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B. Scott Files Multi-Million Dollar Gender Identity Discrimination Lawsuit against BET and Viacom [Court Documents + Personal Statement]


I’m sure by now you’re aware of an unfortunate incident that occurred while I was serving as Style Stage Correspondent for the 2013 BET Awards Pre-Show. After sharing my open letter with the world I’ve received tons of support from family, friends and love muffins for which I’m truly grateful.

While I want nothing more than to put this incident behind me and move on with my life, I still wholeheartedly believe that I’m entitled to a true public apology. BET’s non-apology statement added more insult to injury. What happened to me was not a ‘miscommunication’ nor was it ‘unintentional’. It was wrong. I have been vehemently trying to come to a resolution with BET and Viacom behind the scenes. After a few weeks of back and forth dialogue with no foreseeable resolution, I have filed a lawsuit against BET and its parent company Viacom for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation..

Over the years my love muffins and strangers alike have questioned me about my gender identity. What IS B. Scott? As a society we’ve been conditioned to believe that a person has to be ‘exactly’ this or ‘exactly’ that. Biologically, I am male — as my sex was determined at birth by my reproductive organs.

However, my spirit truly lies somewhere in between. It is that same spirit that has allowed me to become so comfortable in my skin, choose how I express myself, and contributes to how I live my day-to-day life.

Transgender is the state of one’s gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) not matching one’s assigned sex (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex). [source]

It is by that definition that I accept and welcome the ‘transgender’ label with open arms.

It is also by that definition that BET and Viacom willingly and wrongfully discriminated against my gender identity during the 2013 BET Awards Pre-Show.

Let’s be clear — I’m suing BET and Viacom for a true public apology and to be fairly remunerated for the time lost, humiliation and emotional distress this entire situation has put me through.

READ: B. Scott’s Open Letter – What Really Happened to Me at the BET Awards

You’ll find the official court documents below.

Click Here for Official Court Documents

Click Here for Official Press Release


  1. Transsexual community

    u r not transgender. u r a man who is gay that dress in women clothing. stop disrespecting the transgender community with a label you know good and well is not u.. drag queen, gender blender, cross dresser, etc all the labels you can use.

    • Sadly, you use the handle “transgender community” yet you don’t know a thing about the true meaning of it. He is in no sense disrespecting the trans community in fact he’s doing a fantastic job at showing it in a positive light. You might want to take a step back and analyze your whole frame of mind of how you present yourself in the community and just cut the jealous attributes out! It’s not worth it. Ppl of the LGBT community already face enough outside scrutiny and here we go with someone from inside doing the same! Sad.

    • You don’t get to decide who is transgender, for God’s sake. Who died and made you the Grand One of all things Trans? You actually have the audacity to call yourself “The Transsexual Community” like you speak for every one it it? HA. Being trans is not just about the outside, its more about what is on the inside and you should know this FULL well. There are many members of the trans community who feel exactly the same way that B. Scott is and who are you to tell them that they are not welcome? You are no better than gays and lesbians who want to take the “T” out of “LGBT”. Shame on you.

    • Who appointed you the spokesperson of the Transgender and/or Transsexual community? __ Here’s a comfy chair. Sit in it.

  2. Actually the man’s outfit looks better anyway. And not bc you are a man

  3. This is ridiculous! All companies have dress codes, just because you are a member of a protected class does not mean you are exempt from following an organizations dress code and policies. I work in Corporate America and I have to dress business casual each and every day. I cannot wear yoga pants, strapless shirts, or anything else that organization does not deem acceptable. You continued with the presentation because you expected to be paid. Apparently the pay was either non existent or not up to your standards and now all of a sudden you are hurt and damaged enough to sue.If you felt your rights were violated why even go through with it? Why not take a stand and refuse to be a part of such unfair treatment? I think everyone should be treated equally and that everyone is equal.I I will give you an example. I wear yoga pants every single day, that is what I am comfortable in and that is what somewhat defines my style. I can not walk into a boardroom in yoga pants and flip flops, that is not acceptable dress on a professional person in that setting. You wearing women’s clothing to the Bet Awards to host simply was not professional in that setting. Bet has every right to determine their dress code and what is presentable. You are using this situation to make a mockery of the LGBT plight and shame on you. Women’s clothes are called women’s clothes for a reason-because they are designed for women. That is the bottom line. Now Bet telling you to mute your makeup and hair that was overboard, but the solution is not to sue. The solution is take a stand, refuse to participate and go home. Or be a professional comply, finish the presentation and vow to never work with or support that network again.

