Monica Fires Back At Fan Who Thinks She Got A New Partner Too Quick |

Monica Fires Back At Fan Who Thinks She Got A New Partner Too Quick

Monica is currently on tour with Nicki Minaj and has been sharing pictures with her boyfriend, Anthony Wilson, on Instagram.

via: HotNewHipHop

In that post’s comments section, one fan had some particularly harsh words for the singer moving on from her past known relationship, which was her ten-year marriage to Shannon Brown from 2010 to 2019, when she filed for divorce. “Y’all don’t believe in staying single and cleansing the last man out your [cat emoji],” the fan commented.

“My last one couldn’t even get no damn [cat emoji],” Monica clapped back to the attempted cleanser in the comments section. “& that was 2.5 yrs ago !!! this is why it’s better to speak what you know or just MYMFBB,” she concluded, which we assume means… Well, we won’t spoil it for you. Regardless, it’s not the only other recent rumor that the College Park native had to address recently. When some fans theorized that she got a BBL, she was quick to set the record straight on Instagram Live.

“Y’all got jokes,” Monica told her audience on the social media platform before her PF2 shows with her “Love Me Enough” collaborator began. “Let me tell you something. My health is far too bad to be playing like that. For me a BBL would mean bought by Linda,” she explained, which was a praiseful and commendatory message to her stylist. “Mama don’t play! I won’t even get lash extensions; I still wear strips I can rip off. I done kept it real with y’all so long y’all forgot.”

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old’s ex C-Murder recently seemed to address her comments on being heartbroken. “I don’t know why someone feels the need to publicly bash a person that’s fighting for their life??” the incarcerated rapper wrote on IG. “I am a black male fighting and hoping for freedom one day. Wanna speak on something?? Let’s talk about freeing us Louisiana inmates still held illegally and unconstitutionally by a racist Jim Crow law through a non-retroactive 10/2 non unanimous jury. Facts.I am asking all celebrities against RACISM to visit this website: and retweet to help relieve modern day slavery and to sign our petition for freedom. Thanks.”

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