Ms. Tina Lawson Has a VERY Important Message About 'Karma Angels' [Photo]

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Ms. Tina Lawson is tired of people and their negative comments.

Our favorite Instagram mom took to the network to share a very important message regarding ‘Karma Angels.’

She writes:

Karma Angels are watching you!!!!
If you put out positive thoughts , comments , and Vibes into the Universe that is what you will get back. If you put negative thoughts, comments and vibes out there. That is also what you will get back. Try it for thirty days say only positive things think positive thoughts send positive vibes out there. Oh and try not gossiping. (I know that’s a challenge for some of us )????Let’s see what happens. In other words like my momma used to say ” if you can’t say something good don’t say nothing”???? I have a question . Why do negative commentors always have private accounts but go on everyone else’s pages and leave ugly messages ? I’m just saying?? Happy Sunday all??

That’s a good question, Ms. Tina.

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