Melyssa Ford Says Kim Kardashian Once Tried to Have Her Removed From a Humanitarian Trip Over Mutual Ex Reggie Bush [Video] |

Melyssa Ford Says Kim Kardashian Once Tried to Have Her Removed From a Humanitarian Trip Over Mutual Ex Reggie Bush [Video]

Melyssa Ford shared a not-so-pleasant experience involving Kim Kardashian on the latest episode of the I’m Here for the Food podcast.

On the show, Melyssa talked with guest Rev. Marcia Dyson about their humanitarian trip in Haiti, which took place about a year and a half after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake destroyed much of the country in 2010.

Melyssa revealed that Kim and Kris Jenner didn’t want her on the trip.

via Complex:

“This was right after [Kim’s] 72-minute—day, whatever—marriage to Kris Humphries. She had been getting a lot of bad press because of it, and so suddenly, her and Kris Jenner were on this humanitarian mission to Haiti,” Ford explained. “I was skeptical that—and in keep in mind this isn’t the woman that we know today, who is a major champion for prison reform … [but] I was skeptical that the purpose of the trip was rooted in altruism.”

Ford expressed her skepticism to Dyson, who ultimately convinced her to give Kim and Jenner a chance. But shortly after the mission got underway, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch allegedly approached Dyson with some concerns.

“Kris Jenner rolls up on me like, ‘Psst, Marcia,’ and I’m like, hey, I get a chance to talk to Kris Jenner,” Dyson recalled. “[Jenner says] ‘I have a problem.’ I’m thinking, what problem could you have? The accommodations are beautiful. The water we have is clean. She says, ‘Well, Kim is feeling uncomfortable with [points to Ford]’ because something that somebody said on social media at the time, and Kim wants to go home if my girl (Ford) does not leave. And that’s not happening.”

Dyson continued: “Melyssa is my daughter and we were in a mentoring relationship at the time, suturing this deep relationship. And I said, ‘Well, you know, I can’t stop Kim from going home. I think this would be a good experience for her if she is indeed wanting to find something purposeful to do in life like the other women.’ It made me have this decision, do I split my baby up?”

Dyson said she was aware the Keeping Up with the Kardashian stars would bring a lot of attention to the mission; however, she refused to send Ford home or relocate her to a different hotel. She ultimately decided “to create a special itinerary” that would ensure Ford would not have to interact with Kim or Jenner. “When you’re trying to get press for a particular crisis in the world, Kim and Kris were the headlines,” Dyson said, “and I knew being a public relations and marketing person, I could not cut that either. But it did cut my heart.”

Ford called the whole situation petty, and said she didn’t buy Jenner’s “social media” explanation. “It was a fucking lie. There was nothing on social media. I didn’t bother with the girl. I didn’t have anything to do with her,” Ford said. “One thing, anybody—you can go back in all my social media, I do not talk about people. … It was beyond petty. You’re worried about your girl, meanwhile there’s six orphanages of children here and we’re designing a fantasy land for them to experience one day of joy. And you’re worried about her being uncomfortable with me?”

So if it had nothing to do with social media, what was the true issue? Ford believes it was all about a man. “Let me tell you what the real problem was. She was upset that we dated the same guy,” she said. “And listen, what’s ridiculous is I dumped him and they dated way later! I was just like, really? Is this really about him? He is nothing to write home about, and we don’t even need to talk about who he is because he is now married and what not so it doesn’t even matter.”

Ford and Kim both dated Reggie Bush. “I’m just like, that’s what the issue really is. It’s really insecurity, but I’m not worried about you! I’m here for the kids,” Ford said. “I’m here because my momma introduced me to these fabulous people and this is a like-minded project that we all are invested in. You’re here for some shady ass reasons.”

Get into the full episode below. The Kim Kardashian story begins around the 17:25 mark.

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