Megan Fox Responds After Fake Anti-Mask Statement Goes Viral, Says It's 'Scary' [Photo]

Megan Fox took to social media to respond to a fake post that went viral featuring a fake statement in which it appeared she was pushing against wearing masks in the COVID-19 pandemic.

via Complex:

In the fake post, the account intended to look like Fox’s wrote that she was choosing not to wear a mask because she wanted to “trust the universe” to keep her family and friends safe.

Fox later debunked the post and was taken aback by how easily people were ready to believe it and slander her. 

“I’ve never made any statements regarding wearing masks. Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven’t done,” she wrote on her Instagram story, responding to the falsified post. “The internet is so FUN.” 

It seems the fake account took one of Fox’s posts from 2014 and paired it with the fake caption that suggested not wearing masks. But beyond fake posts, Fox is currently enjoying the fruits of her relationship with artist Machine Gun Kelly, revealing that they have a “once in a lifetime thing” in a profile for Nylon

See Megan’s response and the fake post below.

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