Mo' Money, Mo' Problems: A Cardi B Sex Tape May Have Hit the Internet [Video]

While Cardi B celebrates the release of her new single “Bartier Cardi,” the Bronx rapper is also facing the possibility of a sex tape leaking.

A clip from the racy video hit the internet on Friday, claiming to be a ‘preview’ of a more explicit sex tape.

In the video, Cardi can be seen smiling, laughing, twerking and bending over for the camera. It’s no secret she used to be a stripper, so this hardly comes as a surprise.


Her fans were outraged, with one tweeting:

“Yes, [Cardi B] used to be a stripper who has naked videos from her past stop bringing it up when she doing good always hating going on it’s really sad.”


Anyway, one quick Twitter search will lead you straight to the video.

We prefer to leave you with this one:

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