    • If you knew anything about what is deemed as “protected classifications” in the state of California, they absolutely broke the law. Also, this is an entertainment channel and an award show where women wear practically nothing and men wear pants lower than their genitalia.

      If you lived and worked in the state of California, and decided to wear the opposite gender’s clothing while adhering to the dress code… aka business casual clothing for women or men… your company cannot discriminate against you. I work HR. Do your research.

      • With that attitude you won’t be working HR for long. The bottom line is he was asked to change his clothing, nothing more and nothing less. All this lawsuit is doing, is hurting his relationship with BET, other networks that will probably be hesitant to hire him due to his, and making it ok for some to refuse to comply with policies hiding behind the fact they are of a protected class. Do your research on that-it’s called reality. Not going to entertain your comments any longer-carry on dear

        • I completely agree with you. It doesn’t matter what gender or class you are, we all must comply with the laws of the company, or simply do not engage in business with them again.

          • They agreed to his first outfit and this entertainment show is not corporate. In addition, the original outfit is tasteful, it’s just feminine and that’s where the trouble is. I think he should have been able to wear whatever he and they approved. They can’t go back and say “we don’t approve of this now, here wear this men’s suit” without giving him a good reason and then think it’s ok. I’m sorry, no one should cower behind that corporate dress code excuse when we’re talking about an obvious discrimination here. All he really wants is an apology anyway, and he is definitely deserved that.

          • Let’s be clear he doesn’t want an apology he wants $2.5 million. There are people who have sued murders and rapists in civil court for FAAAAR less than $2.5 million. And people think a network requesting a man dress like a man is worth $2.5 million-he is wasting the court’s time.

          • as an attorney I am inclined to FUCKING AGREE with u lol. He wants money

    • YOUR truths are not facts

      I understand the argument you are trying to make and though I agree that suing will not accomplish anything, you are stating unfounded and close-minded reasons. This isn’t about dressing professionally or corporate standards. If BET was worried about “proper” and “presentable” attire, then many of the celebrities wouldn’t even be allowed to walk the red carpet with all the skin and cleavage they show, or the guys showing their drawers. I am pretty sure that non-LGBT people who were hosting were not put through the same rigorous dressing standards as he was for the way he dresses. Your argument became invalid with your narrow-minded ideas, saying that “[w]omen’s clothes are called women’s clothes for a reason-because they are designed for women. That is the bottom line.” means you clearly don’t understand that these ideas are social-constructs. There is no law stopping a man from wearing skirts or dresses, they don’t do it because it is socially unacceptable. B. Scott is clearly stepping away from these ideas and trying to teach us something, just because he doesn’t fall under YOUR and most of society’s standards of what a man should be wearing does not mean he is obliged to follow. BET was in the wrong for what they put him through, point blank.

      • There’s a difference between people walking the red carpet and people working the red carpet… which B. Scott was the latter. They have every right to dress their employees to a certain extent. Let’s be honest… B. Scott’s first outfit (the tunic, old woman pants and clog-like boots is NOT fit for the red carpet… a community bake sale perhaps, but not a red carpet). If they wanted him to look more professional, then they can. btw, if it was such an egregious request, I’m sure he wouldn’t have gone through with it, which as you can see from the pictures above, he did.

        All this aside: $2.5 million is a ridiculous amount to ask for in this case. If they were such mega homophobes, they wouldn’t have hired him to begin with. This seems like it was an unfortunate exchange between one slightly insensitive company and one overly sensitive internet celebrity.

    • Dude its B.E,T, NOT a boardroom, Lil fucking wayne can come with a bunch of tattoos and no shirt with natty ass dreads and his pants off his ass and grills and shit, making every man of color look like a fool and not a word is said but B. Scott cant dress in a manner he feels comfortable?? Thats KEY DESCRIMINATION. FOH

    • When tf was B.E.T ever professional anyway???

