Miguel Stopped by 'The Breakfast Club' to Discuss His New Album, That Leg-Drop Lawsuit & More [Video]


After announcing the release date for his forthcoming third studio album Wildheart earlier this week, Miguel continued on the promo trail by stopping by The Breakfast Club this morning.

While there, he discussed his brand new album Wildheart, Chris Brown comparisons (?), what he did for Cinco de Mayo and the infamous 2013 Billboard Music Awards leg-drop he’s just now being sued for.

Miguel, who is half-Mexican, revealed that he celebrated Cinco de Mayo by listening to his new album.

On that leg-drop:

“Yeah, I mean, the crazy thing is… I… um… two years later. It’s crazy. I’m just really finding, getting more information on it. I don’t really know too much about it.”

When asked why he didn’t simply compensate the young woman at the time, Miguel had the following to say:

“We spoke. Everything really seemed like it was on the up and up the last time we spoke, but I guess you just have to deal with things as they come. I’ma handle my business.”

Miguel later added that the incident was “funny” and that he can now laugh about it.

Watch the entire interview below.

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