Netflix Is Reportedly Releasing a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Episode of 'Black Mirror'

Are you ready to interact with your Netflix shows?

The streaming service will make an upcoming episode of “Black Mirror” a choose-your-own-adventure, Bloomberg reported Monday.

via NYDN:

It’s unclear exactly how that will work, but viewers are expected to be able to choose from a variety of storylines as the episode progresses.

Netflix has previously experimented with interactive kids episodes for shows including “Puss in Book,” “Buddy Thunderstruck” and “Stretch Armstrong.”

The service is also working on adapting interactive video games, according to Bloomberg.

“Black Mirror” has focused on the affect of technology on humanity over its four seasons, making it the perfect show to be used to draw viewers even closer to the action.

The series won four Emmys at last month’s ceremony for “USS Callister,” adding to the previous two won for “San Junipero.”

The fifth season is expected to premiere before the end of 2018.

Earlier this year, HBO launched its own interactive show in Steven Soderbergh’s limited series “Mosaic.” Fans watching on TV saw a linear episode, but a separate app allowed control of the “branching narrative.”

Netflix declined to confirm the news.

“Thanks for reaching out!” a spokesperson said in a statement to the Daily News. “You have the ability to choose your own response from Netflix: This or this.”

This sounds cool and all, but they better not raise that monthly fee to pay for this. We don’t need it

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