Netflix Launches ‘Short-Ass Movies’ Section Following Pete Davidson ‘SNL’ Sketch

Netflix has taken a cue from ‘Saturday Night Live.’

The streamer has created a “short-ass movie” section after Pete Davidson’s ‘SNL’ sketch over the weekend.

via Complex:

In the song, which features this past weekend’s musical guest Gunna, along with actor Simon Rex and cast member Chris Redd, Davidson discusses how despite having every possible title at your fingertips, the only ones that appeal to him are those without an incredibly long runtime, like Bad Moms, Liar Liar, and Punch-Drunk Love. 

The song ends with Rex asking Pete how long his 2020 film The King of Staten Island was, to which the comedian explained, “Oh, it was, like, uh…two hours and 17 minutes, but we needed all those minutes.”

It looks like Netflix’s “short-ass movie” section has already won many people over. 

Watch the skit below.

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