Ne-Yo Slams Ray J's 'I Hit It First', Calls It 'Disrespectful' [Audio]


Ne-Yo spoke to Philly’s Hot 107.9 radio station earlier today. While the general nature of the interview was about his personal life, including the relationship between he and the mother of his child and the drama between he and Alexis White, the topic turned for a quick second to Ray J and his semi-hit single, “I Hit It First“.

Ne-Yo doesn’t care for the record at all. He called the record ‘disrespectful’ and even offered to write Ray J a song. Check out the interview below:

“I have not [heard it] and I will not. I personally feel like it’s nuts, it’s disrespectful. It’s disrespectful for the person that it’s allegedly not about. I don’t have beef with Ray J, so don’t even go there, don’t even start that. I just don’t see the purpose or reason for that. You look nuts for that. I would’ve written him a song. Ray J holla at ya boy. I will write you whatever it is that you need. I have no problem saying it. Ray J you are playing yourself with that. You are bigger than that, cut that out.”

You can listen to the full interview via Hot 107.9

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