Mike Epps' Ex Alleges He Cheated On Her With New Wife Kyra While They're Still Together [Video]

Mike Epps’ ex-wife, Mechelle McCain, is speaking about her previous 15-year marriage with the comedian and their split in 2017.

via: AceShowbiz

Appearing on “Girlfriends and Champagne”, Mechelle McCain accused the comedian of cheating on her with his now-new wife when they were still together.

Sitting down for a new episode of the talk show, Mechelle said she initially caught Mike flirting with some women on Twitter. “You’re trolling with women on Twitter and all of that…and I made a comment on that,” she spoke on the show.

Mechelle claimed that Mike later filed for divorce from her after he was spotted with his now-wife Kyra Robinson. “So, now you’re on a blog with your new wife. Y’all walking in New York,” she continued sharing.

Even after filing for divorce, Mechelle said Mike still had sex with her as she recounted, “You’re still married to me…and still having sex with me. Then, all of a sudden now…you’re filing for divorce. You were still having sex with me after that. Okay.”

It wasn’t long, however, until Mechelle realized how disrespectful he was toward her. “So, now I’m thinking at some point it clicked not too long after the filing I’m like, ‘Okay, so this person is in a place they feel like they wanna do what they wanna do. They filed for divorce,’ ” she recalled. “Why would I fight for something when you’re not being right towards me in your actions?”

The exes were married in July 2006 and lived in Beverly Hills, California together until they divorced in September 2017. He then moved on with OWN Network executive and “Iyanla: Fix My Life” producer Kyra, whom he married in Newport Beach, California in June 2019.

Mike has not responded to his ex-wife’s cheating claims.

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