Miami Police Officer Jonathan Aledda Is Responsible for Shooting Unarmed Black Therapist Charles Kinsey

miami charles kinsey officer

Miami police have identified Officer Jonathan Aledda as the cop who shot and wounded Charles Kinsey, a Black behavioral therapist who was attempting to assist an autistic patient.

According to the police department, Aledda was actually trying to shoot the unarmed patient — not Charles Kinsey — because he believed the patient was a danger to Charles.

Here’s the thing that doesn’t add up about that narrative — if Charles wasn’t the intended target and wasn’t perceived as the threat in the situation, why did Officer Aledda handcuff him as he bled on the pavement?

A second police officer at the scene, Cmdr. Emile Hollant, has been suspended without pay for giving “conflicting statements” (read: lying) about the events surrounding the shooting.

Officer Aleda has been placed on administrative leave, but protesters have demanded his firing and are also demanding criminal charges be brought against him.

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