Megan Thee Stallion Battle With Former Label Continues

Megan Thee Stallion‘s nearly three-year dispute with 1501 Certified Entertainment continues to rage on, and now the Good News rapper has requested a Texas judge make a surprise witness appear at her upcoming deposition.

via: HotNewHipHop

The rapper, also known as the “Houston Hottie,” has asked a Texas judge to compel a surprise witness to appear at her upcoming deposition. According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Megan wants to depose Darien Smith. Smith is an executive at 1501 and the boyfriend of her former best friend, Kelsey Harris. Megan believes that Darien has crucial firsthand knowledge of the ongoing dispute with Carl Crawford, the head of her former label.

Megan’s request to depose Darien stems from her claims that 1501 has failed to cooperate and work in good faith to schedule the necessary depositions. The court documents state that Megan is seeking the court’s intervention to ensure that all outstanding discovery obligations, including the production of documents and deposition testimonies, are completed by July 5, 2023. Megan is eager to obtain closure in this case, emphasizing that it has been pending for an extended period.

This legal feud between Megan and 1501 has been ongoing since 2019. Then, issues arose after she signed a management deal with Roc Nation, under JAY-Z’s guidance. It allegedly happened without 1501’s knowledge. In response to 1501’s initial complaint, Megan filed a lawsuit against the label. She accused them of hindering her music releases and refusing to renegotiate her contract. She also filed an additional suit in February 2022. In it, she sought the court’s declaration that her project Something For Thee Hotties should be recognized as an album to fulfill her contractual obligations with the label. In turn, Crawford and 1501 countersued, dismissing the project as a “bullsh*t a*s mixtape.”

Despite the ongoing legal disputes, Crawford publicly showed support for Megan in March, taking to Instagram to praise her ahead of a performance. He referred to her as the “Queen of the Hotties” and one of the most iconic female artists of their time. Crawford also expressed a desire for the entire Texas community to welcome Megan back to Houston. However, the tensions and complexities of the legal proceedings between Megan and 1501 continue to unfold, leaving the resolution of their disputes uncertain.

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