Mo'Nique Calls Roland Martin Out for Not Fighting for Equality, Roland Claps BACK with Allegations of Mo'Nique and Her Husband's Bad Behavior on Sets : 'Is It You or Every Other Black Hollywood Player That's the Problem?

Mo’Nique took to Twitter to question what Rolan Martin has done to fight for equality for Black people.

It seemed a bit random, as Mo responded to a generally positive tweet from Roland that didn’t have much of anything to do with her.

That set Roland off!

He responded with a series of tweets exposing the existence of an email written by Will Packer that allegedly detailed Mo’Nique’s bad behavior on set.

Roland also challenged Mo’Nique to own up to her actions, questioning if her issues in Hollywood are general issues or just specifically related to how her and her husband conduct themselves while working.

We don’t even really need to explain it anymore — read how Roland laid it all bare for Mo’Nique below.


This is why you don’t come for people unless they send for you!

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