a friend and she is not going to be a snitch or tried and tested…..its another reason. Sorry Scott or Love B

    • If Tamar was allll that important to the show they would have put up with her mess….. It has been done countless times….. She showed her butt and it cost her point blank…. Yea you can say its someone else’s fault… The only person that can get you fired it you…. Cause what one person eats wont make the next man poop… and that’s allll facts…. Cause Who signs their checks???? Hosts are chest pieces one is no greater than the other unless you are the KING and the King signs chks…..

  38. Literarylioness

    Tamar is “ghetto”? What about the other hosts? I think the all are pretty “ghetto” with the exception of Mowry. I thought that was the show’s appeal? Wonder if this will turn into The View 2.

    • To some extent, you’re right because these hosts do share some similarities in their personalities and together (along with their differences) they appeal to a “certain” audience population.

      -Loni’s from Detroit, she has hood in her, but she doesn’t act anything like Tamar.
      -Jeanine has a thing for black men and proclaims that often despite marrying a white man. She wants to make it known she’s from San Jose and been around hip hop influence and all that. But she doesn’t act nothing like Tamar.
      -Adrienne was part of that urban hip hop R&B realm growing up, she has that atittude grown from that source. But she acts nothing like Tamar.
      -Even Tamera points out she can get “ghetto” and “turn up”, but her “ghetto” is like laughable cute and very … not ghetto at all. Not to say she doesn’t have potential. Tamera definitely doesn’t act like Tamar.

      I think the important thing to point out here is that Tamar’s personality is just WAY over the top. And if the focus group research and witness of her outburts are factual, her personality is unfitting to be in a talk show. They say she’s was out of control. It’s not that difficult to imagine that with THAT personality.

      • Literarylioness

        Yeah, maybe Tamar had issues, but I can’t even remember the names of the Chinese one and the one with a groater in her neck.

  39. Andre R Dickens

    i thought the show was called the REAL , not PRETENDERS..tamar kept it 100 percent real .and had valid points and made great contributions . i never really watched episodes when she was not on . NO shade but she was the personality of the Cast . now its just plain going to be DULL and not worth watching ……..Good luck with out her

  40. Oscar Rodriguez

    You mean the same phrases that she’s used on TWO of her highly rated Television shows that have been on air for 5 seasons? The same tongue clicking that’s used on both shows for years. The same “ghetto” personality that has been nominated for several Grammy’s. Same person that has won 3 Soul Train Music Awards? The Same person who was a part of THIS season which was just nominated for an Emmy? This REEKS of a hit job to discredit Tamar and brand yet another woman of color as “difficult” so as to prevent her from acquiring another job and limit the fallout.

    • Her personality is naturally more appreciated and welcomed in her own show. It’s reality show about her life and her problems with her family. So, naturally, all that lip smacking and neck rolling is acceptable – it IS her shows (and she practically outshines the other casts in Braxton Family Values). She can be as ghetto and ratchet as she desire there. There’s no liability for any unwanted product placement that advertise might fear as indicated in The Real.

      Getting nominated for Grammys and winning Soul Train Music Awards are indeed praiseworthy, but that’s solely due to her singing prowess. The moment she talks and shares an opinion, her “personality” is evident and it’s way over the top.

      Getting an Emmy nomination is a group effort. To assume that the nomination was in anyway largely due to her effort is highly debatable.

      There are 4 other women of color on the panel that has yet to be fired. If Tamar is the only fired, to support a position that Tamar’s firing is somehow painting woman of color as difficult is just false. The other women aren’t difficult at all then – they aren’t fired.

      She has no problem finding another job. She already has two jobs…. on WEtv. She owns her own fashion line. She aint broke because of this firing. Come on. Her personality is polarizing. You either love it or you hate it. This type of personality is self-limiting because not everybody or every advertiser wants to have her next to their product. Try having her in a beauty product commercial (e.g., say covergirl) and she yell “get your life” and “you tried it” and “have several seats”. That’s just so ghetto. It would be so out of the norm, you can’t be surprise the advertisers are responding this way.

  41. Although I love me some Tamar…. I totally agree with this. The other day my friend posted the story and I made a comment about all that smacking! She smacks too much for a woman her age. Her neck and eyes roll entirely too much, and she seems to always be the center of attention. Like someone mentioned earlier, she is better off doing her oWm thing.

