Moneybagg Yo Apologizes for Boasting About Millions He Made During Pandemic [Photos]

Moneybagg Yo released a lot of music in 2020. And because of his fruitful year, the rapper apparently raked in a solid amount of cash. Which has lead Moneybagg Yo said he hopes the pandemic doesn’t end.

via: Complex

Less than two hours after bragging on Twitter about how he has personally prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic, Moneybagg Yo tweeted out an apology for what he later realized was a “very insensitive” remark.

Moneybagg Yo posted a few tweets earlier today where he talked about the money he has made during the pandemic and saying he didn’t “want it to end.”

With businesses struggling to stay afloat and families finding it difficult to keep a roof over their head and food on the table, not to mention the 2.4 million people around the world who have died from the virus, his tweets weren’t well-received, so the Memphis rapper was quick to apologize.

Moneybagg Yo proved earlier this month that he’s well aware of what people are saying about him on social media with his song “Time Today,” and the video that accompanied it. Whether it’s rumors that he has undergone cosmetic surgery or his resemblance to the character William Dent from the series Girlfriends, the rapper showed he isn’t shy about confronting what is being said about him, good or bad.

The funny thing if the pandemic was over Moneybagg Yo would really rack up bags from touring. Artist earn most of their money from tours and club appearances, so his comments weren’t insensitive they were unnecessary.

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