  4. To be clear you are suing for 2.5 million and not for an apology. I fully support you. It is truly unfortunate what you have been through and BET should be held accountable for their actions, but again you are suing for money and not an apology.

    I still love ya B.Scott

    • BET is a corporation and their internal language is money. They need to apologize with words so the media landscape has that in it, and the public can read those words, but the corporation needs to pay up because that’s how it communicates its values to itself. It better be costly to be trans hating, otherwise businesses will still do it.

  5. I don’t think B is going to get very far with this lawsuit. I’m confused as to why there was not a contract that spells out all the terms. B expected to get paid…according to what? If the wardrobe had been discussed, why was it not in writing? And I don’t think he’ll get very far with the “men’s outfit” vs. “women’s outfit” either. The court is not going to want to deem either outfit as “men’s” or “women’s” especially given that both outfits are pants. He didn’t change from a dress to suit. He changed from something flowey to something more tailored. BET has the right to ask him to change, unless there was a written agreement that says otherwise.

  6. im a transsexual b.scott sorry what happend to you there are haters all over in transgender community and gay community you know i read the comments on your website with all the haters you will never see in life everyone dress down b s,cott dress more like female how you look at her and then think (male) come on she so dam pretty i see why you hate her for real gay or straight black or white this someone who life in the truth and you still hate it god dam u and you options like straight dont dress crazy sometimes giive me dam break

  7. everyone want to judge b.scott this some shit and i bet half them is what (black) even if you want to judge b.scott with this lawsuit he have the right your not a lawyer or judge and i sure b.scott know this will make change happend if the gay community gave up with every lawsuit lost we will never get no where hopeful ( b.e.t) cn learn for the next person who come as their are (b.e.t) can respect them like they would respect someone like prince who do dress in femlae clothing and been on b.e.t alot over the year i know b.scott is not prince but eveyone should be treated the same end of story

  8. Lyle Raqui Mason

    I bet this is what happened; B Scott is well known to the line producer, associate producers, maybe even the supervising producer. They saw the outfit, and because they are in your ‘demographic’, know how you dress, they were cool with it. Then when they sent the photos of your outfit upstairs, those executives have no idea who you are, they are not your audience, and saw what you wanted to wear and said “NO”! The producers probably put up a ‘little’ fight, but when all was said and done, the compromise was probably what you wound up wearing. I used to work at BET in the 90’s. We had stylists then. The reason, because BET wanted to maintain a certain image, a look for the talent. Anyone talent/agent reading the contract would have seen something about that written in. I know we had it back then, I can’t imagine they would have written it ‘out’. You’re suing for millions of dollars that I seriously doubt that you’ll get, even if you win. (and to me that’s doubtful) Meanwhile, you’re running the risk of getting blacklisted, not only from BET, but any other network if this suit gets publicity, and get’s around the industry. I would think this lawsuit over very carefully!

  9. LGBT community member

    I understand that you feel the need to do this, so I wish you good luck! But I have to be honest, I think that you’re not going to win and you’re only going to burn bridges and new business deals.

    BET is not logo or any other day oriented network. They have to worry about any and all target audiences they are not going to let anyone audience overshadow their main target audience. Their target audience is young African-American teens up to some pretty immature 30 somethings. Oh and the main target audience is also the straight audience. They did an okay job what’s trying to include other target audiences including the LGBT community with employing you. But having you on a red carpet wearing female clothing and totally done alienates their main target audience I believe BET would not have cared if it was a show that was more LGBT related.

    What BET did is what most employees do. They simply asked a paid employee to change their clothing so that it will directly work with their target audience. They didn’t discriminate against you, they allowed you to be there to represent a small target audience that watches their network. They just didn’t allow you to be the focal point. It appears they just wanted you not to alienate any of their target audiences. Maybe you think this is best! I wish you the best! But you’re going up against Viacom and you’re going to burn your bridges with all of its subsidiaries.

    My business law classes clearly agrees with them. So if all you have is they demanding you to change clothes in order for you to represent them during the awards, then proving discrimination is a hard battle. Especially in a business that is all about discrimination in terms of entertainment. Which is protected.