  42. I have had difficulty watching Braxton Family Values when Tamar is in a scene – Tracy is a close second. These are not women in their early and mid twenties. These are mothers and wives in their late thirties and early forties. Tamar really needs to be acting her age. I love my people, BUT, when you know better, when you are better, then you must do better. If you have pulled yourself out of the ghetto, then be an example of what those who are still there need to strive for. Don’t stay there. I hope that finally this will be wake up call for Tamar.

  43. If what is said in the above article is fact…then when is it ever acceptable to treat others badly and with disrespect, throw temper tantrums and be persistently inconsiderate? (ESPECIALLY as a 39 year old woman)

  44. I believe it

  45. People need no wonder why some women get beat because they need to, i didnt always think that but once i got older and seen more of this and been around women who need to be beat (black women mostly) i learn that when you spend time with them you realize that they need to be beat to stay in line.

  46. Tammy Peters-Smith

    Tamar is the reason that I stopped watching the Braxtons and I would not look at any show she is staring and hat I have seen her attitude is horrible from the way she interacts with her husband and family. She is very impulsive and sometime that is not a good thing.

  47. Yeah, ghetto “sapphire” is an old trope. Let’s do something different.

  48. Personally I’m happy she’s gone, her ghetto antics with her face were hard to handle. She’s a professional and I’m surprised no one told her that behavior isn’t acceptable. I had already boycotted The Real, I couldn’t watch her interact with the other ladies on the show and I questioned how on earth anyone could put up with her. I didn’t have to, I didn’t like the show with her on it so I stopped watching. Now with her gone when the new season starts I’ll go back. That’s my opinion.

  49. CeeCee Flinstone

    Tamar can have a talk show “Ebonics with Tamar Braxton…” Each of the girls have their
    fans so I am sure the fans complained. I too would not like a commercial during
    the air of that show when you have Tamar talking Ebonics and sadly so uneducated. Not a cute example for kids. Would you want your teen talking like Tamar? Clearly when you are not educated you try to pretend like you’re being silly by the slang you use. Not a good cover up when you are a grown woman pushing forty. I do feel for her however not fair to the other girls. They are smart and Tamar could hold an intelligent conversation with the.

  50. Educated women were not happy with her GHETTO behaviour!!! What kind of BS is that? I’m educated and LOVED the way this woman kepted it real by being herself. This was the real problem with this so called FOCUS group of educated FOOLS. They are RACIST and jealous that a Black woman could be on prime time being herself by keeping it REAL and get paid AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! The name of the show is THE REAL! Everyone is always talking that BS about someone being GHETTO, but the last time I checked, GHETTO SELLS! Many corporations have made billions of dollars marketing GHETTO terminology to market their brands since Hip Hop took America by storm. Cookie Lyions acting GHETTO, has definitely added power to the ratings of Empire and the list goes on and on, therefore that BS about Tamar acting too GHETTO, is just that BS. Tamar keep your head up Sis and please believe that The Real is HISTORY!

  51. Ronald A Mitchell

    Bye Tamar!

  52. Beauty's Virtue

    If this is the true reason why Tamar Braxton was let go then I am disgusted. Yes Tamar had a big personality on the show, but she’s always had a big personality pre- “The Real”. Yes she uses vernacular like “have several seats” and “get yo life”, but aside from her talent, it is her “big” personality that has thrusted her career forward. Our society has always told black women to dim their light – so as to say, shine, but just not too bright. Why is it never ok to just be us? Why do we always have to fit in some box that was created for us? One of the main reasons I liked watching Tamar on The Real was because she was her authentic/”real” self. One of the reasons I believe the show got so many ratings and was picked up for another season is because it was unlike any other talk show with several “polished” hosts. In my opinion she didn’t portray black people in any particular way, she was being herself. The show had several other black women as hosts and each woman brought a different dynamic. If she was being insubordinate, I can understand there being some repercussion. However, please don’t let her “blackness”or her authenticity be the reason, that I can’t understand. I mean what did they expect her to develop a new personality after she was hired?

  53. I think there’s a disconnect here. Surely, The Real executives knew of Tamar’s “personality” before they hired her. It may as well be that her personality that won her a seat on The Real. I don’t think the executives despise her ghettoness/ratchet ways (to a point); I mean, they even made their own “You Tried It” segments. I think the issue becomes relevant when she goes over the top and gets too comfortable acting that way off stage around procedures and that can can easily be frown upon. I quote

    “According to production people on the show, Tamar’s outbursts on set were frequent. She regularly blew up at the executive producer and oftentimes her husband Vincent Hubert or her co-hosts would work to calm her down.”

