Miley Cyrus Takes it Off for Future [Photos]

Future Ciara Miley Cyrus 2

Miley Cyurs plays a seductive alien in Future’s upcoming video for his new single “Real &True“.

In the stills released, Cyrus strips down and covers herself in metallic body paint while Future looks on.

Future’s has a lot of nice things to say about Miley recently. When asked about their collaborations, he told MTV:

‘We got a lot of great records, and it all came from conversation and having a nice vibe. Whenever she allowed me in her personal life through conversation, I tried to take that vibe and go to the booth. I told her, ‘You’ve gotta embrace your fears.

‘If something’s bothering you, you’ve gotta run toward it. If you’re crying about it, you need to cry till you can’t cry anymore. If you try to hold it back, then it’s gonna eat you up. But if you embrace [it], the music moves.

‘The songs I did with her [are] very touching. Certain days it’s about money, partying and vibing and some days [it’s about needing] somebody to stand by you and hold you down.

We can’t wait to see the video!

Sidebar: are we the only ones surprised he didn’t use his boo Ciara?

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