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Fantasia Slams Gays via Instagram: ‘The world’s gone mad…gay marriage is legal’

Fantasia Gay Marriage Instagram Lovebscott

Fantasia took to Instagram to vent her frustrations with the world. In the process, she expressed dislike for weed and gay marriage, which is surprising considering a large percentage of her fan base is indeed gay.

She said:

I Rise ABOVE IT ALL!!! THE WORLD IS GONE MAD. KIDS, THE GOVERMENT, THE church House… Everybody Trying!!!!!!! Its a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should Not be doing. Weed legal in some places, Gay Marriage Legal BUT YET IM JUDGED!!! Im not doing Nothing for you… My Life!!!!

So disheartening.


  1. She’s not saying she dislikes them. I guess anyone mentions the word gay it’s automatically taken as hate.

    She’s describing what the bible says people should not be doing such as weed and gay marriage.

    • “Fantasia Slams Gays Via Instagram” I dont remember the title saying anything about hate either but what was said was said and it wasnt represented in a positive light. period. Thats

    • o_O No, she never outright said she dislikes gays, but what she did was reference how gays getting married is part of dark revelations from the bible. She can think what she wants but she shoulda thought about that before she ran her mouth due to the fact that loads of people who purchase her music are homosexual.

      • I’m sure a lot of people who buy her music smoke weed too. Where is their post on her speaking out against weed smokers? Right. It doesn’t exist. For everyone calling fanny illiterate, you really did miss her point. And I’m actually one of those people who judge Fanny because I think she’s trifling.

        That said… She did not “slam gays”. She said with all those things in the bible, why is she being judged for her sins, when everyone else isn’t.

  2. Let me just go ahead and share this madness all over the damn Internet. I was SO feeling her new song but this is a stank ass attitude to put towards I’m sure a good part of her fanbase.

  3. Damn I really liked Fantasia as an artest. But knowing that she does not support me makes me not want to support her. I beleave we all have a right to beleave what we want, but we also have the right to support who we want. Well its sad to say but she lost my support with this.

  4. the homosexual community is not going to like what she said even thogh she does have a right to it..where she messed up at is when she opened her mouth and let the world know

  5. Well, obviously, she is the LAST person who needs to be judging…but like the rest of these dumb girls in her position…they love to bite the hand that feeds them!! Who does she think is buying her albums?? Illiterate baby mamas? Yeah, good luck with that, Fannie…

  6. This has been taken so out of context and B Scott and or whomever within your group who posted YOU’RE WRONG for making her look HOMOPHOBIC! Its a comparison NOT a slam against Gays!

    • Please explain the context in which this was stated. I am very well read and study contextual association carefully. So I will be delighted to hear your interpretation of the statement. Proceed. :)

      • The message speaks about what the bible says but she never states whether or not she agrees with it… She’s calling out a group of people not her…

        That’s like me says republicans for prolife… By me making that comment doesn’t mean that I am…

        • She can’t say anything about gay people or weed smokers. And she’s quoting what the bible says. The bible says not to be an adulterer. Umm didn’t get get pregnant by a married man?? She needs to just keep her mouth shut.

        • What you just said makes no sense at all!! Did you read that reply before hitting “send”?

    • She second she mentioned gays getting married is the second she set herself up for this. Invoking the Bible in reference to gay marriage puts her in the same group as the other bigots that oppose it. She did not even try to clarify her stance on the subject.

      Maybe if she had made a reference to the recent MURDERS of those children in CT and how “Thou shall not kill”, she might be better off, but no, she decided to single out the gay community in her comment.

      B Scott did not make her look homophobic, her own words did.

  7. Um Christianity doesn’t condone gay marriage clearly. To have not known Fantasias religion from the get go.. well you must have been under a rock all these years. So why the shock now?

  8. Bitch, should watch her mouth.. cuz you right. Prolly a great percentage of
    her fanbase “was” gay. Someone should remind her gremlin-looking ass
    that fucking before marriage & getting pregnant is in the bible too,
    along with “coveting thy neighbors ass” a.k.a. another bitch’s husband,
    defiling the temple with drugs/alcohol, and suicide… Bitch, have
    several seats.

  9. WRONG – You have given Fantasia’s words a whole different meaning.
    She was just saying she is judged more harshly than others.

    Fantasia has spoken in favor of gay marriage at least 3 times, even before it was popular, see her interview in the Advocate in 2004:

    Advocate: What are your thoughts on gay marriage?

    Fantasia: [Laughs] I don’t really think about that often. My godmother is gay and she is married to a woman, and that’s her business. That’s her prerogative. When I come to Atlanta I hang with them and just chill out. But what they do is their business. See, I love her. I accept whatever she wants to do.


    • Again… I am totally open to the possibility that ALL these people are misinterperating her words. The full statement is there. So please explain how it should be interpreted. Sensibly, because your claim about being judged more harshly, doesn’t fit, sorry. :)

    • Just because she spoken in “favor” of it doesn’t mean she fully agrees with it. There are people out there who accept it or doesn’t have thought against but doesn’t agree with the whole idea of gay marriage.. She also put a tweet saying it was a sin making it clear she not a fan of it but she deleted it too..

  10. incoherent bitch did you know like 90% of your already low fanbase is gay.#DumbBitch

    attempted suicide,sleeping with married men,committing abortions,child out of wedlock,sex before marriage,stealing a married man

    let me remind you all of those are sins bitch get ya life.

    • Not even that, she used improper grammar in half of the post!