    So, if we were to put her antics in CONTEXT of a “segment”, it would be acceptable because it’s understood to be harmless and ENTERTAINING …. to some people. But, when she acts that way off script and at the procedures, the CONTEXT becomes different and it’s just not a smart move. You are acting out of control towards “executive producer” and cussing at staffers of the show… how is that a smart thing to do? On top of that, she did it “frequently”. That’s a major red flag. This is said with the assumption that these allegations are true. But, since she is indeed fired, there is credibility to these claims presented by Mail Online.

    The thing that brings her prosperity (her personality) also brings her downfall.

  54. I absolutely can’t stand Tamar, I’m glad she was fired! I hope she never has a hit song again! She is so trashy & despicable and always was on the Braxton family values Tamar showed she has no values! Hey Tamar take yourself back to the mansion with your marshmallow!

  55. Tamar needs to focus on her music career, reality shows, and business ventures.

  56. She should be the host for first World Star reality show

  57. i personally have absolutely no problem with the way tamar talks or her so-called stereotypical neck-rolling and mouth-popping. My only problem is the way she treats people. She is very nasty toward people, and i really wish she would work on that. other than that, i think she’s just being herself. a lot of african americans are from areas where her way of speaking and mannerisms are common. so what? we shouldn’t have to be fake and change who we are to make white folks comfortable. but hey, when whites are signing your check, you gotta comply. so yeah, she probably does need her own show where she has more control…and no co-hosts.

    • What makes you assume whites were the ones that had a problem with her? Plenty of black women have a problem with her.

      • Ding da ding ding ding.

        It is her very own “personality” that her fans love that engenders these type of antics towards cast members, producers, etc. It’s a blessing (because it gives her fans and money) and it is a curse because it can become a drag… and it did.

      • shellyTheGreat

        well she works for fox. if the white folks at that place liked her, she’d still have her job, since they’re the ones running the show. i know that some black folks don’t like her either, but i think that’s irrelevant to her losing her job.

        • You’re a blatant racist. Fox created the show (yup, all races in on it) hired her and her multicultural cohosts. Of all of the women, which one comes across as the most problematic person in the workplace? Seems you’re under the impression black folk can’t get fired for just cause if the boss is white. Do you seriously think a black boss would tolerate insubordination and a losing bottom line just because the bad employee is black??

          • shellyTheGreat

            racist as far as hating others based on race? no. but do i consider race as playing a factor in plenty of issues in this country? YOU DARN RIGHT I DO, AND IF THAT MAKES ME A RACIST, I DON’T CARE. Now, perhaps you need to reread my comments, because I never said Tamar was not problematic. She clearly has a bad attitude and that very well could have been part of the reason why she was fired. But they also said in this article that women couldn’t relate to her mannerisms such as her neck rolling and lip popping…THAT is the part I was referring to when I said she shouldn’t have to change those things. The article said that her mannerisms were a problem for the company, not me….so get your panties out of a bunch.

          • Yes, that makes you a racist. A proud racist at that. Way to contribute the problems in the black community. smh My panties aren’t in a bunch. She was legitimately fired for cause and NOT because white folks at her job don’t like her as YOU stated. Apparently you think/expect a black man or woman in management to be weak and incompetent when it comes to firing a black employee for cause. Is that how you stay employed?

          • shellyTheGreat

            You don’t know why she was fired…your guess is as good as anyone else’s…unless you are an insider. if not, all you are doing is speculating, just like me.

    • I agree with you. Her personality isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but it doesn’t have to be. She just can’t work well with others.

  58. Bottom line, going forward with Tamar on The Real into the future was going to jeopardize everyone’s job, big or small, that works on that entire production. Tamar thought she was too big to fail and didn’t seem to consider that her antics could put them all out of a job. The right thing was done for the best interest of the show and everyone who is a part of the production. Hope the girls of The Real have a nice hiatus and can’t wait to see what the new season brings!

  59. Tamar ‘s behavior is that of a petulant child. This trait is seen as a part of her professional behavior as well as in family relationships. It just appears that she has to have her way or it no go for any negations. The smacking of her lips, the waving of her hands and the other antics are not becoming of a grown woman. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for her and she will begin to get herself in check. She is a talented young lady and I would hate to see her career get side-tracked by her attitude and behavior.

