Michael Irvin To Remain Suspended After Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Cowboys legend and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin will not take part in the league’s draft coverage next week and “remains suspended.”

via: BET

According to Alex Riethmiller, the NFL’s vice president of communications, Irvin will remain suspended after being accused of sexual misconduct back in February, Sports Illustrated reports. He will not be participating in the NFL Networks 2023 Draft coverage

While at a Marriott hotel in Phoenix, an unidentified employee of the establishment claimed that the Pro Football Hall of Famer sexually harassed her in the hotel lobby. Footage of the encounter appears to show Irvin shaking hands with the woman twice and then touching her arm on two separate occasions. In each interaction, the woman attempts to step back away from Irvin.

But Irvin, who has served as an NFL Network commentator for more than a decade, denies any sexual misconduct took place

“We shook hands. Then I left. … That’s all I know,” Irvin recalled, adding that he didn’t remember the meeting at first because “I had a few drinks, to tell you the truth.” Irvin said he went to his hotel room and slept, according to The Washington Post.

When news of the incident went public, Irvin was immediately removed from assignments covering the Super Bowl by the NFL Network and ESPN.

In response to the allegations, Irving filed a $100 Million lawsuit against Marriott International and his accuser who is listed as “Jane Doe.” The Dallas Cowboys legend in the lawsuit is claiming “defamation and tortious interference in a business relationship,”

Back in March, the WFAA reported that Irvin and his team of lawyers filed a motion to have the case dismissed in Texas and plan to refile the lawsuit in Arizona where the alleged incident took place.

NFL 2023 Draft coverage begins April 23 with host Rich Eisen, draft expert Daniel Jeremiah, CBS NFL team analyst Charles Davis, and NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, according to a statement from the league.

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