    Viacom owns many networks and subsidiaries. If Nickelodeon hired you for an event they wouldn’t have allowed you to get done up either. Because that is not part of their target audience and every one would have understood that. Logo on the other hand (Also owned by Viacom) wouldn’t have cared because their target audience is the LGBT community. Hopefully Viacom doesn’t black list you for what they may deem as being difficult and hard to work with towards the main goal of a any program.

  10. I find it strange that B.E.T. didn’t discuss the dress code policy with you knowing they are fully aware of your lifestyle. If they didn’t have it writing before they put you in front of millions of viewers then you “may” get something out of it. I won’t be a million.

  11. I am totally here for it. B is explaining that all he wants was a sincere public apology instead of the halfa** one that BET gave. The bottom line is that they knew who B. Scott was and what B. Scot does BEFORE they hired him. If you hire B. Scott, you get B. Scott. That’s it. Just like when VH1 hires Funky Dineva to do shows. THEY don’t ask Dineva to NOT wear a wig and his usual attire, so why would BET do such a thing? BET really needs to get with the program and move forward like the rest of America is. They’re doing nothing but further encouraging the stereotype that the black community is incredibly homophobic. More than others. Get it together BET.

    • B.Scott and Funky Dineva are two different people in two different circumstances and can not be compared in my opinion. Just because BET does not perfer a man dressed in drag on their red carpet for an awards show does not mean they are not moving forward with the rest of America. Have you ever seen a man dressed in drag and heavy makeup on the red carpet of the Grammy’s or even the AMA’s? No, and the reason why is those programs aim to be professional and they are not going to make a joke or mockery of their awards. Can you really blame BET for attempting to take programming to that level? If it is not acceptable for the Caucasian programs that gross billions of dollars it shouldn’t be acceptable for BET. Everyone complains about how “ghetto” the BET Awards are, but then want to allow this foolishness and then blame BET for not letting B.Scott dress how HE wanted to on THEIR network and THEIR show.

      • [?H L I 3 0 0 0]

        If that were the case and they were trying to be professional, all of those award shows would NOT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTING OF LADY GAGA coming in DRAG as a MAN Since u bring this up. Please make sure your argument makes sense. The fashion red carpet and pre show is called the fashion red carpet for aye reason. They obviously dedicate it to many celebrities difference in style and flavor. So lets nawt sit here and act as if they are trying to keep things “Professional” when majority of these award shows are based on ART, SELF EXPRESSION, MUSICAL AND FILM ENTERTAINMENT. We are not talking about some presidential inauguration here where everyone has to dress accordingly to a particular standard. So you’re argument is invalid. If that were the case everyone wouldn’t be able to wear what they have been wearing for the past 20 years to these award shows. What BET was doing was being discriminating. MTV VMA’s have never had an issue as far as iKnow. Must we flash back to Lil Kim’s Titty being exposed in 2000? in that purple lavender outfit, there are too many. You need to pay more attention if you want to bring other award shows in this. Artist like Sir Elton John, Boy George, Marilyn Manson etc and many others have come as they were and you rarely ever heard much about them being forced to wear something else.

        • ohhh @hli3000:disqus you better TELL THE TRUTH!!!

        • One commentator said below there is a difference between walking the red carpet and performing in the show. Your argument is unfortunately invalid. Marliyn Manson,Boy George, nor Lady Gaga has ever worked on the red carpet in drag at The Grammy’s or the AMAs. Maybe walked on it, but not worked on it. If you can find where that has occurred please post the link, there will be no link because that has never occurred. The reason BET ain’t shit is because of fuckery like this. Trust and believe that if CBS allowed men dressed as women to WORK on the red carpet during interviews, and allowed the foolishness that we allow they wouldn’t be shit either. It is not about keeping it safe, it is about society and rules. Period point blank. You are more than welcome to wear whatever you want whenever you want, but just be aware that it will limit your opportunities which limits your earning potential and which in turn limits your standard of living. Do me a favor and as a man go to a job interview at your local news station wearing a face full of makeup, heels, women’t clothing, and 12 in of straightened hair down your back, and then report back to us and tell us when you start that job. You won’t report back because you won’t get it. You know why? Because your appearance is not professional. If you want to look, dress, and act like a woman and be accepted that way then there are many a doctors that will gladly undo what God has done and make you one. As far as unisex. Last time I checked heels were not unisex. People have every right to come as they are, but that does not mean you get to do whatever the hell you want. I tell you what. Let’s talk business. Bet is a corporation who has sponsors, young/elderly viewers, and a whole host of people who support the network. Why should BET be put in a situation to lose sponsors and/or viewers just so a man who wants to dress like a woman and wear makeup can come as he is? I got a news flash for you: Life is not fair!

