Meredith Marks Gets into Heated Exchange with Jen Shah Over Son Brooks' Sexuality on 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City'

Meredith Marks is ready to engage in the name of her family.

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On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah meets up with Lisa Barlow and tells her that she is planning an outing for each of the cast members on the show in hopes of getting them all together to hash out any hard feelings they may all still hold for one another.

“I’m planning an adventure outing for the girls, for all of us. I think it’s time for us to get together and get out of our comfort zone,” she says, later explaining that the ladies will be partaking in a day of ice fishing on a lake.

When Lisa asks Jen who is invited, Jen tells her she invited each member of their posse — Whitney Rose, Heather Gay, Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen — though she did not hear back from Meredith about her participation.

Jen says in her confessional, “I’m inviting Meredith to ice fishing because it’s the right thing to do. I care about Meredith. Yeah, I’m super f—— irritated with her cause it’s like, when I think I have apologized for everything possible … there’s something else.”

Later in the episode, Meredith hosts a get-together with friends at her home to look at new fashion pieces she is interested in bringing to her store. There, her son Brooks chats with Mary about Jen’s constant attacks on social media, as he feels she can be trusted to discuss the issue since she is someone who has also dealt with Jen in the past.

“I get so terrified to even talk about it because it’s so, like, frustrating that it’s even a thing,” Brooks explains. “But basically, like, I log onto Twitter to see Jen liking horribly negative things about me on social media.”

As Meredith details that Jen “was speculating about his sexuality” — which she adds is something “he has never discussed” with Jen — Brooks notes that he has not chatted about the topic with “anyone.”

“And she’s still liking tweets that awful and mean about him,” Meredith continues, before Mary asks her why she doesn’t feel the need to call Jen directly and ask why she is doing what she is doing.

At that point, Meredith explains that she received a text from Jen, inviting her to the girl’s outing. “It doesn’t sit well with me to go be her guest,” Meredith says, however. 

Mary then tells her that because she got an invite, that is her “outlet” to explain that Jen’s social media actions are hurting her family and that she needs to stop.

The ladies eventually gather for their ice fishing outing, where Jen explains to Lisa that Meredith said she was “unavailable,” while Mary told her that sitting on a lake and catching fish did not interest her.

But, after some time bonding with one another over catching fish, Meredith then makes a surprise appearance on the lake. As she walks over towards the other woman, Jen prepares for what she knows is about to happen.

Lisa, however, thinks the outing will bring about a positive change in the pair’s relationship, which she details in a confessional. “I’m feeling optimistic. I feel like, I’ve talked to Meredith, I’ve talked to Jen — the fact that they’re both here today, I’m hopeful that they can have a conversation and we can all move forward,” she says.

After some time avoiding each other, Jen and Meredith eventually find their way toward one another, as Lisa sits in on the conversation hoping to keep the peace. With Meredith explaining that she struggled with the idea of attending the outing, she says that Jen’s actions toward her “are not aligned” with her words.

“I was very clear that if you want to be friends, that you would not speak poorly of my family,” Meredith says.

Calling out “homophobic tweets” targeted at Brooks’ sexuality, Meredith tells Jen that her liking of the social media posts was “really painful.”

“I was told about a Zoom that you had hosted where you were questioning him coming out and his sexuality, and I heard you with my own ears talk about publicly, ‘Well, Brooks has never seen a vagina.’ Those are negative homophobic, microaggressions for a young adult — who has not determined where he stands,” she said. “It’s horribly painful for someone to be pressured to talk about something they’re not ready to talk about.”

“It has to stop. Enough is enough and I need to know that you are against homophobic hate and that you support the LGBT,” Meredith continues, before an angry Jen cuts her off mid-sentence. “What are you talking about?” she roars at Meredith, who answers back, “I’m talking about reality.”

As Meredith continues to question Jen about her liking of homophobic tweets about Brooks, which she denies, Meredith then pulls out her cell phone and shows Jen the tweets and likes she was referring to. “I’m telling you, I didn’t like it,” Jen says, defending herself, before Meredith points out, “That’s probably one of 20, 30 different comments that are aggressive and hostile towards my family.”

Continuing to defend herself, Jen reiterates that she has never talked or speculated about Brooks’ sexuality, while also noting that she has someone on her team who runs her social media accounts.

As Lisa steps in, Meredith becomes visibly angry and begins to walk away from the group. “I’m done. No! The denial is what I will not accept,” she says.

Lisa tries to calm her friend down before Meredith tells Lisa that she “cannot listen to the projecting, deflecting and lying anymore.”

Pointing to Jen, Meredith adds, “She’s a f—— liar and I’ve had enough. I’m done.” With the episode coming to a close, the women of the group watch on as Meredith explodes. “You don’t f— with my family,” she screams.

Whose side are you on? Team Jen or Team Meredith? ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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