Milli Vanilli Alum Fab Morvan's Spouse Kim Marlowe Files for Divorce in LA |

Milli Vanilli Alum Fab Morvan’s Spouse Kim Marlowe Files for Divorce in LA

Surprise, Milli Vanilli’s Fab Morvan is married! Double surprise, he’s headed for divorce.

via: Daily Mail

Kim Marlowe filed paperwork in Los Angeles County Superior Court to end the marriage, which had flown under the radar, TMZ reported Monday.

Morvan, 57, was one half of the pop duo Milli Vanilli, the late 80s sensation that wound up stripped of a Best New Artist Grammy Award they won after it reveled they had lip-synced on their debut album.

Marlowe had worked with Morvan, 57, on the 2023 Milli Vanilli documentary, according to iMDb.

Marlowe’s ties with Morvan date back decades, as she was described as his ‘manager and best friend Kim Marlowe’ in a September 1997 profile published by the Los Angeles Times.

Adding confusion to the situation over the marriage to Marlowe, Morvan told People in October that he was residing in Amsterdam with his longtime partner Tessa van der Steen, and their four kids, ranging in age from 10 to two.

At the Tribeca Film Festival last June in New York City for the premiere of the Milli Vanilli doc, Morvan was seen posing separately in photos with both van der Steen and Marlowe, indicating he might be on decent terms with the latter.

TMZ raised the possibility that Marlowe and Morvan ‘separated ages ago, and she’s just now getting around to filing divorce paperwork.’

Morvan last fall launched a scathing attack on the media that covered his lip-syncing scandal, claiming he and his bandmate, the late Rob Pilatus, were victims.

The French-born model appeared on Australia’s The Project on October 25 and made the bold claim he and Rob were puppets who were manipulated by their record label.

‘When I look back I realize when a scandal occurs it gets people to watch TV, it’s a business,’ he said. ‘Journalists are meant to be impartial and investigate but that was not done. These two kids were being bullied and one of them died of a broken heart as a result. But the other one managed to go through with his passion.’

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