          • BET made the business decision to hire B. Scott as he is, knowing he is transgender and how he dresses/presents himself, most likely without communicating at the time of hiring that they would prefer him to dress differently. If BET was worried about losing sponsors and viewers, they could have hired someone that more accurately presents themselves in a way that is not conflicting with their network.

        • How quickly we all forget the dress code they put on the Grammy’s at the last minute this year!!

  12. Good for you! I fully support you in your endeavors. You will come out on top in this situation.

  13. I applaud you for this, BET knows they were wrong for doing that to you. Both outfits look great on you btw.

  14. Mychaeltodd Robinson

    FYI, Civil Rights Attorney Waukeen McCoy is a friend, old roomate, a client and my attorney- BSCOTT has chosen a good man to represent you, stand up for something or fall for anything- hit’em up!

  15. This is not worth 2.5 million dollars, B. I’ve been following you for about 5 years now, but I’m truly disappointed in the direction you’ve taken this.

  16. That’s what BET gets for hiring HIM!

    • Exactly. And the real gag is that I bet BET won’t hire him again. If he thinks he is going to get $2.5 million he is mistaken. What he will get is scrutinized and cause himself further speculation into his “classification.”

  17. I’m all for making a statement. But, if you were
    a: Paid the contracted amount.
    b: Paid the contracted amount
    c: paid the contracted amount
    then there’s nothing to sue over. Before this thing gets out of hand, remember you went to their network, they didn’t come to the B-Scott Show. They have every right to approve and disapprove what goes on the air. I am wholeheartedly sorry that you had to go through this, but “suing” is going too far. And for millions no less. You tried it B-Scott. That “stunt” they pulled got you way more attention and by association more fame, so please stop.

  18. While some of you may not agree with what B is doing what you have to understand is that he is protected by California Law. His burden of proof in winning his case is simply proving that he was not trying yo do anything that was ordinarily our of his character. For the life of me I do not understand how people condone a network hiring someone for who they are then asking someone to change who they are. This is not corporate a corporate office, this is a network that condones far more damaging images than that of a man in “womens” clothing. and I highly doubt he will be blacklisted by other networks simply because there are several networks that have come out in FULL support of B, Bravo being one. This should be a lesson to BET if you can not handle the idea of a non-gendering conforming individual, do not hire one! Plain and simple!!

  19. boo hoo! last i checked BET has the right to the image they deem proper to present to its audience. victim-card much?

  20. The Holy Trinity

    B. Scott you are lost in the forest of sin. Have you consider a psychiatric and psychological evaluation to help you get straight? You are a man who needs Jesus Christ and a good woman so you can be at peace with your sexuality and your views in gender identity. Stop the confusion and confusing everybody else. And by the way you are just seeking attention for your grandiosity complex. You are a man so behave and dress like one. God bless you and keep you in your journey of healing and salvation.

    • Repairative Therapy doesn’t work. Any psychologist or psychiatrist that tells you that you can cure yourself of homosexuality or transgenderism are quacks and should have their licences revoked.

    • But “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7: 1-5, NIV. But, I’m sure you already knew that. In Jesus’ name.

  21. so you’re so hurt emotionally that BET allegedly made you, a man, dress in men’s clothing??? Funny how you think money will somehow make you feel better. Boo Hoo!!! Go work for those millions like everyone else and stop trying to get a free handout through a load of BS!! being a he/she may not be against the law, but extortion is!!!

  22. I personally have not seen or heard of B Scott until today, however I have nothing but mad respect for standing up for what itsright. You can be true to yourself and still act in a professional manner. There is no reason in this day and age that people cannot express their true selves.. B, you are a beautiful person and I hope that my children know that they can stand up for what it right and wrong in this world. You give us strength where it is needed.. I hold my head up high and I hope you continue to do so as well.

