Nessa Slams Jay-Z and Roc Nation for NFL Partnership: 'I Don't Care Who You Are -- Wrong Is Wrong'

Nessa Diab, media personality and Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend, went on Hot 97 Wednesday where she openly criticized Roc Nation and Jay-Z’s new partnership.

As reported, Jay and Colin’s team have been in a back-and-forth about Colin’s non-involvement with Jay’s deal.

via Complex:

Nessa, and others who are close to Kaepernick, confirmed he was not involved with the initiative, nor did he get a heads up from JAY-Z. This came as somewhat of a shock to fans, as Hov had been a vocal supporter of Kaepernick during his legal battle with the NFL. Back in 2017, the former 49er filed a collusion grievance against the league, claiming he was blackballed over his on-field protests against police brutality. JAY even rocked Kaepernick’s jersey during a 2017 appearance on Saturday Night Live.

During a press conference Wednesday, JAY and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claimed they spoke to Kaepernick about the initiative; however, JAY did not commit to including athlete down the road.

“I’m not his boss. I can’t just bring him into something. That’s for him to say,” JAY told reporters, when asked if Kaepernick would be involved. “[…] We all do different things. We all work differently for the same results. I don’t knock what he’s doing, and hopefully he doesn’t knock what I’m doing.”

Nessa reiterated her claims that the Roc Nation x NFL deal was a PR stunt that intended to clean up the mess created by the Kaepernick controversy. She told listeners that she was still a fan of JAY, but was frustrated that he was working with an organization that continued to deny Kaepernick opportunities.

@CRS_One gave few highlights from what all Nessa said — and she’s not happy. It’s probably safe to assume Colin feels similarly. Get into her quotes below.

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