    • In the words of Monica who is they, because that is exactly who we going by;of what other people are saying. I still stand by what i see happening. They are doing to the real what happened on Oprah, meaning start off with black but end up white..just saying! always using blacks to get a head but we are no better we tear our own blacks down, by judging. If you don’t someone thats fine keep it to yourself and don’t watch but don’t give the whites something else to talk about.

      • Not sure what you are talking about or who you are talking to. What happened to Oprah? Last time I heard she was still doing fine. I called it as I saw it, which was not a tear down but a critique. I think you have read more into the post than what was actually written. Don’t project your assumptions onto me.

  60. To those who wish for Tamar to have her own show.

    Assuming these allegations are factual, how would that work?

    If you want a show, a talk show at that, you need advertisers. You need sponsors. Having product placement is what going to fund your show in return for the advertisement. Since she fails task, how is she going to persuade people to make her own show now? And how would she be able work with others if she lashes out at them with her antics? So a lot of people here assume the executives at The Real are whites (it’s not difficult to agree with this notion), but does that mean it’s better if she lashes out at … black staffers? I just don’t see it. And since all of this is made public, I don’t see how she’d want to make her own TV Talk Show. I say if you wants to be a singer, focus on signing and refrain from exposing her life on reality TV. Her album recent sales are not pretty..

    • I agree with you. It’s not a race issue. She simply can’t get along with anyone. Not even her own family. Vince just defers to her to keep the peace.

      • To be fair, it’s not like she can’t get along with anyone all the time. I think the main issue that needs to be distinguish (based on the allegations above) is that she does not know how to turn it OFF when she’s supposed to (i.e., at staffs and executives). And apparently having a little self control means downgrading one’s realness. There’s a video on CNN which shows Tamar not dancing and celebrating as the cast walks to the stage on The Real and she looks agitated. So… she’s how she was at the moment because she was being real? Being real all the time doesn’t mean a good thing. It’s like you don’t like your boss but you need the job, the last thing you want is be real and put him on blast at the workplace. How is that smart? It’s not. Well, tamar doesn’t necessarily need THIS job. She has so many other jobs.

        • She may not have that many other jobs. I heard that Epic quietly dropped her. So, if that’s true that would be the SIXTH record deal of hers that fell through. I agree, she doesn’t know when to turn that big personality of hers off. Plus, she ALWAYS wants things to go HER way. Which is never going to happen.

          • Did you watch the most recent Braxton Family Values? Ms Evlyn call Tamar out on her (before the medium come over)… “personality” that her fans love so much. Exactly the case why she doesn’t know how to turn it off. Not all personality should be embraced. She’s really pushing 40 and she looks young but she acts way way way too young and the bad young at that, the childish kind.

          • I need to watch the latest episode!

        • The US is about 33% non-white; so, no company (worth their salt) that conducts focus group in 2016 would solely poll whites, and I personally know for a fact (won’t share how) that AA’s are also represented in these groups.

          For many project/hood AA’s, being “real” is speaking ebonics (“He/she talk white.” = actual documented feedback), smacking lips, swirling necks, uber-aggression and telling somebody off (to a chorus of “You go, girl.”) It’s masculine-acting females who are argumentative, incapable of compromise, self-centered, intolerant and perpetually angry. They have no filter, get loud, over-talk, rarely listen, curse and overall show their ass when someone does or says something they don’t like.

          Regardless of race, these characteristics are not conducive to problem-solving, a harmonious family (as seen in BFV), having a civil workplace, creating a successful business or occupying a position in corporate America or the Pentagon; it’s repulsive whether experienced in a brief encounter, service industry or man seeking a wife.

          Most AA’s do not fit this category but, unfortunately, the few that do make the most noise; and AA’s downfall is 50+ years of not separating themselves enough from bottom-feeders and always making excuses for them.

  61. Those producers knew how she acted. They must have seen “The Braxtons” before hand and had gotten the idea that her loud, brash self was a good vibe for the show. They only started having a problem with her when the “sponsors” started having an issue with her. And what educated groups of women were they talking about. Educated women watched the show with her on and suddenly they had a problem with her after how many seasons. Please *eyeroll* What they just should have said was, she was f’n with the churches money and she had to go. I’d believe that over the rest of this bs.

  62. Alexandria Edmondson

    Curious to know the who the subjects of this research study were, and how Tamar was “non-relatable”…just throwing the bias out there.

