More Americans Have Been Killed by White Supremacists than Muslim Extremists Post 9/11, According to Report


Not only do studies show that white Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, but a new report indicates that more people in the U.S. have been killed in terrorist attacks perpetrated by white supremacists than those by Muslim extremists since 9/11.

Are you surprised? We aren’t.

via Fusion:

The researchers found that 28 people were killed as a result of white supremacist terrorism, while 26 have died in attacks by Muslim extremists. There were the same number of attacks driven by white supremacists and Muslim extremists—seven of each.

Last week’s shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, in which white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine people, is the latest terrorist attack studied by New America, a Washington D.C.-based think tank.

The report is based on court documents, wire service, and news stories. It looks at “lethal terrorist incidents” with a clear ideological motivation since 2001. Forty-eight people were killed in 19 terrorist attacks by white supremacists, anti-government activists, and other extremists classified as “right wing.”

That means that in total, the number of Americans killed by non-Muslim extremists since 9/11 is nearly twice the number killed by Muslim extremists, based on the New America study.

In a separate study to be released this week, police officers have ranked anti-government radicals as the BIGGEST terrorist threat to public safety — way ahead of Muslim extremism.

“Law enforcement agencies around the country have told us the threat from Muslim extremists is not as great as the threat from right-wing extremists,” Dr. Kurzman, author of that study, told the Times.

And there you have it.

via Disney's 'Pocahontas'

via Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’

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