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Oh No Ma’am: Joseph Fiennes to Play Michael Jackson in 9/11 Dramedy

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In ‘This Is Awful Casting’ news, Joseph Fiennes has been selected to play Michael Jackson in a new British television movie.

Brian Cox is set to play Marlon Brando and Stockard Channing will take on the role of Elizabeth Taylor.

via The Wrap:

The film, entitled “Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon,” will be based on a story first reported in Vanity Fair. A former employee of Jackson’s claims that the musician invited the legendary actors to see him perform in New York just before 9/11.

But after the terrorist attacks that toppled the World Trade Center towers, the three allegedly rented a car and tried to drive back to California on their own, making it as far as Ohio.

Fiennes is best known for his role in the 1998 Oscar darling “Shakespeare in Love.” He has also appeared in “American Horror Story” and the Dwayne Johnson action film “Hercules.”

Jackson was one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century, with his hit single “Thriller” selling over 30 million copies alone as of 2015. His later life was marred by accusations of child molestation, though Jackson was never convicted. He died in 2009.

Ben Palmer will direct with Neil Forsyth set to write the screenplay. Sky Arts is producing with Ralf Little executive producing.

Sorry, we don’t see it.


  1. Well Michael did bleach himself white so I guess the casting director decided it would be ok. Or is this payback for someone casting a Black actress to play a role that was played by a white girl in Harry Potter.

    • He did not “bleach himself white”, he had a skin disease…vitiligo which he stated repeatedly and was confirmed by his autopsy report.

    • You’re comparing a fictional character – who Rowling never described in her book to be white, via her own admission – to a person who existed in real life, was African-American and had a skin condition which caused the depletion of pigmentation in his skin.

    • that’s true, if someone has vitiligo, just cast them as any random white person. please do better in life.

  2. This is the greatest thing I will ever see. I have to see this movie.

  3. Aside from all the b.s. being discussed, this story is fiction. Why would they make a movie about a story that is not even true just to perpetuate more falsehoods about the guy? Yeah Elizabeth and Marlon attended his 30th anniversary in New York on the 9th & 10th of September, however the rest of this urban legend has been debunked long ago.
    As if Vanity Fair and Maureen Orth haven’t ever published ridiculously false stories about Jackson before. Like the voodoo spells he supposedly cast on a bunch of people? How anyone could swallow that crap or she could actually publish it still eludes me.

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