    Podcasts are what’s popping and one has complete control

  64. I am reminded of an article I ran across many, many years ago called” Indispensable.”
    Whenever, I cross paths with people such as Tamar, who believe they are irreplaceable
    I am reminded of this quote: When you start to think and feel that you are indispensable.
    1. Get a bucket fill it up with water.
    2. Put your hand in up to your wrist.
    3. Splash wildly and pull it out quickly
    ……a “HOLE” remaining is how much you will be missed!

  65. I feel that she will be ok, I just don’t take much credence in what any Focus group that Fox network would use. Yes she was over the top at times, but that is what made them hire her. I am not going to bash her because I really don’t think we know the whole story. I am more inclined to believe that it had more to do with her calling Donald Trump a Racist and that anyone that thinks like him should not be able to run for President, he does not own the network but this is Fox Network we’re talking about. .. and we know that the sponsors were Republicans!!!

  66. She is who she is, so I don’t think its fair to judge her character as a person, after all this is her journey; however i would think at some point as a professional business woman you must realize there are boundaries in any work place, and although many people identify with her persona, she often times came off as disrespectful, super defensive, aggressive, & kinda stuck in “im that bitch” mode.

  67. I’ll tell you what …… The Real can gladly give me the job. I’d love nothing more than to be able to have a glam team selecting my wardrobe and doing my hair and makeup …. THEN getting paid to sit with a group of ladies for an hour talking about current events AND getting a nice paycheck for it?! I mean how ungrateful can you be?! Clearly she was given enough chances to get it together … the world does not revolve around Tamar nor does the world give her the indefinite free passes that her family does to behave like a spoiled brat ALL of the time. It’s not entertaining … it’s disrespectful and annoying. The Real … call me….I’m on Facebook.

  68. Being an avid fan of “Braxton Family Values,” I initially watched “The Real” because Tamar was on it, and grew to appreciate all of the ladies as a smart and talented ensemble showing genuine love and concern for one another as friends with great diversity. As Tamar’s stardom shot like a rocket, she clearly was the star diva that brought in the numbers, particularly a younger audience who totally relate to her first level trending language and antics; skills an entertainer needs. Loni leads the way, sets the pace, and knows when to be guarded in her comments, but having a sponsor who requires a mlik-toast presentation to appeal to the stay-at-home-mom users of Pinterest, as opposed to keeping it REAL, may be the show’s downfall. And btw, Wendy was voted into The Broadcasting Hall of Fame by a landslide outnumbering any previous vote after her first season on TV.

  69. Every entertainer chooses what is going to make them stand out from the crowd…

    When we were first introduced to Tamar in Braxton Family Values, she stood out because of her antics and that catch phrase she wore out the first segment- I believe it was “dot com” this, and “dot com” that- it was amusing. Then we discovered that she was just as talented as her sister Toni. Then she dropped her first album, we were drawn into her talent. Then she showed up on “The Real” and at first we were amused, but after a while were were not. Her antics and venecular was indeed indicative of those traits of our culture we would only use around our own people for amusement.

    The international airways is not the place or time to conduct oneself as a clown. Too many of us remember the old days of the Amos and Andy sitcoms, and the Steppin Fetchit radio show – the amusement of acting “colored” or “ghetto” for the entertainment industry. The sister is right about using Tamar’s personae to get the ratings, because that’s the way the industry works. Everyone else is right that they knew what they were getting from the start, and the folks who said it just business. But the lesson here far reaches beyond Tamar Braxton-Herbert — it reaches those ride & die young girls who think her personae is the way to act.

    Tamar is young, and is blessed to be in a talented public family, and has the responsibility to those young talented performers coming after her to leave the path open for them, by conducting yourself in “presentable company” like you have some sense. Even when you act that way around your family, they eye-role how ridiculous your antics are – heck we do it too within our own families – we all have a relative that “tells it like it is” or “don’t take nothing off of no one”.

    As I started out to say, every entertainer chooses what is going to make them stand out – Tamar chose a personae that was of a grown woman acting like a 5-year old. People will stop and look and say to themselves, “Is she for real?”, then they will avoid being around you and walk the other way when they see you coming. It worked for a while, but then became annoying.

    For all the young people who follow her and love her personae saying, “She’s real” need to really look at the lesson here. “Being real” – too real – can interrupt your plans and dreams. Sometimes, and it’s very simple… no one can do it for you… it is something that takes years of practice to perfect… but if you want the finer things in life… you have to do it — it’s called self-control, graciousness, tolerance, patience and forgiveness.

