NeNe Leaks Admits She Got a New Nose Job, Jokes About Getting a Dick Implant [Photos + Video]

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NeNe Leakes shared a photo from the makeup chair this past week that had many people wondering if she got a nose job.

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While we expected NeNe to play coy, the reality star was on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ and fessed-up to getting the work done.

“Yes, I had my nose done again!” she said.

 “I only had my nostrils taken in on the side the very first time,” explained NeNe. “And this time I had more of cartilage moved around in my nose.” 

“It was a real medical reason why I had to get it done again. My cartilage was going in my nose and the tip of my nose was touching my lip when I smiled,” she added.

“It’s only day 13, so I’m very swollen. I’m the kind of girl who will give it to you straight – I got my nose done because I can, and I will, and I will get it done again if I want to, okay?”

Shortly after her WWHL appearance, NeNe hopped on Twitter and joked about her penis implant.


Ha. Check out the clip below.

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