Moniece Slaughter Speaks on Treatment Towards Black TV Stars, Claims VH1 Lists 'Love and Hip Hop' as an Informercial to Circumvent Union Pay Rules

Moniece Slaughter is airing out some alleged shady business behind the scenes and is speaking about how Black reality stars are treated.

In a recent interview, Moniece claimed that Black TV stars often don’t have people advocating for them or in their best interests — which is why they tend to get treated poorly.

via Ace Showbiz:

Not holding back from sharing her own truth, Moniece said, “We weren’t Kris Jenner. I was flat out I’m gonna f***ing say it. We weren’t Kris Jenner. We’re not being managed by Kris Jenners.” She went on to say, “We don’t have, you know, a collective of people who are like ‘We know your worth, we’re gonna fight for your worth, and we’re not gonna let you do anything that is below what you’re worth.’ “

Moniece believed that it was why “we don’t get treated the same. We don’t get paid the same and we don’t have ownership.” The baby mama of Lil Fizz called herself and other black TV stars “literally a slave to machine,” adding that “it’s sold to you one way and then once you get in it you didn’t have Kris Jenner representation therefore you got stuck in a bad deal.”

Further criticizing the industry, Moniece said, “What’s sick about it is it’s the black production company that goes to the network that says, ‘She’s insubordinate, she’s hard to work with, she’s difficult, she’s blah blah blah blah.’ “

Moniece also alluded that the production company sells feuds between black stars. “And then the more you fight to get out- you get other opportunities — it’s the black production company that goes to that network and says, ‘Don’t work with her.’ But it’s that same black production company that is sending you through the wringer,” she explained.

During the interview, Moniece also claimed that VH1 listed “Love & Hip Hop” franchise as “a 48-minute infomercial which allowed them to get away with not having to follow union rules or payout union pay.” She continued to rant, “So what that means is, you know, we can shoot more than 12 hours. They don’t have to give us per diem. They don’t have to give us, you know, a set budget for lunch. They don’t have to pay us bi-weekly, weekly. They don’t have to, you know, take out taxes.”

We’ve said it time and time again — don’t let these (some of) reality TV stars fool you. As sad as it is, they’re often on-air acting a fool for $2.99 and no lunch breaks.

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