  23. Kendal Wellington Humes-Fields

    Well BET is not exactly LOGO. And sometimes when at “work” you have to dress “appropriately” to fit your employer’s image more so than your own. Sometimes we get too comfortable and need to reel it back some. However, BET was well aware of B. Scott and what typically comes along with him. And, BET’s approach and consequent actions could have been executed in a far better way.

  24. Corinna Vaca-Moran

    I just wanna let B know 2 things a) go kick some ass and b) you look better in both outfits than i, or many naturally born-females, would. all my love and support!!

  25. FACTS? The 1st outfit is hardly a nod to the “risqué” or “controversial,” in regards to gender identification or any other notion by which BET would seek to request a wardrobe change. Prince, Tonéx/B.Slade™, and Miguel have all served as brand representatives for Black American commercial media networks in outfits that FAR exceed the possible argumentative nature of this ensemble; I use these gentlemen as examples because it is clear throughout their careers that their fashion sense & aesthetic choices have continually proven to lean towards the androgynous. Whatever BET was worried about was a clear oversight and definitely carried with it a bias. Let’s face it, if Prince were celebrity guest-hosting an awards show for them, I don’t think anyone would’ve asked him to change his clothes – and chances are, he would’ve shown up in something fierce. Debra Lee & her Viacomm-owned bureaucrats should have to answer to this series of poor judgment calls that led to this incident. As far as financial compensation, that’s a matter for litigation and quite honestly none of our business. But I definitely see B.Scott’s POV on this, and being that I am rarely impressed by or moved to cosign much of BET’s recent business moves, to see them bend & be forced to actually own up to their stylized form of socio-economic media posturing would be a bon mot for me, and hopefully a wakeup call for them.

  26. Yet another freak who wants a big payday for his deformity.

  27. Gregory Peterson

    Some societies have a Third Sex. I think that Nepal even has M F O on their forms. O for other. Sounds sensible to me.

  28. End of the day, none of us know what the contract said or any discussion that happened regarding clothing choices prior to the show…..the only ones who know all the facts are B Scott, BET and probably the lawyers so now that the lawsuit was filed, it will all be worked out in front of a judge who will make sure that the contract wasn’t violated by either side and if it was, they’ll make their ruling accordingly……for all of us to speculate when we aren’t privy to all the facts is essentially meaningless and all that fans can do is just support regardless and let the process take its course :)

  29. Even though they humiliated you and mistreated you, you stayed the course and did not walk off the show. I am SO proud of you for that. I don’t think I would have had the strength.

  30. thurman little wounded

    You’re what we call in the Native American culture; Two Spirited, having both a male and a female spirit.

  31. NotoriousBarbie2000

    Both clothes SLAY tho…
    You still looked cute B !! I REALLY miss you on youtube, i know you’re out there winning but i wish you could kinda come back “home”
    You have paved the way for plenty gay/trans youtube personalities that are winning on youtube now. you are an ICON i dont care what nobody says..
    hope your court case goes okay..

  32. Political Questions

    I’m here for you B. Scott. as a fellow transfeminine person I would like to ask that you reconsider using such terms as “biologically” male – biological essentialism is often used as an excuse for transphobes and transmisogynists to misgender and assault us; and there’s no scientific basis for it, but the term “biologically” can give the impression that there is. I liked that you then used the language of ‘gender designated at birth’ (similar anyway).

    I hope I haven’t bothered you, and I only ask that you consider the change, that’s all. i am sorry to hear about your experience with those companies, and I hope you get the apology you deserve and that they start flying right.

  33. What an extraordinary indictment, not simply of BET, but our society at large. Why does the feminization of the male frighten so many? Why is it considered a negative? Why is feminine, femaleness, something to be ashamed of? To hide? Why so afraid?

    Why not celebrate the feminine? And especially those men who are secure enough, strong enough in their masculinity, to celebrate their own femininity? Their own femaleness? These, to me, are the real men, the men with depth and sense of self, who recognize and embrace the powerful female within each of us.

    Congrats to B. Scott! A real man.

    You are the male of tomorrow, today, B. Scott!

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