'Miscarriage of Justice': Donald Trump Posts Link to NY AG Letitia James' Home Address Despite Ex-President Being Hit With Gag Order | lovebscott.com

Trump shared an article that included James’ home address days after he was hit with a partial gag order.

via: Radar Online

Trump raged against New York Attorney General Letitia James on social media and included a link to her home address for his supporters, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Trump took to his Truth Social platform to attack James who has brought a $250 million civil lawsuit against Trump’s business over alleged fraud.

Recently, the court ruled that Trump committed fraud when his company overvalued assets and exaggerated his net worth to secure real estate deals and loans.

The civil trial resumed this week.

Trump told his followers, “Her Fake Case against me should be dropped immediately! My Financial Statements are extremely conservative, and her numbers were way off, including the fact that she undervalued Mar-a-Lago and Doral by Billions of Dollars.”

He added, “She also didn’t reveal the 100% Disclaimer Clause at the front of the Financial Statements, and that she sued me under a Statute that was never used before. MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE AND ELECTION INTERFERENCE ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE!”

Trump then included a link to far-right political activist Laura Loomer’s website which included copies of documents that clearly showed James’ home address in New York.

The ex-president decided to attack James despite Federal Judge Tanya Chutkan having issued a gag order against Trump in a separate case. The order prohibits him from speaking to witnesses in the case or threatening any judge, district attorney or court official. A second gag order was imposed in the fraud case but gave Trump more freedom than the new one.

Earlier this morning, Trump continued his attack on James writing, “I’m at one of my many Biden Witch Hunt Trials, this one in New York City, where New York State Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James has spent many days, rather than looking for murderers and other violent criminals that are destroying our once Great City.”

He added, “Despite my being here, the talk is all about Biden getting ready to fly to the Middle East to see Abbas, meeting arranged, and Abbas just cancelled. No respect for the United States of America!”

On top of the civil lawsuit, Trump and his associates were hit with a 34-count indictment criminal indictment over claims he falsified business records and made hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels.

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