Must Be Nice: Offset Surprises Cardi B with 6 Chanel Bags in a 'Scavenger Hunt' for Valentine's Day [Photos]

Cardi B got not one, but SIX Chanel bags for Valentine’s Day 2022.

via People:

Sharing the moment she opened the luxury gifts on his Instagram Story Monday, the first being a red and black, patterned sequins clutch, Offset told Cardi, “I got that one in Dubai.”

“This is so cute,” she said as she beamed over the bag.

He followed it up with a classic yellow chain purse, which the “Up” rapper modeled with her distressed denim dress.

He didn’t end there. Offset, who was previously known for showering Cardi with Birkin bags, pointed out a gift box on the floor, nearly hidden by red rose petals and tall white candles.

“This is a scavenger hunt!” Cardi said of the surprise.

Upon opening the box, she discovered yet another Chanel, this one a mini powder blue handbag, which Cardi noted also matched her outfit.

She was also noticeably impressed with a shiny, turquoise purse she opened next as Offset touted that it’s not “the regular one.”

“Opening gifts is a lot,” Cardi said as she continued her quest. Her husband of four years also gifted her a large pink handbag with a short-chain clutch. That appeared to be one of her favorites as she strutted through their home showing off the item.

Offset finished with an oversize black bag that featured a classic black and gold chain. “I know you like the big bags — I had to get you a big one,” Offset shared.

Cardi, with whom Offset shares 3-year-old daughter Kulture and a 5-month-old son whose name they have yet to reveal, immediately made plans for the purse as she declared it her “baby bag.”

Luxury purses weren’t the only thing Offset gifted Cardi with this Valentine’s Day.

After returning home from the Super Bowl on Sunday, the “Wap” rapper gave a video tour of the rooms full of roses her husband Offset surprised her with on her Instagram Story.

“What’s going on?!” Cardi cheerily sang, walking up the rose petal-covered stairs to their home. “He did that! He love me for real!” she continued, panning the camera into their home, which featured a slew of red and pink rose arrangements accented with candles and trails of petals on the floor.

“I want to turn the light on because this is so beautiful,” she said as she showed oversize rose displays of arches, hearts and even petals in the outdoor pool. “I love him. I feel so sad y’all because I don’t know how to receive so much love like this.”

As Offset, 30, came into the frame with a smile, his wife continued, “Babe I don’t know how to receive all this love. I don’t know how to receive all this love.”

“I love you too,” the Migos rapper replied.

The rose decor went into their bedroom, where more rose petals and red gift box were found on the bed.

“This is why we keep having kids. I love you,” Cardi said.

As the headline says — it must be nice!

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