Mia Thornton Calls Gizelle Bryant’s ‘Embezzlement’ Jab ‘Foul’

Mia Thornton isn’t too thrilled with ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ co-star Gizelle Bryant.

via Page Six:

The latter “Real Housewives of Potomac” star reacts to the former’s “embezzlement” jab, spewed during part one of the Season 7 reunion, on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast. 

“Do I feel like it was foul for her to bring that up on this platform?” she tells us. “Sure.”

In October 2022, the Bravolebrity — who helps her husband, Gordon Thornton, run a chain of chiropractic clinics called The Joint Chiropractic — alleged that the entrepreneur’s siblings “revoked his access to the company bank account” while the two were “out of the country.”

Mia made the shocking claim on Instagram, telling her followers, “I’ve since learned that my salary will no longer continue past this next payroll cycle due to my unwavering loyalty to Gordon.”

She went on to say that 70-year-old “G” had “trusted” his brothers “to support and carry on the family legacy.”

At the reunion, Bryant questioned Mia’s story. “It looked very much like a little bit of embezzlement. Kind of? Like there was money that you guys were taking from the company,” the “Reasonably Shady” podcast co-host said. 

“And that was paying for the house, that was paying for the renovation. And then you were cut off from that bank account. So it looked a little bit embezzling.”

Mia then replied, “Why would I go public if we were stealing money? Like, come on now. I would probably keep that quiet.”

The mom of three — who shares Jeremiah, 7, and Juliana, 5, with Gordon and parents son Joshua from a previous relationship — told host Andy Cohen and her castmates that she allegedly still has no salary, is living off her family’s savings and recently downsized from their Maryland mansion to a penthouse.

Appearing on “Virtual Reali-Tea” from her smaller — yet equally luxe — digs via Zoom, Mia asserts that she currently has her “s—t in order, so there’s no worries” on the financial front. 

She is also not concerned about the future of her friendship with Bryant, whom she considers a good pal — even after their tense reunion exchange. 

“It’s a huge allegation and it’s not something that we want to play with,” says Mia. “But do I feel betrayed? No. Because … I’m a realist. I want you to say exactly what you’re thinking to me. Just don’t say it behind my back, right?”

The North Carolina native, who joined “RHOP” in 2021’s Season 6, elaborates, “I value and appreciate women are who strong enough to just come out their mouth and say it directly to my face. I can deal with that any day.”

Part three of the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ reunion airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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