    • it sounds like you’re criticizing what she said by implying that being gay is a sin and saying the things she has done are sins, too. you probably want to stay away from that rhetoric; you’d just be shooting yourself in the foot.

      • I could but I have no time for you.Have a Happy New Year.

      • She stated her views using her biblical beliefs well i pointed out that according to the same bible that she uses to say gay ,marriage should not happen the things mentioned above she should not be doing either because the same bible say that stealing a married.sex before marriage,having tattoos on your body,committing abortions, attempted suicide are all sins so before she jumps and run her mouth saying that the bible says gay marriage should not happen, the bible also says that the way she lives her life should not happen either so that was the point I was making and the by the way don’t put words in my mouth or tell me what to say and i never implied anything.I simply stated that she should not judge because her life is not perfect to judge individuals.

        • But still, the “being gay is a sin, but we’re all sinners” rhetoric helps no one in terms of advocating equal, respectable treatment of LGBT people. I don’t believe that my being gay is a sin, so I don’t see how pointing out her “sins” helps.

          • Mr or Mrs however you are just drop it is almost a New Year and i’m not here for this conversation…I’ll will not change my mind so deal with that fact i stick true to what I said.Have a Happy New Day and get some dick for the new year.

          • Whoever I am? My name is clearly shown here. The new year doesn’t matter. You’re a terrible debater.

  11. this bitch is tryna lose the last 4 fans she got left.. shade

  12. She didn’t mean a lot of harm but what she said was misunderstood just like her comments years ago about the whole reading thing. She has a right to express herself but there is a time and place for everything. And she should have known saying that was never a time or place for it. She could have worded it better. Then again she needs to realize what she did was a sin and shouldn’t have said nothing. All I can say from what I see she lost majority of her fan base.. SMH.. Its sad. Every time she gets herself together she does something silly in the public that puts her behind..

  13. I don’t think she’s saying she’s against those things per se; I think she’s saying why are those things being approved and her adulterous ways aren’t. Either way it’s an epic fail to me…

  14. She expressed her opinion, which is her right. But words have consequences. That said, this could also work in her favor. She can cry that gays are trying to destroy her because she expressed her Christian beliefs, even though Christ never talked about gays. She could gain a whole new audience to replace the one she so casually disposed of.

  15. well what can be said? smh, she said “according to the bible”. that excludes no one, no even herself nor I. everyone has to face god alone. no one will be there to back you up. the word is being altered to accommodate peoples lifestyles rather that be gay, straight, bi, and all in between. god is the same today, yesterday, and forever more. no one can change that. we all can take a look around at whats going on in this world today and agree that things have been turned upside down. but here is the real question, after reading the unaltered word of god where do you think you will be after you leave this earth? where do you stand with god? a sin is a sin no matter which sin it is. none is greater then the other. holy is holy and unclean is unclean. stop trippen on what others have to say and get in gods face for yourself and you ask him what is it about you he does not like and take it from there. that’s if you willing.

  16. I don’t think she meant it the way many people are interpreting. She’s saying that she has been bashed for “sleeping with a married man”, and that many have pointed to the bible when doing this. Yet, some of those naysayers are gay, or weed smokers, things that are also “condemned” in the same book. #Doublestandard

  17. I don’t think she meant it the way many people are interpreting. She’s saying that she has been bashed for “sleeping with a married man”, and that many have pointed to the bible when doing this. Yet, some of those naysayers are gay, or weed smokers, things that are also “condemned” in the same book. #Doublestandard

  18. How is this blasting the gays? She just stated that everyone is doing them, but she gets judged for doing herself. This is being blown out of proportion B.Scott, read first before commenting.

  19. If she would stop living her life so recklessly, maybe people would have nothing but positive shit to say. She needs PR bad. I love her music when she’s not hollering at me, but she says some of the dumbest shit ever. smh

  20. I know this dragon just didn’t try to throw shade at the Gays!!!

  21. She need to handle her reptilian identity before she can throw shade a me and my fellow Gays.

  22. For once I agree with Fantasia. She is right on point. The World is deteriorating. The bible speaks of all of the things, as the end is near. And to Patrick Ryan Warren who called Fantasia a Bitch, kick rocks before you get your ass kicked because you’re the BITCH.

  23. so if i disagree with someone, regardless what it is, or if i refuse to support something or someone i don’t agree with?, then does that means im hated for my beliefs or lifestyle because they conflict or are different from another’s?. so my views and my lifestyle is not just as important?. so everyone is suppose to like, agree, support my views, life, thoughts, and so on?.

  24. AND her manager is gay. Sit yo dumb ass down!

  25. Celebrities need to be careful of what they say. Everybody is listening. Sometimes it’s best just to leave certain things alone. These things can make or break your career. It’s not like she can afford anymore “negative” attention.

  26. I am a Fantasia fan and I happen to be Transgender. I really don’t think fantasia meant any harm. Like my father taught me “its not what you are saying it, its the way you say it”. She is entitled to her own beliefs just as well as we are. She just feels like she’s being picked out and judged,while the others get the freedom of “sin”, when in all actuality, any person with common sense knows that the LGBT community is WELL overdue for our equality whether one believes it is a sin or not. I dont think she thought twice before she posted it, but I believe she is in a dark place in her life right now and unfortunately those who are hurt,hurt others rather it is intentional or unintentional. Tasia’s religious beliefs has NOTHING to do with the fact that the girl can SING. Although im not much into the Christian religion, I understand what she was saying. As a citizen of the LGBT community, I forgive her and I hope that she can find it in her heart to apologize to those she harmed. Lets end all of this hate y’all! life is too short!

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