    You don’t get to say what you really feel… until you’re 80.

  70. Ah well…..frankly, I’m even surprised “The Real” itself has lasted this long….didn’t even want to humor it AT ALL from the time I learned the show was going to exist truth be told….it’s aura and purpose just really seemed well….unfulfilling and “wannabe” like “The Talk” or “The View” which hey, I DON’T WATCH THOSE EITHER. I haven’t watched “The View” since Star Jones’ plus size days and as for “The Talk” I haven’t bothered to even check out a single show either. Anyhow, back to the issue at hand (:-) ), I also think that Tamar was placed in the seat in the beginning as a vanity addition. In other words, she was being center stage with her unnecessary antics (the one bringing and causing drama) and stirring the pot on the family’s reality show so by a lot of young people’s standards that equals ratings because that audience wants to see what she’s going to say or do on the show…..that was a producer’s greedy gamble I think. Not to mention, she was successful with her last album and rising independently as a singer so I suppose they figured “Why not”? Unfortunately, I suppose it became apparent overtime that she needed GUIDANCE and uh…..frankly etiquette lessons and lessons in protocol and professionalism in the workplace and she needed to get outside of her husband’s idea of guidance, “shielding” and “caving in ways” and “pampering the wife/’rising star’ “. It’s too bad that at her age she would even need to be redirected like an unruly teenager or a misguided early twenty-something. BUT seems throughout her life, she’d been let loose and running for so long, she just has a sense of entitlement and no sense of BOUNDARIES or understanding about what TRULY being a LADY OR WOMAN means outside of gender, age, clothes, hair, and makeup. Hey….too bad they couldn’t hook Toni, Trina or Towanda….THEY would know PROFESSIONALISM and understand their boundaries about what can and can’t be said or done on or off the set. BUT I guess for “The Real” the idea of professionalism and true class was all TOO real…which again, is why they gambled on Tamar in the first place to bring in those ratings BECAUSE of those antics she’d displayed on the family’s reality show so now I guess they received their REAL reality checks too. ;-O

  71. I have a problem with “ghetto” label ! If Tamar was difficult to work with,that’s what needs to be said. Labeling someone “ghetto” is in a statement is unprofessional and “ghetto”.The “gay” vernacular is used by everyone now.I cant stand it.Whenever I hear some Susie Creamcheese “bye felicia”,the term “ratchet” or” Gurl or boy bye” like thats whats up, I cringe.

  72. Why are all of you people comparing Wendy Williams to Tamar Braxton???!!!
    They are not in the same league!!!
    Wendy Williams has her own show, and has paid the price all around to be the boss!!!
    Not taking anything away from Tamar; however, I think you all are out of order heaping these two talents in the same bag, deal with them on their own merits!!!

  73. Rachael sucks and Loni and Jeannie kissd ass toget Tamar fired i will ñever watch the real

  74. Im white an no Tamar is not too getto um loni is getto

  75. Sonya Faye Jolivette Guidry

    I don’t get it …NeNe behaves the same way , facial clowning liar, rolling her big eyes and in general being annoying. Tamar simply took a page out of her playbook. Bye Tamar…and I wish I were saying Bye too Greedy NeNe.

    • Ratchet black female trash has been showing their ass on reality TV (and painting a universal negative
      picture of BW) going on 10 years now with Flava of Love.

      Tamar and NeNe are both inarticulate and behave in similar ways, but they drive in different lanes b/c NeNe has no Vince, famous relative (Toni) or real talent (can’t sing).

      Tamar had her ’15 minutes’ with BFV, Love & War , Tamar & Vince, and The Real but, as has been proven, that kind of vibe has a limited appeal and short shelf-life and it’s the same with NeNe.

      Nene is way too ignorant to ever be an Oprah but, rest assured,her days are also numbered. After her various failed “acting” gigs, she is once again relegated to reality TV.

  76. Such good news! I could not stand her screeching. I love Loni, she’s the best one on that show, but I have to turn the mute button on when Tamar talks – what a ratchet spoiled little bitch.

  77. Quit lying. Tamar was the only real one there. Tamar said what was on her mind, not what she thought we wanted to hear? That head rolling was just a silly joke she always did. I would be more incline to try a product she has endorse then those other puppets.

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